swaragini ( a new story) episode 1


I am starting my new fan fiction. I am a silent reader otherwise but i wanted to write one mine also . we u guys liked please comment for sure……

Swara – a beautiful and bubbly girl who like to help everyone. She loves her family a lot. She thinks always about others before herself…
Daughter of shekhar and sharmishta gadodia

Ragini-beautiful but she is traditional girl .loves her family a lot. She is very close to her dadj and dada ji
Swara and ragini are step sisters. Ragini mom died when she was just two. Later on shekhar married sharmishta. She loves her both daughters equally . still ragini is filled with hatredness towards swara because of dadi. Dadi try every possible thing to seprate both the sisters ….

Maheswari mansion(mm)
Laksh- son of ap and dp .he is a flirty boy butrespect women a lot . he loves his family a lot especially sanskaar and uttara .

Sanskar – a good and handsome boy . he lives away from his family as he blames dp for kavita’s death… But he loves his family a lot .he ia son pf sujata and rp( ram prasad younger brother of dp)
Sanskaar is older to laksh by two years

Uttara – sister of laksh and sankaar.daughter of ap and dp .fun loving and beautiful girl .
Aadarsh and parineeta r couple. Aadarsh is son of sujata and rp. He is elder to sanskaar,laksh and uttara . both aadardh and parineeta are very supportive and loving..all repect them a lot

Ap is a modern and broad minded women..she believes that one should change themselves as per the time in society .dp is little dominating

Rp is same as ap ..
But sujata is dominating .she believe in caste and religion a lot.

I hope u all like my fan fiction .actually its my first time so there would be some mistakes so sorry for that ..if u will like than i will continue further.. Please comment if u liked .

Credit to: dolly

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  1. pls make swasan nd raglak pair

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  3. Swasan yr plz…..

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  5. nice. .
    make it lengthy.
    swasan and raglak pls…pls…

  6. Hey.. The intro is good please update the first episode and also pair swasan and raglak….. Make it a full on masthi one…… Thank You!!

  7. please make it raglak and swasan pleeeeaaaase

  8. Nice intro make it swasan and raglak

  9. make it own pair don’t. listen others

  10. hey!!! nice intro… update your first chapter for more comments…

  11. Nice intro yaar

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