Swaragini – An oath of love and relations part 4


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Swaragini are in canteen and Sanlak are in ground.

Scene 1

The episode starts with Sanlak both starts dancing thinking about their girls. i.e Laksh thinking about swara and sanskaar thinking about ragini. (Song plays is Locha e ulfat hogaya song from 2 states.)

Then swaragini were about to go home, then sanskaar sees ragini going home and asks laksh to help him to talk with ragini.

Laksh: Bhai, i am also suffering from same problem. Even u can see your girl in same college. But i am not having at least that chance to see my girl. I have seen her in temple lastly. How can i success my love story. ( Laksh does’nt see swara in college. So he does not know that ragini and swara are sisters.)

Sanskaar: Lucky if u help me in my love i will surely help u in searching of your love. Please lucky i need to talk to her.

Laksh: Ok bhai. Lets go where is your love?

Sanskaar: Come fast she is in the parking area.

Laksh: Ok come.

Scene 2

Swara: Ragini come fast we need to go home early. I have some project work to complete.

Ragini: Swara u carry on. I have some work in college. I will complete it and i will come home. Say to mom that i will be late today.

Swara: What work ragini? Shall i help you?

Ragini: No swara. I will do it on my own. I will tell u later about it.

Swara: Ok fine. Come fast ok bye.

Ragini: Bye swara.

Ragini in her mind thinks that swara today u will be surprised.

Scene 3

When swara leaves just then Sanlak enters the parking area. Then laksh watches swara from back going with friends and thinks something strange. But he did not concentrate on it more. Sanskaar tensely walks towards ragini by holding laksh’s hand.

Sanskaar: Lucky my hearting is beating so fast when i am going near to her. She is the girl whom i love deeply.

Then laksh sees ragini and thinks she is nice and decent.

Laksh: Bhai she is so nice. I think she will surely agree to make friendship with u. Lets go and talk to her.

They both goes near to ragini. Then suddenly ragini turns towards them and by seeing them she says

Ragini: U are the guys whom payal had sent to help me right? (Payal is friend of Swaragini)

Sanlak are confused for a moment. But sanskaar thinks that this a chance to talk with her and make her his friend and takes laksh aside and tells him

Sanskaar: Lucky she is thinking that we will help her in some work. I think this will make her close to me.

Laksh: But bhai what will be the help she want from us?

Sanskaar: Lucky i don’t mind what type of help. I just want to spend some time with her and thats final we should help her in her work.

Laksh: Ok bhai as u wish.

They goes towards her and

Sanskaar: Yes we are the guys whom payal had sent to help u. By the way my name is Sanskaar and he is my brother Laksh. Nice to meet u.

He gives his hand while introducing.

Ragini: Nice to meet u Sanskaar and Laksh. Myself Ragini.

Sanskaar thinks in his mind ragini what a beautiful name. It suits her.

Sanskaar: So what help do u want from us?

Ragini: Ha follow me to the auditorium.

She goes to auditorium and Sanlak follows her.

Scene 4

In Gadodia house

Swara is busy in doing her project. Then she got a call from her friend rashmi.

Swara: Hey rashmi, i was busy yar please say fast what u want to say.

Rashmi: Swara i will not disturb u say me one thing do u know where is ragini?

Swara: Ha she is in college. She had some work in college so she is their.

Rashmi: Work? What work? Did she told u what work she is doing?

Swara: No she told me that after coming home she will tell what the work is.

Rashmi: May be its about our plan. Ok swara i will go and meet her in the college.

Swara: Wait wait what is the plan u r talking about?

Rashmi: Plan? Nothing swara. There is no plan. Ok swara i am getting late. I will talk to u later. Take care.

Rashmi ends the call. Swara thinks about what plan rashmi is talking? What is running in ragini’s mind?

Scene 5

Ragini brings Sanlak to auditorium and their sanlak watches some gilrs and boys maintaining groups and discussing about what to do. Then ragini calls all of them and introduces Sanlak to them and says these guys also will help us in our plan for swara.

Sanskaar: Ragini who is this swara? And what was the plan?

Laksh: Ha ragini who was this swara?

Ragini: Swara is my sister and also my best friend. We will say u what was the plan.

All will gather aside and discuss about the plan.

At night ragini comes to her house. She silently opens the door and goes straightly to swara’s room. She sees swara’s deep sleep. Then she silently calls them and says doors are kept open come inside without making any sounds.

Four people enters into the house. Only their shoes will be seen. They silently enters and sees ragini in the upstairs. She signs them to come up and takes them to swara’s room. Then she asks them to go on. One of the four boys takes a cloth from his pocket and closes swara’s mouth by holding her tightly.

Swara suddenly gets up and shocked to see some one is kidnapping her and double shocked by seeing ragini with them. She makes sounds in order to tell her parents. Ragini signs them to tie her hands also and asks them to take swara into the car.

They takes swara into the car and takes her away and ragini silently closes the door and says thanks to god turns to go out. Then she sees someone and get shocked. Screen freezes on shocked face of ragini.


Laksh is shocked by seeing swara.

Credit to: Zoya

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