Swaragini: Am I the Only One Episode 3

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It was time fr them to go home , ragini was talking with uttara nd rajat, when her eyes went to kavya, she was talking to 2 boys and giving them money,
ragini: useless girl.
swara was talking with kavita,
ragini:swara lets go.
swara: yep, but shit,ragini,i forgot my bag in classroom
ragini: ok go and come fast, driver have come to pick us, i am waiting outside.
swara went to class, she took her bag,when a boy came running to her,
boy: have u seen ragini
swara: she is downstairs,but what happened
boy: sanskar is injured in store room

swara: wht? where is the room?
boy:2nd floor ,left wing
swara ran towards the direction given by the boy.it was dark, but she was feeling restless, she looked at the board written “store room”and entered it was cold inside
swara: sanskar
suddenly she heard a noise in the door,she ran to the door and found someone has locked the door frm outside
swara: who is there open the door?
swara heard sankys voice
” enjoy”
swara was shocked, she didnt believe her ears, she began to cry
consoling herself.she looked fr her phone in her bag, to her surprise it was not there ,she started crying.

Ragini was waiting fr swara on road, on other side of road laksh and bihaan were leaning on their bikes and talking to each other, ragini remembered her school days, when sanky uttara,rajat,kavita ,ragini ,laksh nd bihaan were besties of life
ragini(murmered): time changes
“hmmm” she heard a sound,it was sanky
ragini: , ur family problem solved.
sanky: no ways, Harish uncle and avantika aunty trust him nd pamper him a lot, ( guys u can take harish and avantika who were aditya dewans parents from pyar ka dard hai………..they are luckys parents)

my parents take my side, we dnt even call each other(guys rajnath goenka and sakshi goenka will play sankys parents role…………rajnath and harish are fun loving man, have different business, both are in indias top 5 best companies, but their past changed their relations)
ragini: lets forget it,
they were talking when she saw a cute small child who has just learned to walk have come to the middle of the road, she looked to other side of road a truck was coming ,ragini run to the child signaling the truck driver to stop but the driver didn’t see, as the truck was too close she took the child in her arms ,turned her back and waited to be hit……..meantime laksh took his red jacket and flew it in air ,the driver saw the signal.nd stopped the truck, laksh was relieved, all college students were gathered there laksh saw sanky was running and coming towards ragini, he put on his jacket and went away in his bike.
The child parents came nd thanked ragini, sanky gave nice scoldings first to truck driver, than the child’s parents nd then ragini.
It was then something struck ragini
ragini: sanky, its been half an hour since swara went to take her bag,where is she?
sanky: what ,come lets find that dumbo?

ragsan rushed to find no one at classroom ,not even her bag
sanky: call her
ragini hit her head : i dnt have her no.
just than sanky find a phone in floor,he switched the phone to see swaras pic in wallpaper, i am sure its her
ragini: she is in danger
ragsan went to gaurd to ask if he seen swara, sanky was equally tensed as ragini, it was then they heard someone whistling, it was lucky.
they were stunned, they suspected him coz he plays pranks( healthy ones) with new comers.
sanky: u went home than why u came back?

lucky: its my moms college, she send me here back to get some documents.why?
ragini grabbed his collar: where is my sister? u know i hate ur pranks.
laksh: how will i know ,where is swara,? nd regarding my pranks that’s totally ur problem not mine.
both looked at each other with rage, laksh was leaving ,ragini sat down crying.
ragini: whT will say to my new mom.where are u swara?
laksh heard it.
laksh: guys
sanky turned with rage

laksh: stop doubting me, nd this college has cctv facility, bye.
ragsan got the hint ,the gaurd showed them cctv footage where they saw swara entering the class, then a boy entered, swara rushed somewhere ,the boy came out and called somebody,swara went up the corridor to a area where there are no cctv facilities.ragsan looked at each other and started running.

swaras pov
why god why am i the only one to suffer this much, why?
why sanky is doing this? she was sitting in a corner shivering ,her throat chocked , she was scared of the darkness.but suddenly she heared something, yes it was raginis voice, she smiled and little and tried to call her, but her chocked throat didnt allow her , she began weeping.
swara: no i have to do something, i have to give a signal to her.
swara looked here and there ,than with courage went to the door and banged it.

ragini: sanky u heard ,she is in that store room.
sanskar rushes there and opens the door

sanky: swara
swara looked at him with disgust ,he was confused, swara rushes to ragini and hug her and began to cry.
ragini: its ok, everything is fine babu, dnt cry
swara didnt stop crying,
sanky came with a bottle of water ,
sanky: swara have it.
This increased her anger ,she threw the bottle and slapped him.
ragini: swara
swara: he is the one ragini who did all this with me.

swara described all that happed with her, how she heard his voice and when she peeped through the keyhole ,she saw his branded costly watch.
sanky: swara, are u nuts? why will i do this with u?
sanky was heart broken ,his heart pained more than the slap.he was hurt to hear her accusation
ragini: swara this is not possible.
swara: u think i am lying, he did it to bully me, trust me ragini
ragini: i trust u swara
sanky: ragini u think i have done this

ragini: i think its a misunderstanding.
swara: no its not i heard him,and i saw this watch.
swara points to sankys watch.
ragini: this is a branded costly watch , who else have the same watch?
sanky: our u mad , its an exclusive piece , it is specially designed fr our family, only i and ……..
ragini: lucky has the same watch.
swara: who is lucky? nd why will he do it?

sanky: to take revenge with me.
ragini: lets catch him.
swasanrag rush downstairs, the saw lucky arguing with the sweeper , he had a file in his hand.
swara: laksh is lucky.

lucky: how did u not find it? it may be somewhere here? my dad will kill me, search it nicely.
sweeper: but sir we serched everywhere.
laksh started scratching his head.

sanky: searching something desperatly ,lucky
laksh: hmmm bhai
sanky was numb after two years ,he heard the word bhai frm his lil bro.
sanky: what?
laksh: my watch!
thank u guys i was overwhelmed by ur comments ,sry i cant thank u personally, nd keep supporting my sweet friends.i will reply personaly when i will be free.

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