Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 13





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recap: sawragini and sanlak dream swaragini and sanlak go to restaurant and swaragini shocked seeing someone
as swaragini saw the singer and shocked and as the singer stop the music they both go to singer and a behind them sanlak also come
sid shocked seeing swaragini
sid: hi tikhi mirchi and sona
and try to hug but swaragini stops them
ragini: who are you
swara: yeah we don’t know you
sid: what happened to you both why are you behaving like this
ragini: oh we are behaving weird

swara: what you have done you came Kolkata and does not meet us how mean
sid: ok baba soory after this concert I am coming to your house
swara: you are a liar
ragini: yeah di we don’t talk to him
both turn their face but they both simling as they are pranking on him
sid get tensed and suddenly get a idea sid goes to them and bend on knees and take out two chocolates
sid: this chocolates for my tikhi mirchi and sona
they ignore him
sid: please soory I will not do it again and is to cry
swaragini see this and start lauhing and sid see them lauhing
sid: so you are pranking me

ragini: yeah
swara: you know na we cant get angry on you for more time
and they take chocolates from his hand and hug sanlak who are hearing their conversation shocked and fell jelousy when swaragini hug sid. Sanlak come to them and swra see them
swara: sid meet our frnds this is sanskar and lakash
sid: hi
sanlak(sadly): hi
ragini: hey you are confused na who is he

swara: he is our child wood frnd sid we three are school frnds and he has intrest in music so he has join music acadmy at mumbai
sanskar: oh nice so you are here for this concert or to meet swaragini
sid: both and you know my tikhi mirchi and sona I have done your admission in a music acdamy
swara: wow so nice
sid: but your school is not same and one hour class daily
ragini: oh no
swara: no problem lado only one hour and thnks sid
sid: in frndship no soory no thnk u
swara: ok baba
then they all go and sit on table and eat food and swaragini continuously talking to sid only and sanlak seeing this fell bad and after food
swara: sid come home ma will get happy to see you
ragini: yeah dadi also you are her favriote na

sid: ok I will come as I want to sumi ma hand made kheer how long I taste it
and all 3 go and swaragini and sid wave bye to sanlak and sanlak sadly waves bye to them
sanskar thought why I take them here if I will not take them here this boy will not meet my sona and start curshing themselves on the other side lucky thought why I felling bad ragini is with sid and they both stand up and go to their house
gadodia mansion:
dadi and sumi are sitting on sofa and cutting vegetables and from door swaragini and sid come sumi see sid and get happy but sid gesture him not to utter a word and goes to dadi and put his hand on her eyes
dadi: who is this
ragini: dadi guess
dadi: swara
ragini: no
dadi:tell na who is
sid remove hand and sadly say
sid: so my dadi forgot me na
dadi see sid and get happy and say hoe I forgot my son
and sid hung dadi and sumi
sumi: how are you my son

sid: fine sumi anuty
sumi: I will make your favirate kheer with extra almonds
dadi: and I will make palak paneer
sid: you know you are best sumi anuty and dadi
ragini: see di their son come then they forget us
swara: yeah ragini time chages everything
sumi: you stop your dramebazi
and all simle and have a group hug
sumi: swragini you take sid to your room and we will making night dinner
sumi and dadi goes to kitchen and swaragini and sid go to their room

Credit to: nisha

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