Swaragini – one shot – sisters now a days

This is just an imagination based on present day sisters….. The scene starts from swara shifting to raginis room

Swara – so ragini are you comfortable with me?
Ragini – actually no I need some time…..
Swara – please make some space i need to keep my clothes
Ragini – i will it tomorrow
Swara – as you wish….
Ragini – fb hai?
Swara – yes
Ragini – send me Fr
Swara – you do it
Ragini – i will do it later….. K bye I must go.

Swara – where?
Ragini – to friends place
Swara – can I came?
Ragini – nope you won’t she is my friend
Swara – ok then leave i need to take a nap

Ragini goes out and sends swara fr
Swara in home sees Raginis profile
Swara – omg???? Ragini has these many friends?? And see the likes 4k?? I dint even got 3k….. How can she get???

Ragini comes home in the night
Ragini – swara??
Swara – yes
Ragini – dinner?
Swara – not yet
Ragini – come let’s eat together
Swara and Ragini go to dining room and fill their plates
Swara – Ragini can I ask you something??
Ragini – yeah! Ask
Swara – do you have a bf?
Ragini – no wbu?
Swara – nope…. Who is that guy proposed you
Ragini – who?
Swara – some Rakesh
Ragini – oh he he is my class mate. He likes me
Swara – Ohh really
Ragini – hmm yes ok I’m done.. Going to room
Swara – wait im coming
Ragini is in room
Swaras phone rings
Ragini – this swara?? Cant she take her mob with her her ringtone is annoying
Ragini takes swaras mob it was laksh
She picks up the call
Ragini – hello
Laksh – Ragini??
Ragini – yes it’s me she is in kitchen
Laksh – ohkl how are you?
Ragini – im gud k byee i will tell her to call
Ragini cuts the call
Swara comes to the room

Swara – who was it??
Ragini – laksh
Swara – oh lakhs i will call him later
Ragini is taking selfies
Swara S also taking selfies from the other side
Sharmishta comes to their room with butter milk
Sharmishta – you both sister’s are alike…… Come drink this
Ragini – ma aap?? Thank you
Both drink that
Sharmishta – now sleep keep that mobiles away from you
Ragini and swara – ok maa
Sharmishta saya Gn and leaves

Its 4 am
Ragini opened her eyes and drank a bottle full of water
She spreded her yoga mat on the floor she was doing different asanas
1 hr completed
Swara also got up
Swara – Ragini tum yeh roj karri ho??
Ragini – yes
Swara – Ragini will u come with me to the nearby park. We will jog together
Ragini – i was about to asm that come we will go

They both jog and reach home
They both freshen up and took their mobiles
They were texting to their friends
Dadi comes to their room and calls them for bf

Ragini – dadi where are my sprouts??
Dadi – here they are
Swara eats paratha
Shekhar – Ragini take swara with you in ur scooty
Ragini – ook papa ( with a sad look )

Both leave for their college……

According to me sister’s are like this now
No one can bcom close knowing that they are you blood they need some time………
In d serial dey showed their bonding in a day r two

Credit to: priya


  1. Ayendrila Saha

    Hey its not true…. Me and my sister are very very very close to each other.. .. .. though she is in hostel and I am in home… … we regularly talk for 1hr or some times more than one hour in phone… .. we share each and every secrets of our life…. Not only whenever she comes home from hostel we spend whole day with each other we eat together watch tv nd also teased each other like hell…. When ever she come my day start with a good morning kiss which I give to my elder sister on her cheeks….. Though she scolds me for wake her up in the early morning… .. But I know she to loves it.. .. . She pampers me.. .. And cares for me like her won daughter…… I always thank god for giving me two mothers one my mother and one is my mother like elder sis

  2. It’s not true at all, me and my sister always use to do stuff together, we share everything and she supports me a lot.Even after getting married she supports me now also….

    • priya

      in ur case its different but swara and ragini meeting each other after years…. they both dnt knw that they were related. when they got to know they need some time to share everythin

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