SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-29.


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RECAP:swasanlak weird behavior with rag’s n rag’s address laksh as her , boyfriend.

Rag’s room:
rag’s is sitting on bed n is disturbed , laksh goes to her n caress her hair. (he also sits on bed)
laksh: rag’s , it is not ua mistake .
rag’s: no , i betrayed raj.
laksh: look at me , when he said that he feels for u , wt was ua reply
rag’s: i said no.
laksh: so , how it is your mistake , he is the one who ignored your decision .
rag’s: yeah . (tears roll down her eyes)
laksh takes her face into his hands : look at me, it is not your fault.
rag’s: he is so sensitive , that is why i never talked in harsh tone with him, but i broke his heart today . dadi always says whatever we do with others it will happen to us .
laksh : (smiles n wipes her tears): u r a rock star , nothing bad , will happen to u , the problem should face me in order to reach u , i will be there always , for u .trust me.
rag’s: (tears r still rolling down her eyes):can i hug u (she asks as a child do)
laksh smiles n opens his arms wide n rag’s hug laksh n caress her head with his palm gently.
laksh: i never know that even rock stars cry.
rag’s: it happens sometimes, mistakenly. n breaks hug.
laksh: okay now take a nap.
rag’s leans n thinks , i love u lucky , i have tell u first , i will not inform to dev , i’ll surprise him , but how to express..
laksh shakes rag’s n asks wt happen.
rag’s: nothing , don’t leave me after i fall asleep.
laksh: i will not , now sleep.
she smiles n falls asleep…..,
laksh: (he caress her hair with his soft hand ) ::::: i want to confess my feelings , i think this is the best moment to rehearse , wish me good luck my love……
i love u ragini , i mean rag’s
This love which is as big as a rising sea, how come it fits in such a small heart?
What is the use of language if I cannot express my love?
Why these tears for the sweet sadness within me?
Why such an unbearable pain even when you are only an inch away?
These eyes that see you, why do they need to see anything else in the world?
why such big punishments for love which surprisingly is only a two syllable word?

I will keep loving you even if my breath stops,
I will keep loving you even after my death,

You come in my dreams and destroy them,
You kill me once every second,
You are like snow but ignite fire in me!
You follow me and burn my mind to ashes.

When you breathe i feel like my lifespan increased,
Please stop throbbing my heart like a sharp thorn!

The rain drops that want to touch you and shine,
Should i collect the clouds and burn them away?

The birds that want to imitate your voice,
Should i destroy their voices?

I will destroy all those flowers that try to touch you…..
I will remove those eyes that stare you even if it is for a moment…..

laksh just gets a call n goes out to take the call as he leaves the room , rag’s opens her eyes tears roll down her eyes n she is damn happy n decides to propose laksh…..

dev talks to raj . swara is worried a lot for rag’s , dev notices this n tells sanskar to take her inside n comfort her.

swasan room:
swara is sitting silently , just then sanskar enters the room n notices swara mood
sanskar: oh!! i missed the way to my room. (swara looks at sanskar)
swara: sanskar , this our room.
sanskar: r u sure.
swara: yeah.
sanskar: (he enters) oh yeah , this is our room , but it so silent , so i thought this cannot be our room
swara understands that sanskar is teasing her n goes him n hits him
swara: what do u want to say , that i am a chatter box.
sanskar: i didn’t said that , u r admitting yourself.
swara: y don’t u say it clearly , that i should not talk .(she is irked)
sanskar: when did i said that.
swara: i know what u mean n from now i will not talk to u .
sanskar: this is not so fair , u are imagining everything n blaming me ??
swara: i am blaming u , how rude . i am upset with u (she is angry)
sanskar: (laughs) u have to look at ua nose when u are in anger.
swara makes pout n tries to see her nose ……..by seeing swara , sanskar burst out laughing……..swara is furious
swara: u just get out from here .
sanskar: i will not go , this is my room ,okay?(he goes near bed n sits)
swara: excuse me , mr. sanskar maheshwari , u have no right over this room from today , so get lost .(she is standing in front of sanskar)
sanskar suddenly gets up n moves towards swara n swara moves backwards n hits wall beside the door n sanskar is so close to her she can feel his breath . he moves more close to her n swara is saying no , sanskar n tries to go out from side but he locks the both sides with his hands n smirks at her. swara gives a smile which makes him confuse n places her hands over sanskar shoulder n starts to dance n he also follows her n by doing dance , first he spins her n then swara spins him n gets him out of room n she says statue so he freezes there with closed eyes . sanskar does not know that he is out side the room (he was facing towards the entrance of their room , he is in salsa dance position ).
sanskar continues to talk to swara to break the statue by saying move , but swara is inside her room . dev was passing through there notices sanskar n goes to him n understands that swara fooled him n he laughs . dev shakes sanskar at same time swara also opens door and calls sanskar ……….
(mean while laksh who was on phone comes near sanskar room. he also see sanskar and understands , he was heading towards sanskar but dev reach there before laksh does n shakes him ) . sanskar mistakes dev to be swara n drags him by his waist , close to him.
dev n swara: sanskar!!!!!!
laksh: bhai!!! …………(he also reached just then) all three shout at a time. sanskar is jerked n opens his eyes n finds dev n shouts “DEV!!!???”…he leaves dev….
dev , lak n swara burst out laughing …………..sanskar is embarrassed
just then rag’s comes there n asks what happen??
swara wishpers in rag’s ears n she also burst out laughing ……swaraglakdev are laughing , but rag’s controls herself n takes sanskar side .
rag’S: swara , u can’t do like this (she moves to sanskar side). bechaara.
swara: so are on his side??
rag’s: yeah , as u know i always take side of handsome guys …(sanskar smiles n rag’s places her elbow on sanskar shoulder)
laksh: if u take bhai side, then i will take my bhabhi’s side.
swara: then , wt abt u dev??
dev: of-course rock star side (he stands beside sanskar)
rag’s: hahaha…..majority wins , so , we are winners.
just then rag’s phone rings it’s raj ….
rag’s: raj!! are u alright ??………thank u so much ……take care……i am sorry once again……….byee
dev: happy rag’s???
rag’s gets happy n hugs dev n says love u buddy , dev pats her shoulder n says i am glad that u are happy.
rag’s: i was disturbed a lot , but lucky comforted me. thank u lucky , thanks a bunch.
laksh: thats okay, anything for u. (rag’s smile)
dev: have u ever thanked me ??
rag’s: stop it , dev , i don’t thank myself in the mirror……because u are like me in the mirror(it is saying thank u to myself if i thank u)
swasanlakdev are amazed by her reply
dev: u always say that i am senty , but this time u r , love u cutie n hugs her……….
swasanlak are overwhelmed …..
swara: even i am here…
rag’s hugs swara n say even u are the same , love u …..hai junoon / dil dhaaadhk ne doo or some friendship song or swaragini title……
then they all share a group hug , dp comes there n says can i join u guys , rag’s smiles n says u are always welcome uncle n a group hug again.
DP: beta laksh , sanskar aur dev u three shud go to (someplace it is far from here not so far)
laksh: okay papa.
sanskar: adarsh bhai will take care of office, u take rest at home
DP: no , we all elders are going to pilgrimage and adarsh is going to his in laws with parineeta n rayansh. ragini n swara will take care of office for next two/three days n u will return so u will take care , our trip gonna take few more days.
rag’s: don’t worry uncle.
DP: okay then , u three should leave tomorrow evening n we will leave in the morning
sanskar: okay bade papa.

PRECAP: swasan & raglak moments n swaragdevlaksan friendship……….:-)

hope u liked it ………please let me know ………please comment ………plzzzzz……..:-)….have a good day.

Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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