SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan & raglak)fan fiction EPISODE-4.



PRECAP: Swasan united and laksh cares for family.

Swara sanskar leaves for dinner . everyone is happy that laksh is normal and happy. laksh goes to his room stands infront of ragini’s photo and say ragini i bought a gift for you also (shows a beautiful saree) and gets teary eyed and say that i love you ragini i miss u a lot.


swasan reach an open area which is beautifully decorated with heart shape balloons and red roses, lilies . swara is surprised to see the beauty of the evening jus then sanskar offers her a bouquet of red roses and says i love you swara. swara says Awwww! you are so cute sanskar i love u too n hugs him . they both head towards the table and enjoy their dinner . sanskar asks her for a dance for which she nods happily and gives her hand into his . Tum hi ho……. plays in background .they dance very intensively they both are lost in each others eyes and sanskar was about kiss swara but their romance got a break as sanskar phone rings up . swara smiles shyly and rests her head on his chest and sanskar thinks what a perfect timing who is this idiot calling now its from his PA informing him that he cracked the project of 100cr and their company has to lead it .sanskar who is so happy inform it to swara n hugs her. swara tells let’s go home n give this good news to everyone thy both leave for home n inform to DP n he is very proud of sanskar and hugs him every one is happy laksh congratulates sanskar . then sanskar informs that as we cannot go on paris trip as we got this new project then laksh says bhai this project gonna take more time to get completed so u go on trip n i will take care of this project u dont worry at all. sanskar says thanks luky n hugs him.

In swasan room swara is packing for their trip and sanskar hugs her from back n kisses on her cheek n say love u swara and i am though waiting for our honeymoon suite . swara blushes. sanskar says ohh someone is blushing ah? swara says shut up sanskar . and is about leave but sanskar pulls her towards him and catches her waist . swara says sanskar let me go but sanskar brings her more closely and swara is breathing heavily . sanskar kisses swara’s lips and swara does too . they share it for few seconds as someone knocks the door . swara pushes sanskar who falls on bed n she goes to open the door . It is sujata she came to give them a list of some accessories to swara and she leaves. swara smiles and turns back .sanskar whose is leaning on the bed stares at swara . then
swara: what happened to you?
sanskar: nothing
swara:then why r u staring at me like that ?
sanskar : like what?
swara: like………..i will not say and stop staring at me
sanskar : NO
swara takes a pillow from couch n throws at him and says stop it sanskar. and goes near bed for packing just then sanskar pulls swara’s hand which makes her lost control n falls on him and they share an eye lock with back ground music Jeena Jeena……..then sanskar tells that why are you staring me like that ? swara with a disgust expression on her face gets up n throws pillow at him for which he laughs.

Next day morning swara-sanskar and adarsh-parineeta leaves for airport (swasan board flight to Paris & adaeeta board flight to Malaysia).

In MAHESHWARI HOUSE : DP, AP ,Ram Sujata n laksh sit for lunch . Dp tells to laksh that she is very happy that u moved on your life we all are so happy for u. laksh smiles. sujatha tells to ap that ha jiji our laksh is back we should get him married now . laksh is shocked and says no mami i dont have any idea of getting married. AP tells sujata to keep quiet . laksh completes his lunch and take blessings from DP before he leaves he tells that “maa don’t ever try to bring my marriage topic infront of me i am clarifying it to u all guys i am a married person and ragini is my wife and i love her a lot n i can wait for her till my last breath ” and leaves.

swasan reach Paris and reach the hotel as its night and its a honeymoon suite the room is decorated with scented candles and red roses and balloons and the weather is also soo romantic. sanskar goes first to fresh up. swara who is damn nervous is happy but scared too . just then sanskar comes out with a towel on his shoulders rubbing his hair and then swara with talking a word rushes to bathroom avoiding eye contact to sanskar. and he smiles. swara comes out in her bath suit and notices that lights are off but it not that dark as the candles are lit up. she can’t find sanskar in room just then sanskar hugs her from back . swara says u sacred me . sanskar says i love u . she replies him that love u too . then he starts kissing on her neck and turned her around and kisses on her soft lips .swara rolls her hands over his hair then he take her to bed in his arms they both rest on bed and consummate their marriage .It’s morning sanskar wakes up and see swara in his arms and caress her forehead and smile’s at her and says U look like a small cute baby when u r sleeping i love u swara then swara replies love u too sanskar . he smile’s and wraps her in his arms.they enjoy their trip they for shopping where swara makes sanskar carry all her shopping bags they spend a fantastic time. adarsh and parineeta too have an awesome time.In India laksh is too busy in the search of ragini and his work.

swasan and adaeeta return to India after their trip.it’s morning the four reach home and all are happy to see them and gives the gifts to everyone. Sanskar asks about laksh , AP says he is upstairs sanskar goes to meet laksh and swara too follows him. Laksh is busy doing is office work as swasan enter laksh room they see laksh talking to ragini’s photo he says ” stop teasing me ragini just watch i will complete this project and even get papa’s dream project done then u would know about laksh maheswari’s capacity and then i will give u punishment that u should never ever leave alone (tears roll down his eyes). i am sorry dear i promised that i will not cry but it is so hard .love u ragini , i miss you(he touches ragini’s face in photo).sanskar says lucky. laksh wipes his tears and tells what a surprise bhai it is so good to see u how was ua trip .sanskar says don’t try to stop ur tears let them out . laksh hugs sanskar and cries thinking of ragini Allah Waariyan…………plays in back ground. swara says ragini is lucky to have husband like u and cries. Sanskar consoles laksh .

PRECAP: ragini’s entry for sure……it’s surprise!!!!!!

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Credit to: Akshitha

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