SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-22


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HESBY , TEMMY ,AHANA : i am ragini fan , i just love her N i will limit her energy package , she was so innocent in the serial n i like her to be a rockstar so i created this singhania’s drama . if she regains her memory . the first thing is the freshness of raglak love misses. she will be guilt for her deeds n she can’t forgive herself n she will become innocent again , which i don’t want . but i will make it like she will know about her past through some media or person as she can’t remember her past clearly she can forgive herself soon . so sorry , but please think once n comment , if u guys not only hesby,temmy n ahana ,also others n silent readers really want to get ragini memory back……..plz comment

sravya , hayathi ,manisha ,sri , esha ,arti ,surbhi ,lucky ,nita , shanaya , hesby , temmy,meera ,varsha , ahana ,aqsa , aman ,sabrina , naina bunny…………..thanks for your support , if i missed any one ,forgive me ……………i am trying update soon ………..sabrina thanks for your first comment…………..

RECAP: swasanraglak moments n action episode ………

It’s morning:
laksh is sleeping in rag’s room , last night he fall asleep without his knowledge ……..laksh opens his eyes n see rag’s face , she was sleeping peacefully n was very beautiful he just stares at her , just then rag’s turns to laksh side. as before she was straight n her hand touches laksh face , rags moves her hand over his face ,then she opens her eyes n is surprised to see laksh n she speaks out.
Rag’s: he might have fallen asleep last night , rag’s u are torturing him a lot dear , poor lucky ,(she forwards her hand to wake him up) , let him sleep rag’s , i have to talk to u lucky , i don’t why i feel very strong for u , there is something special in u which attracts me , i tried a lot to ignore this feel but i can’t . either i should get rid of it or speak to u about it. ( she brushes his hair with her hand n smiles at him )………….rag’s go to take bath……….laksh opens his eyes n says u will soon accept your feelings for me n i will help u in that ……he closes his eyes…….

rag’s comes out of bathroom she was wearing a 3/4 blue jeans with a slim lace top….she forgets that laksh is in her room n she throws towel oh bed , which lands on laksh face disturbing his sleep . he removes n see rag’s loosening her hair n starts to sing pehla nasha pehla khumaar …………..she also dances while singing . she twirls n looses her balance n was about to fall she closes her eyes tightly but laksh holds her by her waist , she opens her eyes n see in laksh eyes , they both share a intense eye lock (sunona sung marmar ……..plays in bg). knock at door disturbs them , they both come yo senses n rag’s avoid eye contact where laksh stares at her ……dadi is at door she asks rag’s to come fast …….rag;s says lucky we will meet down stairs okay….laksh nods with a smile n leaves…..rag’s says shit!!

raglaksan leave to office they spend a hectic day n raglaksan go to ccd n swara joins them……..there rag’s informs them that she ruined khanna in business market but we should send him to jail also . for this i need your help

SWASANLAK nod their head in acceptance ………….rag’s says swasan will go to khanna house n get a cd by which he is blackmailing his secretary if we get that we can logde a complaint against him n lucky n i will go to office for the bond papers which he got by betraying his brother ……….then his chapter will be closed ……..
they all leave to home n at night without informing to anyone they go out of home by walk n separate their ways n after the work is done they will meet at a tea stall near their home

they reach khanna house n enter the house by back door which leads to kitchen…….swara sees gulab jamun in a bowl n she just can’t control herself n she slowly go near the desk n start to eat . sanskar is talking to swara about their plan n turns . he is tensed as swara is not beside him , he looks around n finds swara eating gulab jamun n is irked n goes to her ,then he hits her on her head (gently n as swara mouth is full of jamun) n says are u mad we came to rob not for dinner u idiot come on n he grabs her hand n takes her from there . they reach the staircase n see someone coming down n rush to a corner , they are very close n breathing heavily and they share a deep eye lock (manchaala plays ) swara comes to her senses n shakes sanskar n says we came to rob not for date . they both laugh n go to khanna room . they search all places but are not able to find any cd . then swara notices keys under khanna’s pillow n sighs to sanskar . he tries a lot to get the keys but fails , at last he tickles khanna n khanna turns a side swara grabs the keys n open the cupboard n get the CD . they replace the keys n are tip toeing . just then they hear a voice

STOP THERE……….swasan are terrified and freeze …
Khanna: how dare u ??
swasan are sweating n are damn scared….
khanna: i will tell to teacher that u took my pencil…
swasan are surprised n turn around n find khanna sleeping n he is talking in his sleep ………they are relieved . they soon get out …….


they both enter without making noise as the guard was sleeping , but just then something fells down n the guard wakes up , raglak rush to the store room n hide behind door …..they are standing closely n share a eye lock (dheere dheere se plays ) just then guard comes near store room n says these cats never let me sleep n he then closes the storeroom (he just bolts it) ……laksh using a stick opens the door. by seeing this rag’s tells it seem u have experience in opening the doors secretly . laksh says yeah when i was small papa used to close me in room n i used to get out like this ..rag’s smiles . they both go to khanna cabin n find the bond papers . rag’s is damn happy n she hugs laksh n says yes we got it . she realizes her actions n compose herself . they both go down n they don’t see guard in his chair n rush but just then they hear whistle n hide under the guard desk . the guard come n sit in his chair n he shakes his legs , by this rag’s moves close to laksh . the guard spreads his legs under the table (table is wide but there only one open side ) rag’s sits on laksh lap ….

they share an eye lock ( zehnaseeb plays ) . suddenly rag’s get hiccups . laksh close rag’s mouth as the hiccup sound may disturb the guard sleep . rag’s gets down from laksh lap slowly . hiccups are still on . laksh slowly peep outside to see weather the guard is asleep or not. rag’s find a water bottle under the desk n drinks it (it’s vodka) . laksh catches rag’s hand n take her out . they reach the tea stall……..
swsan are already waiting for them , now rag’s is completely under vodka effect . she acts crazy . she was about to fall but laksh holds her n share a few seconds eye lock . sanskar notices the bottle in rag’s hand understands that she is drunk …..

laksh: rag’s control yourself
Rag’s: u scolded me , she cries
Swara: rag’s why are u crying ?
Rag’s: i want to cry , but tears aren’t coming , this angry young man made me cry . say sorry
Laksh: but i already apologized
Rag’s: yeah u did . so what ! can’t u again apologize
Laksh: okay i am sorry
Rag’s: suicide
Swasanlak are shocked
rag’s : suicide . gaanvwalo suicide
laksh understands n says . she is doing sholay scene
she climbs the bench near the tea stall . she says basanthi……….she see swara n say hey jai
Swara: rag’s get down

Rag’s: nahi jai mujhe basanthi chaiye yeh budiyaa (she points laksh) ne mujhe apni basanthi se dhoor kar di. arrey chacha (she points sanskar) mere khaani main tragedy hain , emotions hain aur aur main hoon (she laughs)
Swara: basanthi ghoom gayi hum jaake usse dhundege ab chaalo
Rag’s: jai mere bhai i love u chaalo …..rag’s keeps her hand on swara neck , then suddenly swara gets hiccups
Rag’s (laughs): mujhe bhi aisa hi hua aur main yeh paani peeli , mere veeru tum bhi peelo ( she forcibly makes swara drink the rest vodka)
sanskar says swara……..both the sisters explore the streets n have fun …sanlak are back of them ………at last sanlak get grip of swarag . they both take swarag in their arms
Swara: hey veeru i love basanthi
Rag’s: bhabhi hai woh teri
Swara: oh sorry , i love my radha , dheko mujhe apni ghood main uthake le ke jha raha hain
Rag’s: meri basanthi toh nahi hain , yeh budiyaa ne usse chupaya ,
Swara: meri radha bahut acchi hai , i love u (she kisses sanskar n rests her head on sanskar shoulder)
Rag’s: i miss u basanthi ,( she twists laksh ears )
Laksh: ouchh ! leave my ears
Rag’s: chhila kyun rahi hoon , chup , main lucky ko batha dungi tumhaare bare main (even she rests her head on his shoulder)

all the way to home swarag’s –jaibeeru conversation goes on
they reach home

swasan :
sanskar lies swara on bed n goes near cupboard n takes towel n turns around n surprised . as swara was stnding on bed
Sanskar: swara sit down
Swara: nahi main villian hoon aur tum heroine ho……….
Sanskar : swara…
Swara : shhh …….hum tum ek kamreme baandh ho ……(she sings ) main tumhe rape karungi (sanskar opens his eyes wide open in surprise) aur tum chhilao , chiko , bachao bachao bolo tab hero ayega .aur tum hero ko tapad marke mere paas ajao , kunki main tumse bahut pyaar kaarti hoon .
swara falls , sanskar holds her n take her to bed n makes her sleep

as soon as rag’s see her room she gets down from laksh arms n rushes but can’t walk properly , laksh comes to her n holds by her arms . he takes her to bed but both fall on bed , laksh is on rag’s . rag’s hands are around laksh neck . he tries to get off the grip of her hands . rag’s accidentally kisses on laksh cheek . his heart races at once but he loosens his grip n make her sleep properly . all the while rag’s was talking about laksh .. before leaving he says love u forever , sleep well.

it’s morning:

swara wakes up with a hang over ……
sanskar: good morning veeru , feeling dizzy?
Swara: veeru? what are u talking? ahh! my head
Sanskar: oh ! so u don’t remember what happened yesterday, u said that u will do rape
Swara: what?? (she remembers everything n smiles)
Sanskar: first take this lemon juice , it will reduce ua hangover
swara takes it sanskar teases her mostly by saying the last part…….
they both get ready n come down n take blessings ……..DP asks for rag’s , swara goes to rag’s room

rag’s room:
swara: rag’s darling get up
even rag’s suffer hangover n drinks the juice n remembers everything n both the sister have fun , recalling what they done last night
Sanskar: swara bade papa sent u to call rag’s , but u are chi chatting with her, rag’s hurry up bade papa is waiting for u
Rag’s: okay give 10 min
swasan leave ……….rag’s comes down she was wearing a dual color shirt n black skinny jeans n left her hair open .she comes down n wishes everyone
Dining table:
DP: ragini beta i am proud of u , u fulfilled your promise that khanna came in the morning n pleaded in front of me n he got arrested
Rag’s is surprised: thats great , but i didn’t do anything
Sanskar: bade papa , rag’s planned , we four collected evidence n lucky complained against him
Rag’s: so soon , by the way where is lucky??
SAnakar: he went out on some work

SANskar goes out n calls lucky n asks him come home fast as rag’s was asking for him , laksh replies he is on the way. swara comes to sanskar
Swara: where is laksh , rag’s is restless, his phone is not reachable
Laksh: i am here
Sanakar: come on lucky (just then laksh phone rings he excuses n takes the call)

just then a Black Jaguar stops in front of maheshwari mansion . swsan go near car . A handsome , cool n hot guy gets down from car ………….he is dev
sAnskar: how can i help u??
Dev: this maheshwari mansion right ?? i need to meet DP ji
Sanskar: yes , please come in
dev swasan go inside n laksh follows them , dev doesnot notice laksh as he was busy in call

they enter hall , Dev see rag’s n smiles at her , laksh notices this n is irked.
Sanskar: bade…
Dev: Shhhhhh… u are spoiling my surprise
he goes tip toeing to dining table n closes rag’s eyes
Rag’s: LUCKY!!
laksh is damn happy to hear his name , swasan smile .
Dev: since i was not there for few days , u forgot me ah? (he removes his hands meanwhile )
rag’s turns n see dev
Rag’s: (shouts) DEVV!!!!!
she jumps out of chair n hugs him in excitement (she was jumping all while) ( laksh is in shock to see rag’s reaction)
Rag’s: what a surprise , i missed u a lot , am so happy
Dev: but i am not
Rag’s: i am so sorry (she catches her ears )
Dev (he pinches her cheeks ) : cutiee , i missed u a lot (they again hug)
laksh feels a deep pain in his heart seeing the scene
Dadi: dev ! when did u came ??(she just came out of kitchen)
Dev: dadi how r u ?? (he takes blessings) where is dada??
Dadu: i am here young man
Dev: dada , (takes blessings)
swasanlak come to dining table ……
Dev: namasthe dp uncle
DP: namsthe beta
Dadu: dp remember dayal mathur of your batch
DP: yes kaka, he was a flirt , in those days
Dadu: haan , dev is his son.
DP: oh , how is your dad is he still , flirt??

Dev: yeah uncle ….
Rag’s: where is aunt n uncle ?
Dev: they will come by evening
Rag’s: wow!! we gonna have a blast.
Dev: by the way u are looking pretty barbie rock star! (laksh fumes hearing this)
Rag’s: thank u
Dev: where are your friends ??
Rag’s turns where swasanlak are standing
Dev: wait let me guess!! (he points sanskar ) handsome n decent so you are sanskar n u are swara …the love birds right?
Sanskar: yeah (he hug sanskar n shakes hand with swara)
Dev: you are lucky , i mean laksh , angry young man
Laksh: yes , how do u know
Dev: rag’s in formed me about all of you……

PRECAP: laksh jealously…………..

guys please do think of ragini regaining her memory please comment about it n this epi too………………:-)

Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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