Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 10

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Todays epi.:
As lucky and swara go to library sanskar and and ragini sit and start talking
Sanskar: I didn’t thought that your sister is so talkative
Ragini: yeah when she become become friendly with anyone she talk through heart
Sankar: oh ok but she very sweet na sweety
Ragini: yeah sanky she is worlds best sister and I can do anything for her
Sanskar: oh sister love
Ragini: yeah
Sankar: ok tell me something what she likes or dislikes
Ragini tell him about swara
Sankar: she has same hobbies as like lucky
Ragini simle hearing lucky name and think to ask to sanskar
Ragini: sanky now we are are frnds na con you tell me the ans which I asked you
Sanskar: yeah sure why not
Ragini: ok why is lucky like this he not so much friendly
Sanskar think a while and tell that no he somewhat reserved type guy thts it
Ragini: oh ok
On the other side swara and lucky go to library and start finding books
Swara: so lakash how is your hand
Lucky: its fine now
Swara: thnks for saving us
Lucky: its ok swara
Swara: you bro is nice but I thought him a bad person I am such a fool na
Lucky: yeah he worlds best bhai swara I am lucky to have him as my brother
Swara: so you love your brother very much like I love my sister
Lucky: yeah swara and by the your sister is very crazy but sweeat
Swara: yeah lakash
They take the books and go to canteen to join sankar and swara and after sometime arjun and radika come to them
Radika: swargini please lets go
Swara: but what happen why are you looking angry please tell us
Radika: please swara lets go from here
Ragini: ok ok lets go
They trio go and sanlak eyes arjun
Sanskar: what happen arjun why is she angry
Arjun: nothing like that girls waits for any reason to get angry
Lucky: so why she is angry
Arjun: when radika for some work in shop I was standing outside then a girl came which is my classmate of class 12 and I we starded talking but radika see us and thinking that I was flirting with her and gets angry and from that time I was explaning thim but she is not listening me
sanskar: oh that’s the reason
lucky: wshat would you do now
arjun: I an tired of gving him explanation so guy please suggest something
sanskar: ok lets see
on the other side swaragini and radika come home and radika tell them thet how is arjun flirting with some other girl and they both console him and she then goes to her house
swara: I cant believe arjun can do this
ragini: yeah di I call him
they call him but arjun phone was on silent so he cant attend it
ragini: di he is not attending my call
swara: ok then call on sanskar no.
ragini calls sankar and swara take the phone
sanskar: yeah sweety whats the matter
swara: I am swara
sanskar: oh tell what happen
swara: give phone to arjun and swara put phone on speakar
sanskar give phone to arjun
swara: how could you do do this with her I cant except this from you
arjun: swara first listen to me na
ragini: so there is anything left that you want to tell
arjun: please listen once na
ragini: ok
and arjun tell the mthe whole incident
swara: oh this was the misunderstanding
ragini: so you have make any plan to explain him
arjun: yeah we thinking of it
ragini: ok where are you guys
arjun in collage canteen swaragini go to collage canteen
swara: so you have think something
sanskar: not yet
all start thinking
ragini suddenly tell I have an idea and tells the idea(which is muted) and all of them smile

precap: surprise

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