Swaragini – An oath of love and relations part 6


Hello guys. I was excited to share my thoughts about my fav serial swaragini by my own views. So lets start our story.


Sanlak decides to plan to talk with swaragini to make their love success.

Scene 1

Swaragini returns from college to their house. They enter silently into the house. There are no lights. Suddenly lights will be on. Swaragini are shocked to see all of the family members are awake and are waiting for them.

Shekhar: Swara , ragini where r u coming from? That too in this late night where u people went?

Swaragini: Stays silent

Sharmishta: Shona where were u ? We came to your room to wish for ur birthday. Y are u coming from outside?

Dadi: Laado where are u? Do u both went out together?

Dida: I know where they went.

All are surprised and looks at dida. Swaragini are shocked by dida’s words.

Dida: Yes i know where they went. I only sent them outside. I was suffering from cough so they went to bring medicines for me.

Sharmishta: Ragini then where are the medicines?

Swaragini are puzzled.

Dida: Again i only called them and said no need of medicines i am fine and said not to bring medicines.

Sharmishta: But maa…

Dida: Shomi y are u doubting on my grand daughters. They will never do anything wrong. They are my best grand daughters.

Swaragini comes near dida and hugs and slowly says thank u dida.

Sharmishta: Ok just leave it. Shona come to me. Swara goes to her mom and hugs her and shomi wishes her and gives her blessings. Shekhar also hugs swara and wishes her. Same follows with dadi and dida.

Shekhar: Its already very late go and sleep. We can celebrate tomorrow.

Swaragini: Ok papa. gudnight. All goes for sleep. Swaragini comes to dida and thanks her for helping and says to her about their party in college.

Dida: No need to explain me my children. I know what u both are. I love u both so much.

Swaragini: We love u too dida.

Dida: Ok now go sleep gudnight.

Swaragini: Good night dida.

They all goes for sleeping.

Scene 2

Sanlak also goes to their house. But they are caught by their sister uttara.

Uttara: Welcome home my sweet brothers. I was waiting for u since long time.

Sanskaar: Uttara what are u doing here? Haven;t u sleep till now? It is not good for your beauty my sister. Go. Go and sleep like a good girl choti.

Uttara: Wah bhai wah. U r loving and taking care of me this me. I am impressed. I have to say this to all our family members wait. She is about to shout maa papa. Sankaar suddenly shuts her mouth and takes her aside.

Laksh: Uttara our sweet little sister please don’t shout all are sleeping na. So tell us what do u want?

Uttara: Thats good. Tomorrow due my exam results i have to give party to my friends. So give me money to give party for them.

Sanlak: Thats it we will give ok but don’t say this to anyone in the house.

Uttara: Ok fine now u both can go and sleep. Good nights brothers.

Sanlak: Good night. They both also will go for sleep Before going to sleep they will think about their love and smiles.

Scene 3

Next day morning Swara wakes up and get ready by wearing white with gold border combination of anarkali suit. She was looking just stunning. Ragini wears green and blue combination dress. She was looking so beautiful. Both will go their parents and takes blessings and will leave for college.

In the same manner maheshwari boys also get ready and will leave for college.

In the bus stop, as usual first maheshwari boys will enter into the bus. They are eagerly waiting for swaragini. When their stop arrives, swara enters into the bus in white dress like an angel. Laksh heart beat was stopped for while and he was stunned by seeing her beauty. Then ragini will enter into the bus same way sanskaar also mesmerized by ragini simple beauty.

They enters into the college. All are going to their blocks. Swaragini to musical block and Sanlak to dance block.

Ragini: Swara where is the party for ur birthday?

Swara: What do u want ragini? Anything for u.

Ragini: R u sure will u give me any thing?

Swara: Yes ragini. Ask me i will give u anything.

Ragini: Ok then i will ask u when it is right time.

Swara: Ok sure. Lets go.

On the otherside, Sanlak are thinking how to talk with swaragini.

Sanskaar: Lucky we have already talked with ragini and she is also our friend. But what about swara. How can we make her as our friend?

Laksh: I am also thinking about the same bhai. What we have to do?

Sanskaar: Idea! Can we also join in same music class? What do u say?

Laksh: We that too in music class. We don’t know anything about music na bhai. Then how can we join in music class?

Sanskaar: That is also a point. Ok then i have another idea it will surely work.

Laksh: What is that bahi?

Sanskaar: Don’t worry lucky i am there with u. We will solve the problem.

Laksh: Ok bhai lets go to our class.

Scene 4

In the evening Swaragini will goes to a restaurant in order to give treat to their friends. They order for sandwiches and cool drinks.

Payal: Ragini i have a problem yar. I need your help in my project. Please will u come to my home.

Ragini: Ya sure payal. Me and swara both will come to your home.

Swara: Me? I can’t come with u guys. I have lot of work. Tomorrow is the last day for my project. Due to last night party i have not completed it. Today at any cost i have finish it.

Ragini: But swara how can i go alone by leaving u?

Swara: Don’t worry ragini. I will manage u go on with payal. She needs u.

Ragini: Ok then u go home and i will come late ok.

Swara: Ok bye ragini.

Ragini leaves from their and swara and rashmi and talking with each other and eating sandwich. Some college guys are watching swara and thinks she is so beautiful and we have to spend time with that girl. Then one boy says we have to mix this medicine in her drink. Then we can play with her.

One boy to swara: Hello madam. I have missed this address. Can u say where is this?

Swara and rashmi both will see the address and tells him the way. Meanwhile another boy comes and mixes medicine in swara’s drink. She drinks it unknowingly and says bye to rashmi and goes near to her vehicle. She suddenly feels some dizziness. Then those boys will come near to swara and catches her by saying come on baby we will take u to your home. Even in unconscious state she cames to know some thing wrong is happening to her and pushes them and runs away. She runs in dizzy state and falls on some one’s car.

He is none other than Laksh. Laksh catches her and

Laksh: Swara what happened? R u ok?

Swara: Hey hw u know my name? Those people ……… by saying this she fall unconscious. When he turns he saw no one around. He thinks what to do now?

Those people seeing him from far says our plan is planned may be her boyfriend. We have to escape. They went away.

Laksh thinks where i have to take her? I even don’t know her house nor even ragini’s number. What i have to do?

Episode ends on confused face of laksh.

Swara in dizzy state kisses laksh. Laksh was shocked and was very happy.

Credit to: Zoya

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