SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak)fan fiction EPISODE-8.


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RECAP: swaraglaksan visiting shopping mall n swasan moment

DP: I am so proud of ragini beta n thank u
Rag’s: no uncle no need to thank me .
Vijay : DP , ragini is like your daughter there is no need to thank her ( Rag’s n DP smile )
Rag’s: dp uncle it would be better if we meet the client tomorrow itself .
AP: No , tomorrow there is a pooja n everyone should attend pooja without fail.so cancel all your meeting’s.
DP : beta laksh call to office n inform that we will not come to office tomorrow
Laksh: ok papa

they all complete their dinner n go to their rooms

Vijay singhania and latha thinks to ask laksh hand for rag’s but before talking to DP he thinks it would be better to ask laksh opinion.
so, vijay goes to meet laksh but laksh is in the garden n busy making calls to office.vijay enters laksh room but does not find him so he turns around to return but accidentally drops a bunch of files n finds a photo it is just half seen n laksh is in a wedding attire so vijay suspiciously bends down n picks the photo n is shocked to see ragini in the photo .he takes the photo with him n rushes to latha n shows her the photo .latha is also shocked n they talk something (not audible) .

Swara comes to vijay n latha’s room n also calls everyone to their room she also calls gadodia’s . everyone is gathered their n all the people present in singhania’s room have no idea why swara gathered them . atlast laksh comes their n is surprised to see everyone their n asks sanskar what is happening . sanskar replies i don’t know.Swara breaks the silence she shows ragini gadodia’s photos with her n all other family members to vijay n latha .they both are shocked n say what is this swara ?
Swara: she is my sister ragini n wife of laksh due to some misunderstandings she left home four years back.
DP: swara stop all this lets go
Swara: please bade papa . i know that Ragini Singhania is my sister ragini.
Vijay: no she is my grand daughter i raised her with my own hands . she is not your sister
Swara: bade papa i don’t knoe why u are doing like this but ragini is my sister n i have proofs
swara shows some old news paper articles in which it is shown that karthik singhania is dead in a plane crash with his wife n daughter.
everyone is shocked to see the articles.

Vijay singhania narrates the story what happened 4 years back
Vijay: yes i lost my son my dil n my grand daughter in plane crash . i lost the hope of living but latha tried a lot to motivate me but i was not ready .we used to come to India on the death day of my children to perform rituals every year. before four years we were returning to airport but our driver hit someone n that was ragini she was very badly injured we took her to hospital after the operation doctor informed us that she got a very hard wound on her head as result she lost her memory and said there are very less chances to gian her memory .he also informed us not to pressure the patient to think about past as by doing this she will get stress n by this her brain undergoes jeavy pain n this may lead to her death.We inquired about her but got to know that she is an orphan n stays in orphanage n teaches small kids in nearby school n i got to know that her name is ragini . latha and i decided to take her with us as she makes me feel like i am with my grand daughter.

we informed her that we are her grand parents and her parents are no more n she met with an accident so she was in coma and the same to the society . n i joined her in the college of business ( crash course) . she was no more a stranger for us. she drove the darkness out of our lives n filled with happiness . she is a quick learner she completed her course n bought the Singhania group of companies to top position . we never talked to her about her past because we accepted her as our grand daughter whole-heartedly .
Latha: she was not having sindoor n mangalsutra n from the orphanage we got to know that she was staying their from 2 months.

All get teary eyed..
Laksh : papa i said u that she is my ragini ( he was about to go to her room but swara stops him)
Swara: stop laksh if go to her n say her about past we will loose our ragini forever .
Laksh: but…
Gadodia’s become very happy n all eager to see ragini right then but.. dp stops them
DP: i know that all are very happy but we cannot tell all this to ragini as swara said we will loose her
Swara: laksh i know that u love her vey much but we can’t do this .(tears roll down down from laksh eyes)
Vijay: beta laksh. i know that ragini is your wife i came to your room to ask your opinion about ragini but accidentally dropped your files n found your wedding photo ( he shows the photo to all). as we want u n ragini to get married.
DP: may be in this way u n ragini can start your relation freshly n without any guilt.
Laksh: but papa ragini loves laksh but laksh is just a friend to rags
Swara: bade papa did ragini agreed for this proposal?
Vijay : no beta first ofall i wanted to know laksh opinion n i even know that ragini is very ziddi.

just then they all hear someone is knocking the door n shocked .
Laksh opens door n finds ragini n stares at her in shock
Rag’s: hey!wt r u doing here?(she goes inside n is confused seeing everyone their). what r u all guys doing here?
Swara: nothing maa n baba came to meet bade dadaji n dadi as they were leaving
Rag’s: Oh!.actually dadi am not feeling to sleep so i thought u would do head massage .
Sumi: come beta i will do?
Rag’s: it’s okay aunty dadi will do it.(sumi gets teary eyed but controls)
Sumi: i am also like your mother come i will do it.
sumi massage’s raginis hair n is happy to see her .all stare at ragini with teary eyed . laksh goes out of room as he was not able to control his tears.

Rag’s: wow! this is like heaven aunty.
Latha: rago just now sumi said na she is like your mother so can call her maa.
Sumi; yes beta
Rag’s: so i got family here.( she gets up n go to shekar n say).by pointing shekar my dad n hugs sumi n say my mom . stands beside swara by keeping her hand on swara’s shoulder my sweet sister swara
Dadi(parvathi): ragini beta u forgot your dada n dadi ah?
Rag’s: Oops! am sorry . hugs them n say my dada dadi.
Dida: then me?
Rag’s:u r my rock star dida because u are soo cool like me right?
dida hugs her.and says yes beta.

PRECAP: Pooja takes place in maheswari house .

hope u guys like it…………….i can’t make ragini’s double action so just thought to make one man show of Ragini…………:-) comment plzzzzzzzzzzz

Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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    1. pooja means it’s a celebration where we offer perform aarthi n archana’s n chant for god.

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