Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 12


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Recap: sanlak and swaragini and arjun surprise radika and sawsan and raglak cute moments
Todays episode start with sanlak go to their home and swaragini enter in their home
Sumi: beta hows is your party
Swara: nice ma
Ragini: gn mom
Swara: gn ma
Sumi: gn
They both go to their room and get ready in night dress
Swara: lado how idiot I am na
Ragini: why di
Swara: sanskar is such a nice guy but what I think of her
Ragini: yeah di they both are so cute and best
Swara: ok ragini gn its getting late
Ragini: gn di sweet dreams
Swara and ragini fall asleep and swara saw a dream in which she is standing alone on a road and a guy is coming towards her and he come close to her and swara see he is none other but sankar and suddenly he hold his hand and pulled towards him and lift her holding her waist and give a lip kiss suddenly swara fall from bed and see here and there and tell swara it’s a dream what happen to you lets sleep don’t think to much and she fall asleep
On the other side ragini is in a room with a guy who is none other but lucky lucky come towards her and she is going back and wall come and lucky pins her towards wall and bend and kiss on her waist and stand up and start rolling his figure on her hirs and then start rubbing her lips by his figure and suddenly swara hand put on her waist and she wake and simle thinking about her dream and think ragini you get mad in his love and smiling fall asleep
In maheswari mansion both boys go to their rooms and fall asleep
Sanskar saw a dream in which he saw a that he is any reataurant which is comletly empty suddenly a car stop from car a angel come out and go towards sanskar and sanskar see her face she is swara and suddenly swara leg get twist and they both fall in near by swimming pool and they stare each other for some and then dance and suddenly sanskar eyes open and he thinks that so sanskar maheswari you are in love not bad and fall asleep on the other side lucky saw a dream in which he is standing under a tree and it is raining heavily the he saw a girl in whit suit come with some children and start dancing in rain after seeing this a simle comes on lucky face and he called out thet girl but the girl run away from their and lucky also start running behind her and suddenly wake and say wait and see that he is in room and thinks that who is that girl and why she comes in here dream and fall asleep
Next morning in gadodia mansion
Both sister wake up early and get ready for collage and come for breakfast
Sumi: you both come so early what a surprise
Swara: nothing like that ma we don’t want to get late for collage
Ragini: yeah mom
But they know their heart want to meet lucky and sanskar but they don’t want to show
And they do breakfast and go to their collage
Maheswari mansion
Both boys come for brek fast and all surprised seeing sanskar wake so early
Ap: today you are going early to collage
Sanskar: ma we have to submit a projet that’s why
Ap: ok beta
Dp: i want to throw a party as we got a gret contract tommarow
Lucky: congras dad
Sankar: congras dad
Adarsh: yaeh dad nice idea but when we will throw party dad
Dp: after 4 days ok and you both invite your collage frnds ok
Sanskar: yeah papa
Both lucky and sanskar think about ragini and swara and done their break fast and go to collage
At collage:
Swaragini enter collage and see sanlak they both get happy and goes towards them
Swara: hi laksh and sankar
Ragini: hi lucky and sanky
Sanlak: hi
Swara: what are you doning here don’t you want to go in
Sanskar: today is collage off there is meeting of all teachers
Swara: so what will we do now
Sanskar: ihave an idea
Ragini: what
Sanskar: lets go to a restaurant to enjoy are day
Swara; no, lado we have to go home ok
Lucky: yeah bahi lets go
Sankar: please lucky for my shake
Lucky: ok bhai
Ragini: di please for my sake you have to come
Swara: ok
And they go to a raturant and they came out of car and ragini see the reatautent and get shocked
Ragini: di its very famous reaturant and you know here best musical group come to sing I am so exited di
Sawra,sanskar and lucky simle seeing ragini and they all go in and sit on a table and order food then manger come on stage and tell them about their new musical group and the group start singing song jo tu mera humdard ha and swara and ragini recognise the voice and and go to see the singer and are shocked to see who is the singer
Swara: sid
Ragini shocked
Sanlak confussed seeing them
And screen freze on sanlak confused face and swaragini shocked face


Credit to: nisha

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