Swaragini – An oath of love and relations

Hey friends i was so happy that i am getting this opportunity to write the Fan fiction about my favourite serial SWARAGINI. I love it very so much. I am not trying to insult those real story writers but i am just trying to share my way of story about this serial. Hope u guys like it and i am sincerely requesting u guys to share your opinions without any hesitating. One more request for u guys is please don.t write bad comments on my writing. Thank you.


Gadodia House:

In mumbai, it was a big and very rich house. Those people are very reputed people. Our first introduction is to our dadaji Mr. Deendayal gadodia whom will be seen by reading newspaper by sitting in the lawn. Next goes to our lovable dadima Mrs. Parvati Deendayal gadodia whom will be seen by doing pooja to Tulasi plant.

Next goes to Mr. Shekhar Gadodia who is the father of Swaragini will be shown by getting ready to his office and Mrs. Sharmishta Gadodia mother of Swaragini will be shown by making breakfast in the kitchen.

Dadi : Sharmishta ooo ooo Sharmishta what r u doing? Is breakfast is ready? Shekhar’s father and shekhar is getting late for office.
Sharmishta : Yes maa. Breakfast is ready. All are settled near the dining table.

Dadi : Where are my beautiful grand daughters sharmishta? I have not seen them from morning.
Sharmishta : They have not returned home mom. May be they are on the way.

Now the screen goes to SWARAGINI

Introduction of Swara :

She is beautiful , talented , brave and lovable 1st daughter for Shekar and sharmishta. She will be seen by doing jogging on the beach view roads of mumbai by keeping headphones and listening songs. She is so stunning in the morning brightness and rays by falling on her face giving more beauty and attraction.

Introduction of Ragini :
She is sweet, innocent and good looking girl. She is the 2nd daughter of shekar and sharmishta. She will be seen in musical class learning classical music. She is seen by singing song Aankhon mein neendein (song from we are family). She sings it beautifully.

Next goes to Maheshwari mansion who are also another reputed family in mumbai. Our intro starts with Mr. Durga prasad maheshwari who is a successful business man in India, his brother Ram prasad maheshwari , also partner in his business and his elder son Aadarsh who is the upcoming MD of his companies are seen in urgent meeting in their house in a serious discussion. Mrs. Annapoorna durga prasad maheshwari is seen by giving tea to three of them in their garden. In the house, Mrs. Sujatha ram prasad maheshwari and Mrs. Parineeta Aadarsh maheshwari is seen by preparing breakfast.

Intro of Sanskaar :
He is smart, handsome and intelligent guy who will be seen by playing basketball in their college ground. His friends around him encouraging him to win the game by calling him sanskaar… sanskaar… and he won the game. All his friends came to him and lifted him up by saying congrats sanskaar you are the hero of our college. After winning the match all the people asks sanskaar for one dance. He dances on song dhoom again (song from dhoom 2). All claps for his superb performance.

Intro of laksh :
He is a hot, charming and lovable guy who will be seen by participating in boxing competition. He is fighting so hard. All his friends are around him and asking him to hit hard lucky. He also won the competition. He and his friends are so happy. Sanskaar also arrives their and both will hug each other with smiling.

The screen freezes by showing jogging swara, singing ragini and smiling faces of sankaar and laksh.

Ragini at night calls someone and says we can follow our plan. Swara is kidnapped.

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