SWARAGINI A NEW START………(swasan and raglak) fanfiction


Hey guyzzzz i am akshitha this is the first episode of my fan fiction n am continuing from the current track where the diwali celebrations are full on swing of swaragini in maheshwari house . In case u like this fan fiction jus comment plzzz n if it is stupid jus hav a hearty laugh…………………;-)

In maheshwari house annapurna n sujata are preparing for the diwali pooja which gonna held the next day now swaragini come to annapurna n sujata n tell them that they will take care of the work and ask them to take rest.So, AP n SUJATA leave swargini are making some garlands then parineeta calls out for swara whose is in kitchen for help so swara goes to kitchen . Ragini is thinking what to do as to get back laksh in my life n calls laksh . laksh who is in office takes her call n talk to her n he says i got an idea if we prove that sanskar is still on in his revenge of his first love then swara definitely will come back to my life . Ragini tells that’s a good idea . Laksh tells that after coming home we will discuss on this plan n cuts the call . Where as ragini thinks that whatever u do laksh i will get u back in my life at anycost.

Now, laksh n ragini make plan together to prove sanskar is not honest so they make a plan like:
PLAN: sanskar tries to harm swara as he still believes that swara loves laksh because she is not accepting him (sanskar) so he is not able to take lakshs love away from him so plans to kill his love by a car blast
now laksh tells to ragini that after this incident we will prove sanskar to be a cheater n swara feels betrayed then i will stand by her n thn she will give an other chance to me n returns in my life. laksh thanks ragini for helping him. he goes to sleep.
Ragini standing in balcony is thinking of the recent incidents how she betrayed her entire family n how she had pushed her sister in the river n how her truth got revealed lakshs hatred towards her and she questions herself is she doing right.the ragini’s soul appears beside her n tells her that no one loves u any more after what u did everyone hates you even your father n dadi hate you but in your hard times swara was with you she still loves you as she used to but you her again harming her your again betraying her no accept swara believed u tht u have memory loss but you never change you are the same as always so mean n the soul disappears. Ragini thinks of the good times spent with swara n her family who used to love her a lot.She starts crying she closes the balcony doors n cry vigorously saying that am sorry swara am so sorry.whole night she remains in balcony n thinks about her deeds n cry thn she slowly goes to sleep in chair. It’s diwali morning laksh wakes up n finds ragini is not there in the room n thinks she must have went down. he gets up from the couch yawning goes to balcony and is shocked to see ragini resting on chair and wakes her up ragini suddenly jerks and gets up . laksh asks her is she fine she replies him she is fine as laksh is in hurry he says her that he as to leave early n execute their plan as it should take place today evening it self . Ragini is shocked and tries to talk to him he he hurrily takes bath and leaves without having anything.
Ragini is so tensed she thinks how to stop laksh from doing this mistake and tells that i need to stop this incident before it happens.Ragini goes to swasan room where she see sanskar calls out swara . as swara turns to him he gives her a silk and wishes happy diwali swara is happy n grabs the chocolate from sanskar hand n starts unwrapping the cover whereas sanskar with a puzzled face asks to get slow down as the chocolate wont disappear n by the way i wished you n you are not even wishing me back this is so mean but swara is busy eating chocolate just then sanskar grabs chocolate from her hand and starts eating the chocolate swara shouts at him that is mine give me back my chocolate then sanskar say hoo and takes the melted part of the chocolate with his fingers n puts it on swara’s cheek . swara with irritation tells that i will not leave you sanskar starts throwing pillows at him n the chocolate drops from sanskar hands . then swara says HAHAHAHAHAHAA now have your chocolate making funny faces at him . sanskar takes another chocolate from his pocket and says of course swara i gonna have it and smiles swra tries to grab chocolate from sanskar hand but slips . sanskar holds her and a small eye lock with background music MANCHALAA…. soon they compose themselves and swara thanks him n grabs chocolate form his hand and saya i got it sanskar smiles at her . ragini who is watching all this feels that swara will be so happy as sanskar is always there for her and knocks the door. sanskar opens the door . ragini asks for swara sanskar gives her way to get in ragini runs to swara and hugs her soon swara realizes that ragini is crying and asks her what happen ragini tells har that am soo sorry swara please forgive me if it is possible am so sorry swara who is not able to understand asks her is every thing right ragini replies everything will be fine swara you done a lot for me and our family a i am so glad that i got u as my sister and i know that it is not easy to forgive actually i don’t deserve any ones love and i am really sorry the past does not change by saying a simple sorry to you but please please forgive me please. Ragini turns to sanskar who is looking at her suspiciously and says “don’t worry sanskar i am not trying to trap your swara i am really sorry for what i did with her ” by folding her hands she says am sorry sanskar i know that u would never forgive me and i even know that u hate me and i deserve it and please take good care of my sweet sister i know u will. before swara tell something ragini goes out of the room. both swasan are puzzled.
ragini goes down to annapurna and tells her that she is going out as to go for shop to buy some decorative things and i may be late. AP says okay before leaving ragini takes blessings from annapurna and leaves.
in office laksh plans everything and is very happy that for this diwali he will get back his love swara. its evening pooja goes ahead swara looks for ragini in the whole house and is not able to find her. she goes parineeta and asks her about ragini’s whereabouts parineeta says i last saw ragini speaking to maa in the morning. swara thanks her n goes to annapurna and asks her about ragini she tells tht she went out to shop. swara feels something is wrong but ignores. laksh returns home . he spots swara who is lighting diyas with sanskar and thinks laugh sanskar u have few more moments to be happy so laugh and smirks. he reaches his room and does not find ragini anywhere and thinks she must be down . he gets ready and goes down and does not find ragini anywhere. he thinks she will join me i need to start my plan right now and looks for swara but finds sanskar in the garden and is shocked and runs to stop him . he reaches the garden and shouts sanskar . sanskar stops and turns and asks what lucky are u oky laksh replies where are u going sanskar replies that i am going to take gifts from the car which bade papa had bought . the gifts they are inside i took them in the evening itself come lets go in. sanskar nods u go il come i need to do a call . laksh leaves . sanskar is talking in the phone someone suddenly hits him from the back on his head. swara who came out in search of sanskar gets shocked seeing someone beating him she shouts sanskar loudly everyone in the family comes out swara runs to sanskar. swara takes sanskar into her lap and shouts sanskar please get up please sanskar . Sanskar who is losing his conscious says swara i love……. and gets unconscious swara cries vigorously says please sanskar get up please i cannot imagine my life without you . u promised me that you will always stay with u cant do this to please sanskar get up .sujata n annapurna also cry who are sitting beside swara. DP calls to doctor. adarsh catches the man who bet sanskar and drags him to the garden . laksh who is shocked to see his dear brother and swara’s concern for him is guilty. laksh and adarsh starts baeting him he shouts to stop it your brother is not dead yet. everyone is angry laksh was about to hit him he says that bring some water and sprinkle on his face . parineeta runs inside and gets water . swara sprinkles water on sanskar face. the man who bet sanskar takes the water glass from swara’s hand and trows on sanskar face . sanskar wakes up with a sudden jerk and coughs . as he looks around and is suprised and asks what happened why are u crying swara . swara start to beat him sanskar says what is wrong with u why are u beating me what did i do ? Swara holds his collar and tells “I LOVE YOU” please dont leave me i cant imagine my life without you and hugs him . sanskar is shocked-confused-happy and what not! everyone is happy on swara’s confession . sanskar remain silent . DP questions the man who are you . the man hands over a CD to DP. all go inside laksh plays the CD . ragini appears and tells ” greets eveyone . i am not suffering from memory loss . i am sorry. laksh please forgive me i promised u that i will get back swara in your life but this time my sister and her happiness is important for me i know she loves sanskar but she is not accepting that she loves so i did this drama so that swara could confess her feelings towards sanskar. maa, baba, dadaji, dadi n dida please forgive me . i betrayed my own family for one person who does not love. am so sorry . swara i am very happy for you n i miss you a lot . you will be very happy as no one can love as sanskar does not even maa n baba. please forgive me for what i have done i hope we could become swaragini again . but, it is not possible. sanskar i am so sorry forgive me if u can. laksh i still love you i am so sorry for breaking my promise u mean everything to me i love you laksh. FORGIVE ME IF IT IS POSSIBLE AND I AM GOING OUT OF YOUR LIVES . GOOD BYEEEE……”

PRECAP: laksh realizes ragini’s love for him. swara and sanskar on date…….

hope u guyzzz like it please comment………:-)

Credit to: akshitha

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