SWARAGINI (The Next Man in Kolkata) PROLOGUE

Hi Guys This is Sowmya Johnson Aka Berdilla. This is My Another FF.

Don’t fall in love with a cowboy, baby Ahi’s mother had told Ragini Bhushan. The woman’s dying wish was for Ragini to take her baby to his father. The only problem was that “Daddy” could be any one of the four Sharma brothers. The eldest, Mayank, was the s*xiest, most handsome man Ragini had ever met. But since Mayank had spent the past fifteen years raising his brothers, the last thing he wanted was another baby…or the woman who came with it. Too late Ragini realized she was no good at following advice….

SWARAGINI (The Next Man in Kolkata) CHAPTER 1


DON’T FALL IN LOVE with a cowboy.
The words echoed in Ragini Bhushan’s head as she drove toward Badi, Kolkata, with a sleeping baby and a carload of baby appartus. Her neighbor Gunjan had loved to give advice. She would shake her head sorrowfully, blow a perfect smoke ring and roll her eyes toward the ceiling.

They’ll always break your heart, honey. Just like the song says.

Well Ragini figured that much was true. At least in Gunjan’s case. Gunjan, a thirty-something redhead with azure eyes had had more experience with cowboys and broken hearts than Ragini could imagine in her wildest dreams. In fact Ragini didn’t have wild dreams had never loved a cowboy, and her heart was nicely insulated from aching of any kind. And she intended to stay that way too though at times she had envied Gunjan’s breezy life style and live for the moment attitude.

But living for the moment didn’t fit with raising a child. Gunjan had done the best she could under the circumstances. She’d lived long enough to make Ragini promise to deliver little Abhi to his cowboy daddy. Gunjan could convince anyone to do practically anything even a shy computer programmer who preferred plants to people.

Ragini turned up the air-conditioning, made sure the vent’s weren’t directed toward the baby and headed south on interstate 35. The sooner she got there the sooner she could go home. All she had to do was find someone called Sharma, give him his son, break the news about Gunjan and tiptoe quitely back to her car. She wasn’t good at emotional moments, but she’d do her best.

He was a real charmer, that man was. Just about broke my heart when he left but i got over it soon enough. Hearts mend Ragini. They always do sooner or later.

Ragini squinted against the afternoon son. She was tired of driving. She hadn’t had much sleep last night; she’d been worried about driving close to three hundred miles with a six-month-old baby but little Abhi had been as well behaved as always. He went to sleep with a smile on his chubby face and woke up that way, too Ragini yawned. She would find a nice hotel room in Paradise and in the morning before heading back to chennai. She didn’t know why she’d never taken the time to see it before.

Abhi gurgled so Ragini looked over to him and smiled. Hey there sweetheart. You ready to meet your daddy?

The baby smiled as if he knew what she was talking about.

He’s going to be real happy to see you, she promised. And hope she was right.

He told me he liked the idea of having sons. Guess he should get the chance to raise this one, don’t you think Ragini?

Yes, Ragini definitely thought Mr. Sharma should raise his own son. Gunjan had come to the right person to agree with that particular statement. While it wasn’t like her leave home without a Triple A map and one of those thick books of hotel listings, Ragini knew she had been given a mission to carry out. Mr.Sharma was about to get his baby back.

“PUT THE LITTLE son of a gun in the barn. “Mayank Sharma had run out of patience. I’ve had just about enough for one day.”

Yes boss. Sidhant grinned and led the prancing two-year-old gelding out of the corral. Anything you say boss

Shut up Sid (Sidhant Short name is Sid Played by KARAN WAHI)

Yes sir He saluted as he walked past and his batered hat tilted to reveal a pale forehead and a shock of dark hair.

Mayank shook his head. They’re not going to know what to do with you in Nashville you know.

They’ll learn his brother assured him. Don’t you think?

Yeah Jack said They’ll learn all right. He stepped back as the horse passed by him. Yesterday he’d learned that the geldging had a mean kick and he didn’t need to be reminded again.

To be Continued…..

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