SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak)fan fiction EPISODE-6.


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PRECAP: Ragini Singhania entry.

AP shows vijay & latha and ragini their respective rooms and she rushes down where all were present .Laksh says papa she is my ragini she is just acting i know it she is testing me…..DP says laksh calm down lets go my room

DP says she can’t be our ragini .Laksh says no papa she is my ragini if she is not my ragini did she got the name ragini in the entire world or what i am telling u is my ragini.
DP: No laksh in my college days i had two friends one is karthik and the other is ragini. ragini was topper of our batch so we three make gang in college our gang name was book worm gang but ragini’s father was a drunkard and her mother was expired. she struggled a lot in her life n faced many problems n she never accepted anything from us.me and karthik take her as inspiration but one day she quit her life she attempted suicide as her father pressurized her to get married to an old man for money so she took that step. that day we both decided if we gonna have daughter then we will name her ragini as a dedication n a memory of our friend . this is also one of the reason i asked ragini’s hand for u. if not my daughter why it can’t be my daughter in law.

laksh: but papa…….

DP:Can’t u see her she is so modern n i don’t think that she is our ragini

on otherside gadodia’s :
But she looks like my daughter she is the same her eyes her smile everything says sumi. Swara is confused too and tells maa if she is our ragini then we could find it soon .dadi’s starts crying and says this all is because of me my lado went away from us.sumi n dida controls dadi. Swara says dadi u don’t worry give me one week time i will find out the truth she is our ragini or not . sanskar and laksh joins her and say we will help u.DP says whatever u guys do be careful as i don’t want to lost my kaka & kaki once again . they say don’t worry papa we will take care. all leave to their rooms . shekar n dadaji leaves whereas sumi , dadi n dida stays back.

It’s Morning:

everyone is busy in preparing breakfast kaka & kaki comes down DP&AP take blessings from them . Swara greets them and ask them about ragini kaki tells that she must be sleeping i will go n wake her up then swara tells i will go n wake her up.swara reaches her room n see ragini still sleeping and eyes her emotionally and controls her tears and wakes up ragini.Ragini gets up n gud mrng swara u go i will come in 5 mins swara nods n goes down. ragini comes downstairs she wears a Dovetail dragonfly Jacquard elegance dress and left her hair open .As she comes down she hugs vijay & latha n wishes them and others.she doesnot notice laksh who is staring at her lovingly. Everyone assembles at dining table Swara n parineeta are serving while others r having their breakfast . after taking a mouthful of aloo paratha she says yummy! she says to AP that aunty food is so tasty .just then swara asks her
Swara: yes ragini maa makes tasty food n once even u have to cook for all of us and show ua magic.
Ragini: coughs me? cooking? i can’t even prepare maggi u are asking me cook food for all of u i don’t want u guys to be hospitalized! once when dadi was not at home i returned early from college n that day i was too hungry so i thought to make something and i messed up with everything
swara: what happen finally did u prepared food or not
Latha: ask me beta when i returned home n went kitchen to drink some water when saw kitchen it was no more a kitchen it was a complete crap. rago silently came in front of n asked to apologize after that incident i never let her to touch any thing in kitchen.
Ragini: Guess what ! i thought to have boiled eggs and i remember dadi saying we boil aloo in pressure cooker so i did the same with eggs that day was so experimental for me n finally i had bread with ketchup.
Everyone laughs
DP says beta ragini laksh n sanskar will accompany u to office today Ragini replies ok uncle then sanskar says in a teasing way that ragini we will see how u will handle people in India as they differ a lot from ua company employees
Ragini: come on sanskar even u are calling me ragini .address me as rags
latha: what is bad in the name ragini it is so sweet
Ragini: WOW! Ragini such a traditional name it doesn’t go with my image .Rag’s its cool isn’t laksh?
Laksh: ah… ? yeah its cool
Ragini: there is someone who supports me and smiles at him
laksh thinks i always support u ragini and smiles back .
After completing sanlak asks ragini shall we go now . rags replies that yeah and hugs her grand parents n bids to others

laksh drives sanskar seats beside him n ragini sits backside.

humari adhuri kahani plays in radio laksh eye ragini from the rear mirror emotionally n gets teary eyed .sanskar notices this pat’s his shoulder . ragini tells wow its awesome after the office work is done i would definitely go for sightseeing sanskar give swara’s num so we both will go as i don’t know the places . laksh says why u want go with swara even we know places around here as we are born here.ragini replies OH! really if swara comes with me definitely sanskar also joins us n if we three are shopping u will also join us right . we three will go directly from office n swara comes from home so to inform her am askink her num. Sanskar smiles for which laksh hits him on his shoulder.

SanLak are surprised by ragini’s performance in the meeting and praise her .

PRECAP: Some rouges tease swara in shopping mall .sanskar heads towards them angrily.

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Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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    1. hey hesby dp’s college mate ragini is some random girl who used to study with him . she is not tejaswi . DP N Karthik decided to name their kid with the name ragini if it is a girl as a memory of their college friend . that’s it

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