Swaragini: Am I the Only One Episode 4

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laksh became desperate
ragini: u seriously lost ur watch.
laksh looked at her , he didn’t understand what to say to such a dumb girl,than looking at the floor,he walked towards her.
laksh: no ragini ,i am mad so i am shouting at this workers like hell.u get it.
sanky: u told u came to take some documents? why did u lie?
laksh: when did i lie? see the file they contain the documents, while i was going back after taking the file i notice my watch was missing so . wait why am i explaining u? nd why the hell r u asking me?
swara: because i was kidnapped nd the kidnapper had this type of watch, which only u and sanky has.
lucky: oh…………

wait, u guys are suspecting me
ragsan: yes
swara: not really we r just crosschecking
laksh was silent,
laksh: ask wht more u want to ask
sanky: where were u after college finished.
ragini: no he was on other side of the road in front of me.
laksh: yes, and u were continuously staring at me.even i noticed
ragini: i was not looking at u ,i was seeing the poster behind u
swara: really
ragini: what the…..? swara
sanky: we were discussing something serious.

laksh: why dnt u check cctv?
sanky: lucky i checked it,the floor has a back door and there are no cctvs there ,so we cant catch the culprit.
laksh phone rang
laksh: coming mom, ok sry, ya ya i will give the file directly at airport, chill.
he cuts the call
laksh: bhai i have to leave, i am already late, will join u guys tomorrow.
rags: but why? r u trying to escape?
laksh let out a sigh
laksh: u know my mom runs a brand of prestigious school and colleges all over the world, she has to lead a conference, she is leaving fr new york, i hve to give her the file before that ,ok
sanky: take my watch, if uncle sees it missing he will kill u, even auntie will not be there to save u.

laksh looked in sanskars eyes ,he again saw his 4 days elder brothers same concern as it use to be 2 years ago.
laksh: dad went to australi in a conference representing RaiLaksh group of companies, even rajnath uncle went there to represent RaiSanskar group of companies, u dnt know
sanky: oh yea i forgot
laksh: bye
and he ran frm there as fast as he could, swaragini bid sanky good bye ,but sanky only responded to ragini, swara kept looking at him sadly untill he sat inside the car , swaragini sat in the car,
ragini saw swara upset
ragini: u r still scared
swara: i shouldnt have slapped sanky

ragini: hmmm….. but chill tell him u were scared so u overreacted, he will accept ur sry, he is very sweet of a person.
swara: hmmm
swara looked ouside window, while ragini was busy in her phone
swara: driver uncle plzzz stop, stop, stop
the driver stopped the car,
ragini: wht happened?
swara: plzz wait we will come in 5 min

she caught hold of raginis hand, and took her to a panipuri stall, ragini was like she will fait now
ragini: swaru its bad to eat roadside food
swara: no
ragini: come will have them in a resturent
swara: r u crazy, they dnt even taste like panipuri, but roadside one r awsome ,have them with me
ragini: no ways
swara : bhaiya 3 plate.
ragini: fr whom
swara: one fr u and 2 plates fr me
swaragini finished it,even ragini had 2 plates, nd she said they would have them everyday whiel coming frm college.
They reached the home, somebody came nd hugged swara,
swara: urvashi massi
urvasi: god bless u beta,
urvashi eyed ragini
ragini: hii aunty
urvashi: who r u?
swara: my new sister,ist she pretty
urvashi :yes but not like u my dear.

( guys we all know how pretty ragini is so i dnt need to describe, nd i think u understood why urvashi said so)
ragini understood that urvashi didnt like her so she left upstairs, while swara became upset
swara: i will come back after getting fresh.
she went to her room, ragini had already changed to black 3 quarter pants nd blue tank top, swara got freshen nd came out wearing green kurti and white patiyala pant.
she saw ragini was doing something on cupboard.
swara: ragu what r u doing?
ragini: i have shifted all my clothes to one side u can keep in otherside.
just than urvashi came in

urvashi :no need of it, swara he is a interior designer nd tell him how u want ur room, nd change this white and blue combination to pink,shona loves pink
swara: but i love this setting
urvashi didnt care she began to explain the designer.swara looked at ragini who smiled at her, raginis eyes were moist ,her mom had designed every inch of the room with her own hand, nd now everything will change, am i the only one who suffer always?

swara tried hard to stop, but she ended up getting scolded ,the designer was noticing the room when he clashed with the bedside table, nd ragini nd her moms photo fell down, and glass broke ,urvashi picked it up and was about to throw it in dustbin, but somebody caught her hand hard,so hard that her glass bangles broke into pieces and pierced in her hand, it was ragini
ragini: dnt even dare
she took the photo ,and began to remove the glasses,
ragini: Mr.desighner r u leaving or u too need a special treatment, dnt ever show ur face again
urvashi: so u will decide everything

ragini: yes if u have any problem than leave my house
urvashi nd desighner left, she kept the photo in drawer
ragini: i am sry swara, if u want i will bring u the best designer .
swara hugged ragini .
swara: i luv this room nd no one will change it.
just than they heard shekhar calling ragini
ragini:phase 2
swara: lets enjoy the drama

shekhar was moving in the room,
ragini: yes dad
shekha: why did u do this with ur aunty.
ragini: if she is my aunty, she should behave like one
shekhar: u should respect her
ragini: chill dad this nt the first time i have hurt somebody fr messing with my room.u never said anything, than why today cozz ur wifes sister is shedding crocodile tears
shekhar: raginnnnni
yes shekhar slapped ragini, her eyes became moist, she had been more rude to her father before, but this is the first time she was slapped fr it.she knew today she had become an orphan .

shekhar: u stupid ,u hurt urvashi, insulted ur mom,and threatened swarA, swara had complained her mom.
ragini looked swara with teary eyes
swara was amazed she looked at ragini
swara: dad i didnt…….
but before she could complete
shekhar: dnt be scared of her, ur mom told me everything.

This was it fr ragini,she took her jacket and ran outside, swara wanted to go but urvashi caught her hand.
swara ran to her room.

ragini ran to the society park in front of her house, she always use to run there since childhood but the difference is that time her mom used to run behind her but today she turned back nd saw the empty dark park ,just like her life,she cried out loud.
suddenly she felt dizzy, her head was getting numb, her vision blurr, nd she fell down.

on other side swara was crying, first time in life she felt she was a loser, her mom lied, she felt she was the reason of raginis pain, she took out the photo of janki and ragini ,she hugged the photo” i am sry janki maa”, she was crying like hell.even she fell asleep hugging the photo in the locked room.

“ragini,wake up,ragini”
ragini could feel someone tapping her cheeks and calling her name, she could understand it was a man, she tried to open her eyes, she could see blur image of a boy, she knew him, yes, then her vision cleared, she opened her eyes
ragini: la…a…k..sh

precap: change in sumi.

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  1. feeling bad for ragini

  2. Feeling bad for ragu, I like her character and while reading her feelings my eyes welled up with tears

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  4. Divyanshri

    plz dnt separate swaragini…. both gas suffered in there life….atleast make both each others support……
    n break this urvarishi’s bones ????hate her…..
    awsome episode

  5. Akshata

    awesome, feeling bad for ragini.

  6. Superb yaar but feeling bad for ragini and swara

  7. Superb yaar but feeling bad for ragini and swara ????

  8. Sindhura

    Poor ragini

  9. KritikaRajpoot

    hate urvashi and sumi

  10. Shana98

    Ooo interesting it’s Laksh. But feeling bad for ragini she’s suffering a lot. ???

  11. Megha123

    Feeling bad for swaragini they deserve to be together & happy & a bottle urvashi no need to say ???& changes in sumi really excited to know that those are of bad / good

    1. Megha123

      Sry abut my typo it’s blo*dy urvashi

  12. Tamanna

    Wow…nice…really like swaragini bonding… Waiting for your next episode… Update soon

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    Nice waiting for the next

  15. Lovely update Sharen. Aww I feel so bad for Ragini and Swara. But it was really sweet how Laksh helped an unconscious Ragini and it was also sweet how even with Ragini’s blurred vision she could recognise Laksh. Cant wait to read more xx

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  17. love rags

  18. Awesome

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    Poor ragini. Just waiting to read more

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    nice…don’t create misunderstandings b/w swaragini

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