SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-5.


Hope u guys are enjoying it….We have some new characters.

precap: Swasan moments and laksh misses ragini.

DURGA PRASAD (DP):His ideology changed a lot . he allows swara to continue her career in music.
ANNAPURNA(AP): She is the same sweet and caring .
RAM PRASAD( BRO OF DP):He is also the same
SUJATA(WIFE OF RP): Now she loves her daughter in law more than her son but she can’t quit complaining.
ADARSH & PARINEETA: They are a sweet couple and have a son of 3years his name is Reyansh.
SWARA & SANSKAR: A romantic couple (love birds)and as always sanskar is hard working man and swara is a guitarist .
LAKSH: Working very hard on the DP’s dream project and is still waiting for ragini.
GADODIA’S: Shekar developed his business and they moved to their new independent house and happy but still miss ragini (dida also stays with sumi)

VIJAY SINGHANIA: The founder of the Singhania group of companies.
LATHA SINGHANIA: Wife of vijay singhania and a musician.
KARTHIK SINGHANIA: The only son of vijay singhania and latha Singhania a business Tycoon and childhood friend of durga prasad.
KAVYA SINGHANIA: Wife of karthik singhania and a business women.
RAGINI SINGHANIA: The only daughter of karthik and kavya singhania and the heir of the singhnia group of companies ,she is also a rock star and a business tycoon and she is very modern,ambitious,adventurous and naughty. (SHE IS LOOKALIKE OF RAGINI GADODIA)

They both are childhood friends as their fathers were friends too but DP lost his elders in an accident from then vijay singhania raised DP and for DP vijay singhania is more than god .In college karthik has fallen for his classmate kavya and kavya also fallen for him as result they both are lovers but karthik’s father vijay singhania not accepted karthik’s love the ego of status . DP is the one who helped karthik to get married to kavya. By this incident vijay singhania started to hate DP and he had shifted all business work to America and settled over there . DP with his own talent earned respect in society and landed with his own business and from that incident he turned out to be a stubborn and was against love as due to love he lost his uncle who used love him more than his son now hates him so much and his dream project was to do his biggest deal with the singhania group of companies.
vijay singhania who realized his mistake wishes his son , daughter in law and his grand daughter ragini to come back to them . while travelling to USA Karthik and Kavya lost their lives leaving thier only daughter ragini of 10yrs with her grand parents.

Ragini who is a grown up girl and gets to know about her fathers friend and convinces her grand parents to do a project with Maheshwari’s . she used to take up all projects of maheshwari’s and here laksh used to . Now ragini singhania convinced her grand parents to visit the maheshwari’s house which is in India in order to fulfill her fathers wish.



Singhania’s inform that they are visiting India to meet the Maheshwari’s. DP is soooooo happy and makes arrangements for their arrival .On the arrival day of Singhania’s all are present in the house no office work that day .DP invites gadodia’s also as he want to celebrate his best moment with all his dear ones .

swasan room: swara is getting ready she was wearing a traditional attire she was awesome in that attire sanskar comes and hugs her and say looking beautiful and starts kissing her .swara says stop it sanskar maa will come. he replies let her come i am kissing my wife . she smiles and say u became too naughty these days and i have to make desserts let me go please .sanskar says no. swara says please honey sanskar says Hmmmm..i’l let u go only when u will kiss me and he kisses her and they share a lip lock .then sanskar gets ready and they both come down and take blessings from elder’s and swara goes to kitchen for preparing desserts . sanskar goes to laksh who busy doing his exercise sanskar says come on lucky get ready all this happiness is because of u bade papa is so proud of . laksh replies because of us bhai u go i will come .sanskar nods make it fast and leaves. DP,RP,Adarsh and Sanskar are ready to welcome singhania’s
Singhania’s enter the house DP is so happy n runs to them and say kaka & kaki please forgive me . vijay and latha laugh and say u r the same DP u never did a mistake the mistake was mine forgive me .DP says no kaka u r always right and takes their blessings . he introduces maheshwari’s and gadodia’s to them they take their places in the hall . vijay says due to my foolishness today karthik is not there between us am sorry because of me u lost your friend. DP says no kaka u were right at that time because as a father u don’t want karthik’s future to be spoiled anyways past is past please forget it and where is your grand daughter i want see my karthik’s daughter. Latha says as it’s her first visit to India she is so excited and she liked your house a lot so she must be taking some pic’s but she should be back by this time .
Ragini Singhania just enter’s the house she is wearing a 3/4 sleeve slim fit tunic ball gown of black color with a black wrist band with stone earrings& on other side laksh is coming down with a file in his hands(he is wearing a white t-shirt and a blazer over it) . they both collide and ragini was about to fall but laksh holds her hand he could see only her eyes because her face is covered with scarf they share an eye lock for few seconds. He makes stand properly but feels strange when he looks at her eyes. Then Ragini removes her scarf and thanks him .Laksh is stunned to see ragini in modern look and extremely happy he interrupts ragini’s convo who is thanking him by catching her hands and say that you are looking beautiful, i knew it u will definitely come to me ,as u cannot live without me and he calls out maa ra………..Ragini says Stop flirting dude, by your look i mean the way u dressed u don’t look like a flirt in any angle.just then latha calls out rago what r u doing there come here . ragini crazy to laksh and smiles at him and everyone looks at the stairs and are scandalized to see ragini and that in a modern outfit .She tells rag’s dadi while walking towards the hall and sits between vijay and latha singhania .Vijay singhania introduces her
Vijay singhania: DP she is ragini singhania the only daughter of karthik and kavya and the heir of singhania group projects all over world. and my princess
everyone is shocked.
Ragini singhania: dadu stop it and she greets everyone (namasthe).
DP comes to his senses and say
DP : namasthe beta he introduces – my elder son and DIL adarsh&parineeta.
Ragini: Oh! ideal couple ah? hugs parineeta and greets adarsh with a hand shake.
DP:my brother’s son and DIL sanskar and swara.
ragini: swara! nice name n hugs her too and say glad to meet you sanskar(sanskar responds with a puzzled face)
DP:he is my younger son la…
Ragini: Laksh Maheshwari am i right?
DP: yes . do u know him before?
Ragini: of course i knew him .He is the one who is leading the projects between the singhania’s and maheswari’s isn’t he?
DP: Yes
Ragini: actually laksh we would have met before but just couldn’t make it . remember when you came to USA to give presentation that day i was too late to the meeting you just left before i came and i was so tensed because i thought u felt bad and left as i know that dadu is so particular about the maheswari projects if i mess with any of them he won’t spare me .the next day i even came to the hotel where u checked in but i even missed u there as u checked out in the morning.that is why i sent you a bouquet of flowers and even mailed u .
Laksh: [email protected] .
Ragini : finally Dude! am glad u remember.
latha: rago do u know DP uncle was so naughty in his teens.
ragini: Rags dadi.
latha: Beta go n get some rest u are looking so tired.
Ragini: ok dadi. (DP sighs AP)
AP: come i will show your room.
DP: kaka & kaki even u must be tired get some rest.
they to follow AP.
Everyone stares at ragini and are completely confused.

PRECAP: confusion continues……………………;-)

hope u guys like & Ragini is my favorite so i just want her to be naughty and modern . comment plzzzzz……:-)

Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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