Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 14



this is link of tomarrow episode
Thnks guy who are commenting but I think you are loosing interst in my ff so tell me if I continue or not and you can think sid as kushal tandon
Recap:sid entry and sanlak fell jelousy
Todays episode start with sid ragini and swara are talking and after some time sumi call them
Sumi: come downstairs ragini sid ans swara dinner is ready
Swara: ok ma coming
Sid ragini swara go downstairs for dinner and shekar and dada see him and get happy and they do dinner and go to sleep
Next morning in maheswari mansion sanskar goes to lucky and tell him to pick up swara and ragini and give them surprise they both take bike today and go to swaragini house
Gadodia mansion:

Swara and ragini are getting ready for collage and sid is doing breakfast and sumi is sitting with dadi on sofa lucky and sanskar come to badi and knok swaragini door
Sumi goes and open it and suprising see lucky and sanskar
Lucky: nameste aunty
Sumi: manestey but I cant recognize you
Sanskar: we are swara and ragini frnds
In themean time sid also come and sanskar and lucky see him and get angry
Sid: yeah aunty they are lucky and sanskar our tikhi mirchi and shone frnds
Sumi: oh you are lucky and sanskar who save my daughters that day please come inside
Dadi see them come come near them
Dadi:god bless you beta and tell them to do break fast
Lucky: no dadi we have done break fast at house
Sanskar: where is swara and ragini
And swara and ragini come down stairs and see lucky and sanskar and get happy and sanskar and lucky memerised seeing them
Swara: you both here

Sanskar: yeah to surprise you and to take you to coolage
Ragini: looking towards lucky and tell so like your surise
Swara: but today we are going coolage with sid
Ragini: soory we cant come with you
Sanskar and lucky both get sad and sid see this
Sid: soory my thiki mirchi and sona I cant come as I have some work
After hearing this a smile come on lucky and sanskar face
Swara: but you are coming na to take us to musical classes
Sid: no I have some work
Ragini: that’s not fair then we will go with whome
Sid: go with sanskar and lucky
They all 4 go to the bike waving bye to sumi dadi and sid
Sanskar: swara you come with me and ragini you go with lucky
And swara sit with sanskar and ragini with lucky go towads collage and after coolage get over swaragini left for musical class with sanlak

Lucky: so sid is very close frnd of yours
Ragini understand his jelasoy and smile
Ragini: yeak we are childhood frnds and he is very caring and he is very lovely
Lucky fell bad hearing this
Ragini: you know lucky he is very innocent and sweet
Lucky: will you stop prasing him
Ragini(smiles): why what happen lucky
Lucky realize what he said and say nothing
Sanskar: so sid is your childhood frnd
Swara: yeah and sanskar you you he is very helpful and sweet
Sanskar(angrly): for how many days he is here
Swara: what you mean
Sanskar realize what he said

Sanskar: I sid it causally
Swara: ok he is sataying for 2 days
Sanskar: ok
Swara: sankar you know that he is such a seet guy that every girl want such bf
Sanskar get angry hearing this and stop bike
Swara: why you stop the bike
Sanskar(angrly): you musical class come yo go I will wait here and she goes inside and sanskar angrly go inside the near cantten
Ragini: you know lucky every girl dream of such a bf like sid
Lucky gets angry and stop the bike
Ragini: why you stop the bike
Kucky angrly: your musical class has come you go I will wait here and she simles and go and lucky go to near cantten
On the other side sanskar thought what this sid have so swara is prasing him so much and fumes in anger and on the other hand lucky thought why I felling bad whene ragini is with sid and when ragini praises sid what is happening to me

Credit to: nisha

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