Swaragini: Am I the Only One Episode 5

Hii sharen is back, guys i am not dumb like cvcs to separate swaragini, nd thanks fr all ur comments nd support, so here we go fr next epi
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ragini: la…a…k..sh
laksh : ragini wht r u doing here?
he said with concern , she saw the park, she remembered everything, she stood up, she tried to control but laksh concern made her break down, she didnt say anything , but pressed her face in his chest nd cried her heart out, laksh didnt ask anything but let her cry, after 10 mins she stopped
ragini: sry
laksh: its ok, drink water.
he gave him his botle, she drank water, he wanted to ask her the reason but he knew she wont tell anything at least to him,she will never do that so no use.
ragini: wht r u doing here
laksh: came fr jogging
ragini: ur socity has a park
laksh: yes but from childhood dad use to take me and sanky out frm that society park to this park to show us the world, nd it became a habit fr me.anyways u go home nd……………….take care.
ragini: bye

laksh went away, ragini couldnt belive, no one even came to search her, she came inside with heavy heart, she saw her room door was locked frm outside, she didnt care, but what she saw was shocking, she saw swara sleeping on floor hugging a photo.
ragini rushed to swara.
ragini: swara r u ok?
swara woke up, her eyes were red ,her one cheek was red.
swara: ragini trust me ,i didnt complain to mom, she lied
ragini: ok,why r ur cheeks red?
swara: urvashi massi slapped me hard because i opened my mouth in front of dad
she was crying, ragini hugged her
and consoled her,
ragini: shhh…..its ok ur not alone lets study a little,or we will fail
ragini saw the photo in swaras hand,nd kissed her cheek swara too kissed raginis cheek.
swaragini got fresh and studied with full concentration.

It was time fr college, ragini wore white floral printed jeans,with a simple pretty white top,swara wore black jeans with simple red top, both their tops were similar.they looked like twins.they came down to table
sumi pov
Yesterdays incident had made me a bit softer, i always listened what urvashi said nd never cared my daughter or daughters, but they never complained, i was stunned to here that urvashi has plotted so badly against that small ragini, even i cant sleep whole night first to see my one daughter outside, nd one was locked. I was never so cruel, but whenever i see swara i remembered my cruel ex husband, so i always tortured her, and urvashi always told that due to her i will never get what i deserved,so i always kept her away frm me, but then i saw ragini being so good with swara, even when she knew swara was her step sister, i realized if she can love her step sister as her own sister why cant i love her as my own daughter, and my shona even if she is my ex’s daughter, how did i forget she was even my daughter, i do apologize to ragu nd i will manage shona, i will also make shekhar realize how much he loves both of his daughters, i saw yesterday after slapping ragu ,how he banged his hand in the wall and it was bleeding, he didnt even take aid, and who said he never loved janki,i read his dairy he still loves her, and how our marriage took place, its better if i let it be a secret, i know who will understand me i will only tell that person ,regarding urvashi i will never listen to her any more,i thought our relation were true ,we were soul sisters, but no soul sisters dnt hep in planning and plotting, they luv and care fr each other just like swaragini”
pov end

as looked towards the dinning table ,i saw both my daughters happily chit chatting , shekhar couldnt face ragini so he ran to office early mourning, i came to know fr a servant.

sumi came with swaraginis breakfast, they stopped thier chats and became serious
sumi: here shona ur chapatti nd sabzi, nd ragu ur sandwich
swara was amazed.
swara( mind): mom always told me i should eat western food cozz eating indian showed we were low class, though i never believed it but today.
sumi: i made ur breakfast with my own hands
ragini(mind): is this real or acting? God
swara: (mind): i am sure dreaming ? this is impossible.
sumi: why are u both looking at me like u are seeing a ghost behind me.
swara(wispering): ragu pinch me
ragini pinched her ,
swara: aaaa
sumi: what happened shona ? r u ok?
her voice had concern,
swara: i am fine mom
ragini: ok we have to leave aunty
sumi: ragu i know u used to call ur mother as maa , but u can call me as mom ,right.
ragini: yes m…o…..m.
swaragini left.
urvashi: what r u doing ,u want to spoil my plan,
sumi: u made some plan, u didnt even tell me.
urvashi: yesterday i called jiju ,i found a app in which i can change voice ,i changed the voice to u, i called jiju ,and made story how ragini has insulted u ,threatened swara nd said if he didnt take any step,u will give the video to media,he agreed like he did fr marriage.
sumi: (mind)so that was the reason,shekhar didnt accept my first aid,ok first i have to delete that video, but before that i need to talk to my daughters.i will not let u destroy my family,
she saw jankis photo, ” frm today ur daughter is my responsibility”

swaragini entered the collage, swara excused herself, she found sanskar talking to kavita.
swara: sanskar i need to talk to u
sanky: but i dnt want to
swara:sanskar plzz give me one chance.
kavita:why dnt u leave him?
swara: kavita plzz excuse us
kavita left,
sanky: what want to slap me once more,
swara: i am sry, i was too much hurt when i heard ur voice nd then the watch, i didnt knew lucky has the same watch, nd he wants to take revenge nd all, so i was too hurt nd i overreacted, i am sry sanku.
sanskar looked at her, pretended to be angry ,but then he was the cute sanky, nd most important that swara was asking fr sry
sanky: ok but dnt repeat,promise
swara:pinky promise
and sanky hugged her she was shocked,she felt butterflies in her stomach,she had guy friends back at raipur, but they never hug, she blushed hard, nd then they started chit – chatting.

Ragini entered the classroom ,she saw kavya was sitting too close to laksh, her one leg was half upon his leg, but laksh was busy with bihaan solving a sum,while kavya was leaning upon him to see the sum.
Ragini couldnot take it, but she never understood why she couldnt take any girl with laksh nd to her badluck laksh didnt feel any such thing nd was the big flirt,he didnt feel even when ragini was dating somebody which she had done nd he encouraged but she cant even see him with any other girl ,she took out her water bottle stated drinking water and began walking towards their bench , kavlak didnt notice ,she act as if she fall and made the bottle and water fall on kavyas dress, laksh jumped out of the bench with bihaan, while kavya was drenched with water
ragini: i am sry, kavya
kavya: u …..i will see u
ragini: i know i am pretty but there is nothing to see, u r a girl kavya.
kavya left in anger.
ragini sat at an empty bench,
laksh: bihaan u continue, i will come back soon.
he went and sat in the desk in front of ragini
lucky: u ok
ragini: yep, why r u here go help ur kavya
lucky: u threw water on her intentionally
ragini: no why would i
lucky: i dnt need to explain that to u,u know it better than me.
ragini: u got ur watch
lucky; no, i even searched in the lost nd found section, it is not there also
ragini: hmmm……..vo……laksh
laksh: yes
ragini: why r u going so close to kavya, u know she is not good girl, i wouldn’t have said if it was someone else but
she cursed herself fr what she said
laksh: that’s my choice
looking at her with rage
laksh left , it was not their usual fight but a cold war between them, both went back to their work.laksh became busy with the sum nd ragini in her thought.
laksh: why r u going so close to rajat ,he is not that good
ragini: thats my choice
Flashback end

precap: not decided

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