Swaragini – An oath of love and relations part 2


Hey guys thank you so much for supporting me very well. Now i will share u next part.

The next part starts with showing Gadodia house. Near the starting point of the gadodia there is a big gate where both Swaragini will meet daily after coming from their daily activities (swara from jogging and ragini from music class). At the gate they both will keep daily race that who will 1st enter in to the house. In the same way race is started on that day also.

Swara: Hey ragini r u ready shall we start our race?

Ragini: Ha swara I am ready. Watch it today i am going to win the race.

Swara: Let’s see. Ready 1…2…3…. GO

They both start running into the house. As it is the big house there will be some time process to reach home. And finally they enter the house and the WINNER is Swara.

Swara: Hey I won the race. Wooooooooooooooow. So today its my turn to decide, What ever i will say you you have to do without any issues ok Ragini.

Ragini: No its cheating. I won’t agree it. See mom today also swara only won the race. She will go to sharmishta by making funny faces.

Sharmishta: No baby no don’t cry. This is not fair swara you are making your sister to cry. I will not accept it. I am with my daughter ragini.

Shekhar: Then i will be with my daughter Swara. This is just a competition sharmishta madam. You should accept both win and fail in race. Then only we can go forward in our lives.

SWARAGINI: You are right papa. We will agree what you say. They both hug their father happily.

Sharmishta: I can’t change you people. Now go and get ready fast we have to go temple. Today their is special prayer for you girls.


Swaragini will go to their rooms and get ready for going to temple. Swara wears black and red combination of salwar kameez which is worked by lace designs and stones. She is so beautiful. Follows to Ragini, she also wears pink worked salwar kameez who adds more attraction to her beauty. All the family reaches temple.

Scene 2 : At Maheshwari mansion

Both laksh and sanskaar also will return from their activities. 1st they will take blessings from Dp and Ram prasad. They both will go their mom.

Annaporna: My two sons are returned home. Very good. Now go get ready and we have to leave for temple.

Both of them says YES MOM. They both get ready. Laksh wears White tshirt and blue jeans and coat over shirt. He looks so smart. Sanskaar wears Green full hand shirt and black jeans. He was hot. This family also goes to same temple.

Scene 3 : In the temple

First Gadodia family enters the temple.

Sharmishta : Swara and ragini you both go and make 3 rounds around the family until then we will do prayer on your names.

Swaragini: Ok mom.

They will go to make rounds. When they are started then The maheshwari family enters.

Sankaar: Mom you people go to the temple and do prayer we will stand outside.

Annapoorna: No sanskaar. You both also should be present in the prayer. This is mainly for your future goodness. Please follow me.

Laksh: But mom you know na we don’t believe in this all.

Annapoorna: No more arguments laksh just follow us. Thats it.

Both Laksh and sankaar: Ok fine.

While they are coming near to the temple, swaragini are doing rounds.

Laksh will see swara from back and feels some strange feeling. He wants to see her from front. But he unable to see her. He is walking fast.

Sanskaar: What happened lucky? Y r u walking so fast? U told that u have no interest in god. Then y are u in hurry.

Laksh: Bhai, i have seen a girl. My heart is feeling so strong about that girl. I have to see her.

Sanskaar: Lucky, in this age every one’s heart will feel like that if we see any girl. This is just an infatuation. Just forget it and follow with our family.

Laksh: No bhai, this is not like that i have to see her. And he goes fast back of swara. Just then swara’s handkerchief will fall down. He sees that. But swara does not notice that and goes on her way. He missed her. Just then Dp notices him searching for some one and call laksh.

Laksh imagines that sanskaar is calling him and says, Please bhai leave me i have to see that girl at any cost. Please bhai understand my situation.

Ten he suddenly turns his face and sees dp in front of him and get shocked.

Dp: Idiot you are in a temple atleast here behave like a good person and maintain our family reputation.

Laksh is freezed

PRECAP; Swara is kidnapped. Ragini is happy.

Credit to: Zoya

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