SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-21

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RECAP: swara jealous , rag’s prank on lucky , action episode ..

Laksh: u can think about mr.khanna after wards first take your medicines
Rag’s: noo
Laksh: u have to take them,
Rag’s: no lucky please
Laksh: (takes a long breath) in first place, i am angry with u n now by doing this drama ,you are testing my patience , i am telling u i will never talk to you
Rag’s: why are u emotionally blackmailing me , i will take the medicines , angry young man ( makes faces at laksh)
laksh , smiles at her n give her medicines…
Rag’s: sanskar u are really great , i don’t know how u managed with this dramebaaz since your childhood ……..UFF
Laksh: i wonder how swara tolerated u…
Sanskar: lucky shut up!!
Rag’s: what did u said?
Swara: avoid it my darling, shall we leave now
RAg’s: yes..

they leave ………..sanskar is driving ,swara is beside him , as raglak are injured they both are resting in back seats
Rag’s: swara , tell me about your love story, your first meeting , who proposed first ?
Swasanlak are lost in their thoughts, they think about everything ……..there is complete silence in car , rag’s is surprised.
Rag’s: hello everyone , where are u lost guys.?
swara takes a deep breath n says
Swara: what ever happened in past is happened for good , i am so happy now
Rag’s: swara i asked about your love story n u ar…
Laksh ( he is disturbed a bit , so he talks in a serious tone): why don’t you shut your mouth n sleep for sometime , i don’t know why u always irritate
Rag’s ( she feels bad) : what is wrong with u , i don’t know why u are behaving like this from last two days , i know that i did a mistake by ignoring u , but this is not the way u treat me , even i am a human n have feelings , it hurts me.(she is sad n see outside the window)……..
laksh is still disturbed so keeps quiet , swasan are also quiet…..
after 5 minutes
rag’s is fed up of silence
Rag’s: i am still not talking to u . moreover u are not even trying to console /apologize / cheer me . and what is wrong with both of you (swasan) if i fight with lucky u will not talk to me?
Laksh smiles….
Rag’s: u are smiling , u stupid , (she throws pillow at him ) i hate you…..swara n sanskar i even hate u ( she puts on headphones)
Sanskar: lucky why are u not apologizing to her
Laksh: bhai , i just love to see her in anger, just look at her she so cute.

after sometime rag’s falls asleep . she was about fall but, laksh catches her head from falling .then rag’s in her sleep grabs laksh hand n tightens her grip over his hand n rests her head on his shoulder n laksh caress her hair .sanskar notices this
Sanskar: offo lucky ! what is happening ha??
Laksh: stop it bhai..
swara turns back n see rag’s on laksh shoulders
Swara: at last the love birds are together . Awww! so cute
Laksh: now stop teasing me. (laksh blushes)
swasan: OMG ! Laksh is blushing out .
laksh eyes them to stop it n sighs them rag’s is sleeping.
Sanskar: okay lucky . after sometime laksh also falls asleep , he rests his head on rag’s head . swara see them n say
Swara: sanskar just look at them i just hope rag’s realize her love for laksh.
Sanskar: sometimes think about your poor hubby as he is driving all the way n is tired
Swara: really , what should i do inorder to cheer my poor hubby?
Sanskar: u need to charge him up n u know how to , charge him up
swara hits sanskar n kisses him on his cheek
Sanskar: there are 10 more levels. i am still in level one please help me
swara : no, for now this is more enough
Sanskar: it is waste to ask u ( he makes a sad face )
SWAra: don’t start your drama now ( she then kisses him) . they both catch their hands …………………….raglak are also holding their hands ……..(raabta plays in BG)

after an hour or two ……..Rag’s phone rings….laksh wakes up n yawns …….ring continues …rags takes the call (dadu on other side )
Rag’s: hmm……….. dadu guess what …..action episode , it was awesome i fought with , not only me lucky , swara n sanskar also enjoyed ……..actually i got wound on my palms n not to worry dadu …………….who the love birds , if they get time out from thier love n romance ,then they will look after me …………….dadu lucky is there to take care of me u don’t worry , but dadu he scolded me , when we will reach there u have to scold him………….byeee dadu
Rag’s tightens her grip over laksh hand (she remembers something) opens her eyes,then, she loosens the grip n raises her head to see who is it n finds laksh n smiles at him.
Rag’s: yawns……dadu will scold u…..i was upset with u , then what are u doing on my side??
Laksh: (mesmerized by her innocence) i ……..i wa…..was..
Rag’s: i am not in the mood to fight with u now , we will postpone our fight ,okay?
Laksh: okay
swasan laughs
Swara: are u alright rag’s? is the wound hurting ?
Rag’s: yeah am alright n to be honest it is hurting me pretty well.
Swara: laksh take this cream n apply on the wound
laksh removes the cloth from the palms n applies cream very carefully……….
Rag’s smiles at laksh n says ” lucky sometimes u look so innocent just like a baby”
laksh: thank u n am sorry for my behavior i was disturbed then , am sorry
Rag’s: lite dude , even u are right ,i do irritate a lot, but can’t help it yaar. manufacture defect
laksh laughs n says ” u r crazy”

they stop at a restaurant :
they order food …….swasanraglak –order of sitting..
laksh : from where would u like to start ??
Rag’s: even sanskar should feed swara then only i will eat
Sanskar: anything for u rag’s
all laugh……….
sanskar feed swara & laksh feed rag’s………they all spend their best time ….then they leave, laksh drives …….they reach home it’s very late …….they enter home n sirprised to everyone is still awake , because it’s very late they thought everyone must be sleeping ……
dadi(latha ) see them n says ” here they come”.
Rag’s: dadi ! i missed u a lot s*xy (she runs ti her n hug her)
Dadi: notanki ! how is wound now??
Rag’s: bindass
rag’s goes to dadu n hug him n then to dp n ap
SwaSanLak also come n take blessings.
DP: ragini beta i said u na khanna is not good , see now what happened , this all is because of me
Rag’s: uncle please , it’s not your mistake . u have seen what he can do n now u will see i will do….so chill!
I though missed u all a lot, i think u didn’t miss me?
AP: no beta we missed u too
Rag’s: aunty u r best (hugs her)
rag’s: wait wait now DP uncle will say ( rag’s imitates him ) okay , it’s late go n sleep , we will talk in the morning ” .all laugh . DP taps her cheek with a smile …
DP: okay
all laugh again remembering what rag’s just did.
they all leave to their rooms

sanskar hugs swara n says my battery is dead sweetie , will u help me to charge it. swara hits him n says i will go to rag’s she must be struggling .
sanskar: lucky is there na he will take care………u take care of me now
sWAra: okay what do u want now .
SANskar: shall we dance , swara gives her hand to his they both dance romantically ………..

Rag’s room:
she is struggling to tie up her hair n irritated ……just then a knock at door .
Rag’s: come in lucky .
Laksh: how do u know that it is me ?
Rag’s: of course it will be u , to give my medicines ,right?
Laksh:yes ! rock star
he gives her medicines
Rag’s: lucky can u tie my hair up please ?
Laksh: why not?
laksh takes comb , he brushes very hard n tie a very tight pony tail
Laksh: okay?
Rag’s: yeah , thanks
Laksh: now go to sleep
Rag’s: no lucky i am not feeling sleepy , actually i wann
Laksh: not today we will go tomorrow .now go to sleep
Rag’s: then u have to tell me a story?
Laksh: story?
Rag’s: yeah ! when i wont feel like sleeping , dadi tells me stories
Laksh: rag’s u are so different , i don’t know how many more shades do u have .i will try my best to tell a bed time story okay
Rag’s: okay.
laksh narrates ,he makes many blunders soon rag’s falls asleep , even laksh falls asleep with his knowledge …….

PRECAP: dev’s entry ………………for sure

please comment ……………..hope u enjoy …………so sorry swasan fans , i will work on swasan moments ………..so sorry…………:-)

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