SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-30.


thank u for ua suggestions ……even i was thinking to introduce a girl for dev , but am confused a bit so , please help , whom shall i choose for dev aka karan wahi ,i have to imagine guys only then i can write something so , i have some names like sanaya irani , drashti dhami , jennifer winget or u can also suggest some one , but please suggest i have to imagine , then only i can cook a love story for dev……..plzzzzz friends help me……….:-)naina bunny i will follow ua idea it’s great , but please suggest whom should i keep in uttara’s place …………..naina bunny thanks a lot yaar , u are awesome

RECAP: laksh confession n swasan nok-jhok.

DP asks them to come down for dinner n leaves from , there….
rag’s: yeah swara, we gonna rock for two days.
swara: i am excited ….swarag hug.
laksh: oh god please save poor employees from these mad sisters.
swarag hit laksh at time n rag’s hits him second time.
laksh: rag’s , why hitting again.
rag’s: stupid!! i asked u to be with me , u left me n came here.
laksh: i got a call , so i came out to attend n when i saw bhai , i came here(laksh laughs)
rag’s is so happy after realizing her love for laksh , she is damn happy n dev can see her happiness.
dev: rag’s u r seeming so happy , whats the matter ah??
rag’s: actually i …….no i will not tell u now , i wanna give u a surprise .
dev: u gonna give me surprise , great.
rag’s: u will be the happiest person , when u will now it (she is jumping out of joy n all are surprised for her behavior).
dev: okay, bt when u will give me the surprise , as we are leaving tomorrow.
rag’s: i don’t know yaar, i have to plan , that to without u so it gonna take sometime.
laksh: i can help u.
rag’s: no ….no, i can’t take ua help .
swara: i will help my sister
rag’s: noooo……to say it will be a surprise for every one , when i got to know it i was surprised too.
sanskar: rag’s , control, u are too excited.
rag’s: yeah , i want to plan this by my own ,because i want to make it the best…
dev: okay dear,take ua own time. i am hungry let’s go down.
all go down…..rag’s see gadodia’s n she is so happy n hugs them all.
sumi: beta , u r looking so happy today.
rag’s: yes , maa i am so happy today , i am feeling like dancing (she starts to dance with sumi n AP)
everyone is happy to see rag’s n dev cannot understand , why rag’s is so happy.
they all sit for dinner. sanskar is upset with swara n is not talking to her , by this swara is irked.
swara, AP, sumi are serving…swara is serving to sanskar , but he says i will not eat if u serve n swara fumes n thinks sanskar maheshwari i will see now how u will eat n gives an angry look to sanskar n leaves….AP notices sanskar plate is empty n asks him why it is empty
swara: badi maa , actually sanskar is fasting today for maa n u .
sanskar is shocked to listen , what swara said n tries to talk but just then sujata comes out of kitchen
sujata: see jiji , my son cares a lot about us , he is fasting for us, how sweet…
sanskar is trapped n gives a fake smile n swara smirks at sanskar n rag’s notices this as she is sitting beside sanskar n she whispers in sanskar ears
rag’s: u r bechaara , but my sister is not.
sanskar: i will not leave her , wait n watch . in this u have to help ua jiju .
rag’s: jiju…..nice , n i will my help my handsome jiju.
sanskar: thank u …(both are smiling)
laksh (is opposite to sanrag) is sighs n asks what happen to both .
sanrag look at each other n say dushmann team n says babaji ka thulu n laugh. (others are busy eating). laksh is confused n concentrates on eating, thinking both are mad.
they all complete their dinner n go to their respective rooms………..

swasan room:
sanskar is damn hungry , but is helpless n roaming here n there , whereas swara is busy with preparations of elders as they are going on a trip…..all are down stairs except sanskar , swara has forgotten about his dinner. it’s suddenly strikes rag’s mind n she takes dev n laksh to kitchen…
dev: wt happen??
rag’s: sanskar is upset with swara
laksh: we already now that.
rag’s: oh god , sanskar is not doing any fast , swara trapped him as he refused to eat the food served by her due to evening’s incident.
laksh:oh , that is what u n bhai were talking at dining table ah, but why did u said that to me.
rag’s: in evening u took swara’s side na , n i was with sanskar , so u are our dushmann , thats why.
laksh: dushmann? then why are u telling now , i am still on my bhabhi’s side , bye….(he is about to leave)
rag’s:hello, even i am on my jiju’s side okay , i just want them to be together n happy
laksh: jiju ha…
rag’s: yeah , as swara is my sis , so logically he is my jiju , stupid!!
laksh: don’t call me stupid , u are stupid.
rag’s: not me u r.
dev: shut up!!!!!(shouts)
raglak: cool down dev…..
dev: now why did called us here.
rag’s: because mt jiju is starving up there n sister is busy out there , so lucky will tell the fav dish of sanskar n dev will prepare the dish n i will go to swara n send her up n the love birds will be back.
dev: plan is good , but i am not preparing anything .
rag’s: but…
dev: wait , i have to do some paper work so i will tell recipe to lucky n u help him .
rag’s: but , it will only take few mins na..
dev: rag’s!!!
rag’s: okay, now tell dev what is my handsome jiju’s fav dish.
laksh: excuse me even we are handsome not only your jiju.
dev: don’t fight now
laksh: okay , gajjar ka halwa…
dev tells recipe to laksh n dev winks at laksh n leaves.
laksh is cooking n rag’s is glancing at laksh lovingly n smiling by seeing laksh confused face….
rag’s: what happen??
laksh: what if it fails??
rag’s: don’t worry , i will experiment it on u only.
laksh: how mean…
rag’s: did u forgot what did u said in the evening , the problem should face me , in order to reach u.
laksh smiles : yes, but……
rag’s: that means u were lying to me..
laksh: no ……no i didn’t lied , i really mean it (he is so tensed)…..n is trying to explain n rag’s is smiling at his innocence
rag’s: lucky , cool , i was kidding…
laksh (irked) n gives an angry look n concentrates on cooking………….rag’s smiles at laksh by seeing his cute face..
rag’s: aww!! lucky is upset , what now (she sits on the platform beside the stove n laksh is busy cooking)……are u serious , u r really upset with me
laksh: keep , quite n let me cook
rag’s: angry young man is back (laksh gives a strong angry look) n rag’s burst out laughing .
laksh: instead of saying sorry u are laughing at me , disgusting!!!(he almost completed cooking)
rag’s: hahaha , sorry that to u , very funny (she takes some flour n keeps it on laksh cheeks ..
laksh: i will not leave u….
rag’s runs from there n laksh takes some flour n runs behind her in middle rag’s puts some more flour on laksh face , by this laksh fumes n runs faster n gets grip of rag’s , he catches rag’s by her waist n her back is touching his front . as rag’s is trying to loosen the grip ,laksh rotates her in air n says i got u…
rag’s: lucky no , please leave me.
laksh: hahahaa , no way, say sorry
rag’s: sorry ….sorry n rag’s turns back n looks at laksh n they share an eye lock (zehnaseeb plays in bg n he puts the flour on rag’s cheeks )
rag’s: lucky!! (shouts ) they are so close to each other but they do not realize their closeness as they are busy in taking revenge n after sometime they both realize their close posture n compose themselves n rag’s can still feel his touch n smiles but hides it , they both do plating of dish n dinner n go out n rag’s signals to swara to come…..swara comes to them n is surprised to see raglak faces
swara: what have u done to yourselves?
rag’s: it was just a fighting (laksh handovers the tray containing food)
swara: what is this for???
rag’s: oh god!!!, your patiparmeshwar is starving up there n u asking for what…..
swara remembers : shit , i forgot !!
laksh: we know that , so take this to bhai , now go….
swara: thank u guys
rag’s: u can thank u after wards , now go fast (she pushes swara) swara leaves ..
rag’s is cleaning her face , but some flour is still left on her cheek , laksh sighs her but she can’t , so he cleans the flour on her cheek n all the while rag’s is staring at him n he also looks at rag’s n they share an eye lock (tum hi ho plays…….) . rag’s comes to her senses …
rag’s: thank u
laksh: it’s okay , how many times will u thank me…
rag’s: but this time i will not apologize !!
laksh: apologize for what ???
rag’s puts more amount of flour on laksh face (all over) n laughs out n says for this n she runs , laksh runs behind her n shouts u are gone now !!!
rag’s runs where all elders are sitting n shouts dadi…..
dadi: rago!!!
rag’s: lucky is teasing me…just then all see laksh n his face is covered with flour n all laugh…
laksh: dadi, don’t believe her , she is lying (he runs to her)
rag’s runs n stands behind DP n says uncle please save me
laksh: papa , please move a side , i will not leave her
rag’s makes faces at laksh which irritates him more
DP: laksh , stop it bacchi hain , leave her .
laksh: yeh aur bachhi , yeh chudael hain …..
rag’s: how dare u … u have to pay for this…
laksh laughs n makes faces at rag’s . rag’s takes a glass of water which on the side table n throws at laksh face …..all laugh
rag’s: y did u stopped laughing , laugh u angry young man hahahhahaha……..
laksh: papa please move a side , u have to pay for this
rag’s: your sense of humor is not bad..
laksh: papaaaaaaa!!!!!
DP: ragini beta , u did right , (gives hi-five to rag’s n all laugh)
rag’s: wow !! uncle , ur super cool!!, angry young man ,hehehehe, she takes laksh pic in mobile
laksh: u are taking my pic, papa , this is cheating
DP: go to ua room n change …
laksh: i will take my revenge …
rag’s: lets see ………smirks at him

laksh reaches his room n calls dev suddenly looks at laksh n shouts
dev: aehhhhh!!(shouts)
laksh: i am lucky !!
dev: what is wrong with u??
laksh: not with me , with your friend, i will not leave her (he goes to wash room n comes out)
dev: for one day u saying like this , if she gonna realize her feelings for u then , u have to bear all her tantrums , this is nothing dude!!
laksh: i don’t know all about that , but this time she have thrown flour twice n water also . papa was supporting her , i will not leave her.
dev: u can do nothing
laksh: i can , as u will help me
dev: never .
laksh: i will not tell that u helped me.
dev:she is not stupid like u , i know all her secrets , if i gonna help u she will definitely know that n she will be upset with both of us . then who will unite raglak , so leave me
laksh: what ever i will take revenge from her.
dev: u can’t dude !! she is so dangerous , once she dressed like a ghost n scared me like hell , for a week n even the last day she burst out laughing , so i got to know that it was rag’s or else i would never know that, on the first day , when she came to scare me , she slowly dragged my bedsheet n she played weird sounds n smoke effect n offed the power supply , omg !! from that day i started to sleep in my fathers room for a month……
laksh remembers what happened to him n sanskar on their trip to mumbai n fumes even more…n thinks …….

PRECAP: swasan moments n elders leave to pilgrimage ……..swasan & raglak moments n uttara’s entry n dev flats for uttara (in this ff uttara is 2 years younger to laksh n she completed her studies (m.s)in Australia n returns Indis to give surprise for her family )

guys please suggest who should i imagine uttara as
1)sanaya irani
2)drashti dhami
3)jennifer winget ……………u can also suggest others …………..but please comment……

Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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  10. Hy Akshitha!I am a silent reader of UA FF I used to enjoy it a lot ill be smiling throughout reading each episode bt y doll u ve stopped writing ua FF?Though there are lot of ppl writing FF bt I really miss ua FF Please strt writing the nxt episodes yaar Am really missing it so much.I hope on receiving this comment u’ll continue wid nxt episodes plz start writing it again darlz missing ua FF so much??

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