Swaragini – An oath of love and relations part 5


Hello guys how are u all? If anyone is not liking my story please convey your suggestions to me. Once again thank u all for your support to me. Lets start.


Ragini has kidnapped swara and she was shocked by seeing someone at the entrance.

Scene 1

Ragini was shocked by seeing sanskaar at the entrance.

Ragini: Sanskaar what are u doing here? How do u know my house?

Sanskaar: Ragini we are friends na. U told me that u need my help. So i came here to help u.

Ragini: But sanskaar u have already helped me in college. Then y are u here?

Sanskaar: Ragini i want to be with u every second.

Ragini: What? What do u said now?

Sanskaar: I mean as a friend i want to help u in every work and every time.

Ragini: Thank you sanskaar. Come on we are getting late we have to go.

Sanskaar: Ya thats y i am here come on get into the car.

He goes to the other side of the car in order to open the door. While he is opening the door unknowingly he hits ragini. Ragini is about fall. Then in a grip of time he holds her hand. There will be some eyelock moments. (The bg song plays If u hold my hand song from abcd 2 movie.)

Scene 2

Laksh is helping to ragini’s friends in decorating auditorium. Then one girl enters onto the stage she is payal and announces that “guys is coming she will be here at anytime. So we have to complete our work fastly. Come on guys hurry up.”

She then comes down from the stage and is doing her work, Laksh goes to her.

Laksh: Hi i am Lakshya

Payal: Hello this is payal. Nice to meet u.

Laksh: Hi payal. By the way the who is this swara? Do u know her?

Payal: Ya ofcourse. She is my best friend. She is the topper in our college in musical competitions. Have u ever seen her?

Laksh: No yar. I am from dance class. So i don’t know about her.

Payal: Never mind. She will be here now. Then u can meet her.

Laksh: Ok sure.

Laksh thinks that don’t know what is happening to him. From the moment of listening swara’s name my heart is feeling some strange and waiting eagerly to see her fastly. What happened to me?

Scene 3

Ragini and Sanskaar are watching each other. Then suddenly get into conscious and says thanks to sanskaar and gets into the car. Sanskaar thinks that first time he has touched her hand. He was feeling so excited and wants to tell about his feelings to laksh. Then he enters into the car and both goes to the college.

Here swara will be brought to the auditorium by closing her eyes. She was left their alone. They all removes threads that are tied to her eyes, hands and mouth. There will be full of darkness in that room. She screams to save her. She calls ragini and says y u had kidnapped me where was i am?

Then suddenly one flash light falls on her and one voice will talk to her.

Ragini sings happy birthday song and says happy birthday swara. You are my best friend and my best sister in this world. I wish i could have u as my sister in next life also. I love u so much swara. And sorry for kidnapping u. But what to do i want to celebrate your birthday in a thrilling way. So i have to do this. Once again sorry and very happy birthday swara darling.

Then all the lights in the auditorium will be on. Swara was shocked by the surprise and was also happy for her birthday wishes from ragini. She will see around. The hall is fully decorated with curtains, flowers and balloons. From one side all her friends will come to wish her. Then suddenly ragini comes on the stage and calls swara and says once again happy birthday swara and says this is for u my sister. She starts dancing on song bole chudiyan song from kabhi khushi kabhi gham,

then laksh watches swara from far and gets shocked. He thinks she is swara she is the girl whom i have seen in temple that day. He thinks thats y my heart is beating so high when i heard her name. I have to say about this to bhai. He searches for sanskaar.

Scene 4

Sanlak meet each other.

Sanskaar: Lucky i have to say u one thing. U know what has happened with me?

Laksh: Bhai first i have to say u one important thing. U know that swara is

Sanskaar: Lucky first listen to me i have touched ragini for the first time. U know how much happy i am. I am so lucky bro.

LAksh: Bhai i am so happy for u. But listen to me that swara is none other the same girl which i have seen in temple on that day.

Sanskaar: What lucky r u serious?

Laksh: Yes bhai she is my girl. I want her bhai. Please help me.

Sanskaar: Don’t worry bro. Our brothers will be with those sisters only. We will plan to do something ok.

LAksh: Thanks bhai. They will do hi five and hug each other and goes to auditorium.

Scene 5 In auditorium

All students come near to swara and wishes her by giving gifts to her. Then Sanlak also comes near to her and laksh also wishes her by giving shake hand. But she does not notice him and goes away. He felt sad that she does not notice him. But sanskaar pacifies him.

Then ragini brings cake near swara and hugs her tightly and says happy birthday swara. Swara beats her by saying idiot u had kidnapped i will not spare u for this.

Ragini: Sorry swara but surprise is must na. So this step is important.

Swara: ok fine i will forgive u come lets cut the cake.

Ragini: Before cutting the cake make a wish birthday girl.

Swara: Ok sister. Swara closes her eyes and prays that god my sister is so good please be with her and make her life perfect my giving her dream guy who will be with her in all times. At the same time ragini also makes her wish to god that swara should be happy in her long life and she should meet her better half as fast as possible.

Sanlak watches them from far and thinks in mind don’t worry girls we will be your future and makes it beautiful with our love.

The episode ends on showing Swaragini praying and sanlak watching them with love in their eyes.


Swara and laksh meeting.

Credit to: Zoya

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