SWARAGINI A NEW START……..(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-7.


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RECAP: family discussion about ragini and sanlakrag leave to office.

sanlakrag and swa reach shopping mall. Sanlak goes to mens section where as swarag goes to womens section their ragini select some frocks n goes to try them just then some come to swara n starts to tease .swara defends herself but as their are 4 people she get scared . sanlak see them n head towards them angrily. one rogue comes closer to swara and was about to touch her face .in a fraction of seconds he got a tight slap . swara is shocked even sanlak are also shocked because it was ragini who slapped the rogue. the rogue says how dare u to slap me i will not leave and walk towards her she again slaps him n twists his hands and she crushes leg of the other one who is standing beside the 1st rogue. they say do u know who we are ? Ragini replies i don’t care who the hell are u and again slaps him and asks him to apologize ta swara . they say sorry to swara n run away from there. swara hugs ragini .ragini says chill swara i am here nothing will happen to u n she addresses sanlak are staring at them. swarag goes to sanlak who are shocked n opened their mouth. rag shakes them n asks them to close their mouth. laksh says wow ragini how did u do this aren’t u scared?.Scared why to get scared by these rogues .sanskar says ragini u r a rock star. ragini replies rag’s.sanskar tells ohk rags u r a rock star.rags say thank u n shall we proceed now am hungry.

Rags gives her order n goes to rest room . swara says she can’t be our ragini just look at her she is so daring .
Laksh: u r right but i feel strong for her ok lets think that her name is coincidence as papa said but her features they are the same . i know that she is my ragini.
Sanskar: Rags lucky (teases him swasan laugh)
swara: ok laksh let’s think that she our ragini but why she would act as ragini singhania and why would bade dadaji n dadi would support her???
Laksh : maybe she want to test me . as really love her or not.
Sanskar: stop it lucky this is not funny how could a great business man like vijay singhania could support her like this . ??

Swara: yeah u r right sanskar . there are only two aspects as one is ragini must be helping vijay singhania in work & the second she must be ragini singhania.

ragini: yes (she jus listens the last phrase ragini singhania n responds)
swasanlak are shocked
Ragini: hey ! where are u guys lost in? actually am so sorry i took so long as i got call so…
Laksh : thats alright!
they all enjoy the coffee
just then a young man comes to ragini n flirts with her . laksh fumes n thinks ragini will slap him. but to his surprise she too flirts with the man . swasan open their mouths . the man leaves from their by telling i will miss u jaane mann as the mans friend is waiting for him.ragini turns to swasanlak n is surprised as they are staring at her in shock.
ragini: i don’t know why u three are always lost in ua dreams ? and waves hand infront of their faces
swara: u always surprise me as u were so innocent before.
Ragini: before? ( with a puzzled face)
Swara : i mean u look so innocent but what u did was unexpected
Ragini: com’on guys this is common these days . he was not bad but don’t have any dressing sense Uff!
Laksh: Oh! so if u find a handsome guy u start to flirt with him
Ragini: not only handsome but he should be hot too n smiles
Laksh: then u will flirt with me right? ( he thinks he is hot n handsome)
Ragini: I don’t think so MR.Laksh Maheshwari. if i had to flirt i will flirt with your brother sanskar is handsome than u but if i do that swara will not spare me.
sanswarag laugh
Laksh: so mean .stop it guys

they enjoy n return home in the evening

Maheshwari House:

all four enter the house. Ragini goes to her grand parents and swara tells everyone what happened in shopping mall. all are confused.
everyone assembles at dining table except swara sanskar n ragini .AP tells laksh to call them down .
Ragini Room:
laksh finds that the door is open n enters n he search’s for ragini n finds her in couch who is taking a nap. he goes to her n sits down n caress her hair n says i love u ragini. just then rags phone rings up. laksh comes to his senses n wakes her up .they both proceed to swasan room to call them.

Swasan Room :
swara gets freshen up n is about to leave just then sanskar comes n stands infront of her n says love u swara she replies i have to go sanskar so please. sanskar says i was just telling u that i love u n u r telling that u have to go i think u r not in a good mood n comes closer to swara n wraps her in his arms n was about to kiss her but some knocks door so sanskar jerks suddenly n they fall on bed n swara accidently kisses his neck n they both does not notice that . sanskar goes to open the door n it is ragini n laksh who came to call them for dinner . Ragini notices the lip mark on sanskar’s neck n she whisper’s in laksh ears n laksh smiles n was about to say abt the lip mark to sanskar . but ragini shuts laksh mouth with her hand and say Shhhhh!. Laksh says but….ragini says come on guys lets go to have dinner . Laksh smiles at her . sanskar n swara who r in doubt asks them what happen. raglak replies at a time that nothing!. All the four go down stairs n take their respective places .raglak are continuously smiling n parineeta asks them why r they laughing .ragini sighs her to look at sanskar neck n she also starts to smile . while others who have no idea why they are smiling are confused.Mean while swara notices the mark n sighs to sanskar who not able to understand anything.

everyone notices the mark n smile . sanskar asks
Sanakar: even i will laugh if say the reason for what u r laughing.
Ragini: sorry sanskar actually laksh n i disturbed u n swara but we didn’t know about that
Laksh : yes bhai so sorry.
swara is embarrassed n laksh tells about the mark to sanskar in his ear. sanskar closes his eyes with one hand says shit!
Ragini: as u know the reason now why r u blushing instead of laughing .
Latha: Rago stop it . sanskar beta don’t mind she always teases
DP: how was ur day in office ragini beta
Rags: it was fabulous i enjoyed a lot.
Laksh: i said u na papa. she was brilliant n she got the contract back on which we lost all the hopes.

PRECAP: Vijay Singhania notices ragini’s photo in a traditional attire in Laksh room.

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Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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