Swaragini: Am I the Only One Episode 2

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The bell rang ragini rushed to open the door, she opened it and was shocked, she saw her father standing holding a lady’s hand who is of his moms age .she was confused, with them was a girl with pale sad face wearing blue jumpsuit , she was shoked
ragini: dad????
dad: oh, i forgot to introduce, she os swara ur new sister,nd she is ur mom.
ragini was shocked, it only a month her mom left the world and her dad have found a new mom fr her with a sister free.she was irked by the thought, she felt like banging her head
ragini( sarcastically) : what a surprise dad.
with a smile ,though her heart was drowning
swaras pov

when i was in flight, i have observed moms bond with this man,i thought he was her new boss,whole flight i didnt get the scope to ask her, nd now i am knowing he is my step-father,who already have a way too modern daughter. i never had a dad but i never wanted a step one, my own moms torture was enough fr me.

shekhar: rago ur sister will join in the same collage, i want u to take her to college , nd behave properly with her.like a good girl,nd ya she is sharing ur room
ragini: no ways dad
shekhar: i dnt want any argument.
sumi shekhar went leaving swaragini alone.there was a awkward silence.
ragini went up in anger, without left any option swara followed her, ragini entered her room while swara stood at the door
swara: may i come in
ragini: u dnt need to take permission its even ur room.
swara felt a bit comfortable, the room was all tidy
ragini: be ready,we have to leave fr college.
swara: who is she?
pointing to a photo in which ragini is with her mom.
raginis eyes became moist,
ragini: she is my mom
swara: i am sorry.she is pretty.
ragini: so are u
swara: where should i keep my things
ragini: keep it in bag,after coming frm college we will see about the stuff and all
swara: u r good at heart, i thought girls like u are too arrogant.
ragini smiled and went inside washroom, swara closed the room door,both started weeping.
Both were ready, ragini wore deep blue jeans, white top ,while swara wore orange shirt and white shirt.

servant : mam ur breakfast is ready,
swara; arent we already late
ragini: yup
she takes 2 bread gave one to swara ,
ragini: have it.
ragini was driving while swara was tensed,
ragini: chill swara i am there
swara: i have never been to such high class college.
ragini: its easisr in high class college, except some gossip girls most of people r busy in thier own world.
she gave an assuring smile,but suddenly the car stopped with a jerk,it was a lonely road,
swara: whats wrong?
ragini: something wrong in the car
took their side bags and came out of the car
swara: my first day nd i am late.
ragini:chill we will manage something, let me call driver
swara: are u mad it will take double time lets go in rikshaw
ragini: rikshaw, are u serious
swara:what u are behaving as u never went on a rikshaw,
ragini: i seriously have never
swara: so come and enjoy.
swara saw a rikshaw.
swara: rikkkshhhha
ragini was amazed ,she thought swara was nervous but no doubt she was bold.
the rikshaw came swara got up and helped ragini get up.the ride began.
First time ragini saw the world through open eyes not frm car window.she smiled
swara: how are u feeling
ragini: this is great
swara: i am sry ragu,
swara: i thought u are bad
ragini: same goes fr me,but its ok galti to insano se hi hoti hai
and they hi fied
swaragini reached the college ,they paid the rikshaw and started walking
swara was amazed to see the campus,but got nervous seeing a group of students approaching near them( two girl and one boy)
swara: who are they?
ragini:they are my friends chill.
girl: hii ragu ,who is she?
swara was numb ,what will she call herself raginis step sister,but her thought was broken by raginis amswer
ragini: u didnt here she is my soul sister ,swara ,nd a part of the gang now.
swara smiled
ragini: swara they are uttara, rajat, nd kavita, but where is that lazy brat
” just behind u” a voice came frm back.
all turned to find a cute charming boy ,with black shirt and white jeans, except swara,her heart skipped at the voice of his.
ragini: swara he is sanskar ,
swara turned sanky was mesmerized ,he became numb, but composed himself
sanky: hii
swara: hii nice to meet u
sanky: same here
Just than bell rang, all started walking to class
swaragini sat in a bench,rajat and uttara were couples ,while sanky had no option so unwillingly sat near kavita.but he kept looking at swara and admired her beauty.
Just than a girl clapped her hands ,
girl: guys guys guys, our school divas dad had done a 2 nd marriage just after 1 month of her moms death so lets congratulate her.give a huge round of applause fr her.
some student started clapping, ragini was trying to control her tears, swara put her head down, uttara , rajat were fuming in anger ,kavita didnt care and sanskar stood up and banged his table.
sanskar: guys plzzz, one more a big round of applause fr kavya,cozz she has proved we all are correct about how cheap she is
swara looked up ,all the students started clapping,
kavya : u will pay fr this sanskar.
ragini hugged sanskar, swara felt sad seeing it
ragini: thanks
sanky: u r welcome dear

just than someone entered the class all looked at him, sanky nd rajat with anger, uttara with disgust ,kavita didnt care,swara confused nd ragini with rage.
A handsome hunk,with white v neck t shirt black jeans nd red jacket.all girls started talking about him, he too looked at them with anger but there was something else too which no one noticed,a boy came and patted his back he was bihaan.
they moved to a bench.
swara: who is he?
kavita: Laksh Rai, the heartthrob of the collage, the richest of all students, topper of our class
ragini: nd a cheater ,a big loser
swara was confused once again,she jerked the thought and attended the classes, class got over swara went to washroom it was when swara clashed with somebody,and fell down,many students began to laugh
person: i am sorry,i didnt see u
swara: its ok a laksh
laksh was amazed
laksh: hey how did u know my name.
swara: ragini nd friends told me
laksh: i see, whT did ragini say?
swara:that u are a bad guy
laksh was silent,
swara: u r quite popular in school
laksh: hmmm, all credit to my dads bank balance,
swalak laughed which was seen by somebody.

precap: not yet decided

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