Swaragini (opposite attracts) Episode 1


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Gadodia niwas:
A girl is shown wearing a white simple suit with a side pony doing pooja firstly her eyes are shown and then lips and she started singing bhajan and dadi and her mother sumi came and memrised hearing her sweet voice and after completion of bhajan she turn and her full face is shown she is looking very cute she is swara
Swara: gm dadi and ma
Sumi: gm beta
Dadi: sona your voice is such a sweet that evey one can lost in it
Swara:thank u dadi
Sumi: sona lado utth gayi kya
swara: nahi ma
dadi: key hoga is chori ka kab sudregi pta nahi
sumi: swara tum jake lado ko utho varna collage ke liye late ho jaegi
swara: ok ma
sumi and dadi go kitchen for making nasta while swara go her room where a girl is shown sleeping coverd with blanket
swara: lado utha ja collage ke liye late ho jayegi
ragini: di bus 5 min aur please
swara: no

ragini: please di 5 min na
suddenly a idea strike in swara mind she smile and pat his own shoulder and think swara you great
swara:( loudly) lado there is lizard on your blanket
ragini shout loudly in fear and jump ferom bed and hug swara and suddenly swara start laughing and ragini understand everthing
ragini:(angrly) its not fair di I will not talk to u
swara: soory please
ragini: no di I wont talk to you and move her in different direction
swara: soory meri lado if you say I will do sit ups ok and swara start doing situps
ragini : turn and say no didi how can I angry on you you known we are swaragini never ever angry on each other I am only preating to be angry
swara: lado now lets get ready we have go collage so fast otherwise we will get late
ragini goes to ready and after sometime she get ready and comes wearing pink top and blue jeans and both come downstairs
dadi: my daughters are looking like princess
sumi: sona lado come take nasta
swara: ma papa aur dadji ko bula lo na
sumi: sona vo toh chale gaye aj jaldi kuch kam than a isliye
ragini: (surprisingly)without meeting us
swara: they knoen na today is our collage first day
ragini: ( like a child) we don’t talk to them didi
swara:(like child) ha lado
dadi and sumi smile on their childish talk and dadi tell them to take nasta and they take nasta and go to collage in their scooty
maheswari mansion:
a boy is coming from his room wearing a white tshirt and black jeans with some books in his hand he is looking damm handsom and he is lucky and enter in a room where a boy is sleeping he is sanskar

lucky: bhai utho na collage ke liye late ho jaygi please
sanskar: lucky bus 5 min aur na
sudenaly a voice came she is ap lucky sanskar come fast for nasta
after hearing this voice sanskar get fast and directly go to bathroom to get ready and after sometime he came out wearing grey tshirt and blue jeans and both bro come downstairs and start taking nasta after nasta
dp: today is your collage first day so best of luck
lucky and sanskar at same time: thnks papa
after that dp and adarsh go to office and lucky and sanskar go to their collage in car in way of their journey lucky is reading book
sanskar: I thought our collage temp. is high na
lucky: why bhai( answer while reading book)
sanskar: bcz of hot girls yar and see him he reading book
sanskar: lucky please books se bahar nikl ke deakh
lucky: you know bhai all girls are same cheater you know after that incident I cant trust any girl and I am happy in mt books world

sanskar: but that was your past try to forget it
and there is complete silence btw them and lucky get sad and think about that incident and they come to collage

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Credit to: nisha

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