Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 11

Soory guys for late update andi heartly thanks to all who commeted on my ffbut now I think you all are not liking my ff so if you say I continue or not

Recap: laksaw and sanrag talks, arjunradika fight and lucky,ragini,swara,sankar and arjun planning

Todays episode start with
Swara: what a great plan lado
Sanskar: yeah sweety you are the best
Lucky: yeah ragini great plan
Ragini: yeah yeah I know I very talented
All laugh and ragini tell them they all go and do preprations and we will go to radika house and bring her to lovers garden at 7:30pm ok

They all leave for their work and swaragini are going towards radika house in auto
Swara: lado but what we tell at home
Ragini: yeah mene toh yeh socha hi nahi
They both started thinking suddenly ragini say I get a idea and call sumi and put phone on speaker
Ragini: mom today is our friend birthday party at night and she tell that she cant cut cake without us so mom can we go
Sumi: are you telling truly
Ragini: yeah mom you can ask from di
And ragini looks at swara in pleasing way
Swara: yeah ma she is telling truth
Sumi: ok beta you both go but come soon ok and take care
Swaragini: bye mom
And they cut the call
Swara: today for first time I tell lie to ma
Ragini: di in friendship everything is fair
And they reach to radika house and ring the bell their house servent come and open the door and swaragini goes to radika and see him sad
Ragini: radika get we have to go outside
Radika: you both when you come
Swara: now itself and you get ready we have to go out side ok
Radika: please I don’t have a mood to go outside
Ragini: radika tumhe hamari dosti ki kasam
Radika then goes and get ready and they take auto and go to a.k. restuarent and they go in
Radika: why it is so much dark here

But there is no reply then she turn and see that swaragini are not their
Radika: swara,ragini where are you mujhe dar lag raha ha please no masti na
And swara and ragini lauhing ans sanlak is also with them they are hiding
Suddenly a light fall on radika and another light on arjun amd radika see arjun and turn her face and after that all lights get on and radika see arjun and her photos are pasted in a heart shaped bord and there is soory written
Radika is about to go but arjun hold his hand and she turn towards arjun
Arjun: radika please soory you know you are my life and I cant imagine my life without you
Radika: no you go to that girl leave me and let me go
Arjun: radika you know I am like a living dead body without you you are my life and from the day I saw you my heart start beating for you I you left me my heart start beating and I will die
And he has tear in his eyes and radika see this

Radika: sachi
Arjun: yeah
They both hug each other and on the other side raglak and sawsan get happy and swaragini start jumping and sanlak see them and smile but suddenly ragini hug lucky and swara hug sankar (bg music bhara play) after some time they realize their position and break hug and go towards radika and arjun swaragini hug radika and sanlak hug arjun
And they all leave them alone and swaragini are trying hard to get auto but no is stoping but then their lucky and sankar come on their bikes
Sankar: come we drop you home
Swara: no will go
Lucky: swara you tell na we are frnds so come
Swaragini: ok
Ragini sit with lucky and swara sit with sanskar and they go
Ragini: you know lucky I am so happy today
Lucky: why
Ragini: bcz you see how much they are happy with each other na
Lucky: yeah you are right
Ragini: can I ask you a question
Lucky: yeah sure
Ragini: do you belive in love at first sight
Lucky: I am telling truly ragini I have no faith on love
Ragini: but why
Lucky: not any reason but you belive or not
Ragini: yeah I belive as love is the most beautifull felling
And thought and that I have for you my lucky
As they both are talking lucky cant see a speedbreaker and suddenly he see it and apply the break then ragini come on him and hold him tight and her hair cover his face and both of their heart beat rises and after some time they compose themsleve and go

On the other side sawsak
Sawra: they are so happy na sanskar
Sanskar: yeah swara
Sanskar: can I ask you a question
Swara: yeah why not
Sankar: do you belive in love swara
Swara: no sankar
Sankar: is their any reason
Swara: I think love is happen only after marriage and what about you
Sanskar: I belive that love happen any time and I think its is best felling made by god
Suddenly a small hole come and swara pulled towards sankar and she closes her eyes and and sanskar see him and smile and their heart beat start rising and after some time they compose themselves
And they both go and they all come to swaragini house and both swara and ragini leave the bike and say bye to them and go but both are stading and wating as their heart says they will turn and when both sister come towards gate they both turn and ways bye and simle then both boys also ways bye and simle and start the bike and goes

Precap: dreams continue

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