Swaragini – An oath of love and relations part 3


Hello friends sorry for the long late update of our Fan fiction. So lets start the story.


Swaragini family and Sanlak family goes to temple and laksh sees swara and impressed.

Scene 1

Dp: Come on laksh. Come with me and pray to god.

Laksh: Yes papa. While going he turns back and sees swara and her family going out from the temple and feels sad. He notices that swara’s handkerchief is fallen there and thikns to pick it up.

Sanskaar: What happened laksh? Did you find that girl?

Laksh: No bhai. I missed her.

Sanskaar: Don’t worry lucky. If it is true love you will definitely meet her. I am sure.

Laksh: Thanks bhai.

Sanlak family also completes their pooja and return to their house. Both Sanlak get ready and go to their college.

In the Gadodia house

Both Swaragini get ready for their college and goes down to do their breakfast and takes their elders blessings and leaves,

Scene 2

Swaragini was waiting on the road for their college bus. On the other side, Sanlak also waiting for their college bus. Even though they are from rich families they both jodis likes to go to college by bus with friends. First Sanlak get into the bus and do masti with friends by making jokes. Then the bus reaches to Swaragini bus stop. First Swara will get into the bus and then ragini. When ragini is getting in to the bus sankaar suddenly sees her and gets mesmerized. He observes her interestingly and notices her beautiful smile. Laksh does not observes swara. Till the college reaches sanskaar observes ragini completely with pure love in his eyes.

When both the couples reaches the college, Swaragini goes to their respective classes. Sanskaar also follows ragini unknowingly. Just then,

Laksh: Bhai where r u going? That is not our’s class. That is musical class and our’s is dance class. Then y r u going to musical class.

Sanskaar: Lucky. Just like you I have also seen my dream girl lucky. You don’t believe lucky she is so beautiful lucky very beautiful. I want to talk to her lucky.

Laksh: Relax bhai. WHat happened to u? I know that u r not interested in these girl’s matters. Then who is she that disturbed u this much?

Sanskaar: I don’t know lucky but i want to talk to that girl. Please help me lucky.

Laksh: Sure bhai. Anything for u. Let us go to our class. Then we can plan what to do.

Sankaar: Ok.

After both the couples classes completed, Swaragini goes to canteen with their friends and Sanlak goes to ground.

Ragini: Swara u sit and see the menu what to order and i will come just now.

Swara: Ok but come fast ha.

Ragini and her friends goes aside and plan something seriously by seeing swara.

Ragini: Our plan should work at any cost and be careful that swara should not aware of our plan ok.

Friends: Ya sure ragini done.

Ragini thinks in mind that now swara will come to know what ragini can do to her.

Swara is shocked.

Credit to: Zoya

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