SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-9.

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RECAP: Everyone gets to know that Ragini Singhania is none other than ragini gadodia who lost her memory.

Rag’s: dadi(latha) i am blessed to have mom dad lovely sister n grand parents who love me a lot…
Latha: yes rago.(rag’s goes near swara n keeps her hand on her shoulder)
Rag’s: have noticed this dadi(latha) our names Swara n Ragini . Swaragini it’s so nice isn’t that swara.
Swara: yes ragini n hugs her (swaragini plays in background)
DP tells it’s late n we should leave all are very happy n leave to their respective rooms .


swara is in balcony n is crying. sanskar comes to her n notices that she is crying n wipes her tears n takes her inside the room makes her sit.n says
Sankar: come on swara till yesterday u used to cry for ragini as she was not with n now she is back even now u r crying .am confused swara that u married me or the tears because u like to spend time with them . i feel jealous of tears because u love them more than me. (makes a sad face)
Swara laughs out loud n says sanskar have u lost it or what i love u more in the entire world okay. sanskar sits on his knees as swara is sitting on bed n sanskar on the floor. he catches her face wipe out the tears n then he kisses her soft lips it lasts for few seconds n then they both smile at each other n hug. sanskar gets up then swara tells that ” u should talk to laksh maybe right now”. sanskar nods n goes to laksh room.

Laksh Room:

laksh is sitting on the floor looking at raginis photo with tears in his eyes.sanskar opens the door n finds laksh sitting down he also sits beside him.
Laksh: bhai y is this all happening to me only . I can’t stop my self from going to ragini after knowing the truth.
Sankar: Lucky don’t worry yaar .actually whatever happened is for good. because now u can start your relation with ragini freshly .
Laksh : she is not that ragini who was crazy for laksh she is rag’s the rockstar
Sanskar: u r right but,can’t u see she like u even u were like that before ur wedding right flirt n cool dude! right .
Laksh : yes , but….
Sanskar: u can have love story lucky . it’s destiny once she was crazy for u n now u r crazy for her . u have to make her as she fall for u n everyone will help u the entire family is with u luck y so cheer up don’t worry from tomorrow we will plan something like u both spend time together .
Laksh: yes bhai u r right . u r the best bhai in this world ( hugs him)
sanskar: so from tomorrow mission ragini

yeah they say goodnight n sankar leaves.
laksh is very happy n start to think how to impress ragini.

swasan room :

sanskar opens the door n finds swara has fallen asleep n goes to her n takes her hand to his n say u look so cute while sleeping n caress her forehead n stares her the whole night n dozes off by side of bed (he is on the floor n leans over bed).

It’s morning swara wakes up n turns to other side n is surprised because sanskar is not there as she know that he would never wake up so early n was to get up then she finds her hand in sanskar’s n amazed to see him sleeping to her bed side n smiles at him n kiss his forehead n goes to take bath. Sanskar wakes up opens his eyes n see swara infront him who has just came out of bath room she goes near him n sits on bed n say . good morning dear. sanskar smiles n syau look more beautiful in the morning n yawns.Swara replies go n get ready as there is pooja today he smiles n goes. Swara is wearing saree pink color n with lite make up she is just fab! sanskar comes out n looks at swara n praises her that day by day u look so beautiful n u know what? I fall for u every other day your eyes your smile OMG you are an angel who came from heaven to love this stupid n to fill my world with colors i love u swara. Swara blushes n says love u too n i am blessed to have u as my husband. Sanskar comes closer to swara n swara says sanskar i have to go now see u down stairs n rushes from there . sanskar says ahhhhh…Swara comes back n hugs him n kisses him says i love u n runs away. Sanskar is shocked because it all happened in fraction of seconds n smiles .

Preparations are going on swara takes elders blessing’s n asks for ragini . latha says she is in her room n she will not wake up early. swara goes to ragini’s room finds her sleeping n shouts ragini loudly just to wake her up but is surprised because there is no response from ragini. she goes to her bed n removes the blanket n shouts ahhhhhhh…because ragini was wearing a mask of ghost . swara tells ragini my heart beat stopped for a second n hits her with pillow n they hug each other . just then laksh n sanskar come to raginis room as they heard the scream of swara. they ask what happen . swara smiles n tells them what happened. all four laugh.
Rag’s:Wow! swara u r looking beautiful is there anything special today .
Swara: ragini toady there is pooja in the house i came to wake u up everyone is ready except u.
Rag’s: Oh! shit i forgot swara please help me with robes .
Swara : oky n goes to the cupboard n notices all western dresses.n asks don’t u have anything in Indian wear?

Rag’s:Hmmmm……. i don’t .Once dadi forced me wear saree on festival last year that day was horrible because i was not ableto walk that was the first day of my life when i was sitting for hours doing nothing n without dadi’s permission i gave that saree to my maid n when dadi asked i said that i would i know u have taken the saree for laundry n escaped.
Swara; but what will u wear know u can’t wear this western outfits today.( ragini remain silent)
Laksh: what are u thinking ragini?
Rag’s: am feeling sleepy ( rests on bed) n call me rag’s.
Swara: getup yaar n don’t worry about dress i will arrange it.
laksh n sanskar leave .swara brings a dress for rag’s she gets her ready.rag’s is wearing a red anarkali frock of full sleeves and she made a braided crown hairstyle n applied lite blusher on her cheeks n was looking like princess.swara says WOW! my sister is looking like a queen . they both hug swaragini plays in background .

Rag’s comes n stands on stairs everyone looks at her . laksh is mesmerized to see her beauty.she greets everyone n all praise her beauty.
Sumi: kisika nazar na lage tumhe n takes out kajal from her eye n keeps it on her ears back . swara says maa even i am here sumi says yes baba even u look like princess.
pooja is going on pandit is chanting mantras Vijay-Latha , DP – AP were sitting in pooja . laksh comes to ragini.
Laksh: wow! u are looking fabulous today aaj tho baarish hone wali hain.
Rag’s: oh really . thanks for the compliment.
laksh couldnot take off his eyes from ragini n stares her continuously.

PRECAP: family time…….:-) and swasan n raglak moments………;-)

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Credit to: Akshitha Reddy


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