SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-28


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RECAP: rag’s confession , laksh change over.

Dev: we will meet in ccd today evening , rag’s shud not know abt this .
all agree n leave to have break fast………..
as all elders have completed their breakfast swasanlakragdev are left n they sit n serve them selves (dev-rag’s-lak-san-swa sitting order)
laksh is continuously staring at rag’s n swasan are smiling as they know abt rag’s feelings for laksh n dev is sighing them keep quite , but in vain.
rag’s is fed up by all these actions n she takes a deep breath.
rag’s: lucky , please stop staring at me like that
laksh is not even responding , he is still staring her n rag’s is irked n she hits on laksh head
laksh : ahhhh!….y r u hitting me?
rag’S: stop staring at me
laksh : i am not staring at u .
rag’s: i am not blind okay , u stare at me as if u wanna eat me.
laksh is again lost in rag’s n staring at with a spoon (reversed) in his mouth n he is leaning over table..
rag’s: swasan why r u guys smiling .
sanskar: we can’t even smile at our own ?
rag’s: i didn’t mean it , am aksing y are smiling at me??
swara: nothing rag’s , jus like that.
dev is hitting his head as the others are spoiling n trying to sigh laksh , who is not in his senses .
rag’s: since , morning u guys are behaving weird (jus then she looks at laksh , he is still staring her . she gives a disgust expression n hits again (hard) )
laksh: it’s hurting
rag’s: it should , i will kill u if again stare at me u idiot n go to hell all of u (she leaves without having breakfast)
dev: guys wt is wrong with u , u r spoiling everything
swara: sorry dev, we are remembering all her words n jus stop laughing .
dev hits laksh

laksh: y sre u all hitting me??
dev: shut up !! okay , if do like this , she will never admit her feelings for u
laksh: okay , sorry , from now i do as u say
dev: stop staring at her
laksh: but i just can’t take off my eyes from , her , she is so pretty .
dev: laksh , talk to her , compliment her but not more a bit
laksh: okay
dev: make her happy , tell her about ua family sweet memories . remember she is not ragini , she is rag’s who doesn’t know anything
laksh: ookay
dev: i have to go to rag’s , she didn’t had her breakfast , do as i say
dev leaves , swasan are shocked by dev’s words abt ragini
swara: laksh , do dev know abt past
laksh: yeah , i said him , as the attack can happen at any time to rag’s , if dev gonna know abt her , then he can comfort her.
swara: hmm…
dev goes to rag’s n feed her breakfast in rag’s room…….swasanlak also go to rag’s room.
swasanlak reach rag’s room , they are stopped by hearing laksh name n they step aside n hear to rag’s

rag’s: lucky!!!!!..dev ,wt the hell is happening to me yaar.
dev: it’s love my cutie rock star !!!!
rag’s: will u please stop it!!!
dev: no no no……as far as i know even lucky is feeling for u , wait n watch he sing feel my love feel my love in front of u…(swasanlak smile)
rag’s: bull shit!!! okay , let’s think he also feels for me but he never gonna say it , he just gonna stare at me…(laksh hits his head )
dev: so u admit it
rag’s: no way……please !!!
dev: ziddi , have ua break fast first
rag’s: but , i have to say , he is damn s*xy!!! (swasan open their mouth wide n laksh closes his eyes n blushes out n keeps his hand on his face)
dev: ohhh!!! go n tell him that he is s*xy
rag’s: i said him that he is , dashing …..
dev: if he gonna listen all these , he’d die.
they both laugh …..(sanskar tickle laksh)
swara goes a bit back n calls out rag’s , then swasanlak enter rag’s room n ragdev stopped laughing…
rag’s: hey guys , completed ua breakfast.??
swara: yeah .
rag’s: am sorry , i was a bit rude.
sanskar: we are sorry , we were just playing prank on …
rag’s: oh… but becoz of this lucky , i lost my wits n shouted.
laksh: wt did i do?
rag’s: thats wt u did nothing .
laksh: what to do , as u are looking so pretty , i couldn’t take off my eyes from u.
swasandev are shocked n rag’s is surprised..(in her mind – omg!!! lucky it is hard to control man )
rag’s: lucky are u okay??
laksh: yeah , but y r u asking me??
rag’s:just like that ….
dadi comes to them ….
dadi: rago , u are still here
rag’s: yes
dadi: bechaara , dev ko thang kyu karti ho ??
dev: see dadi , rag’s is torturing me..
rag’s: oh really , (she twists his ears) , this is torture……
dev: i will not leave u ………….rag’s run ,here n there n hide behind laksh n laksh sigh him to leave …dev stops
rag’s: u can’t catch me………..hahahaha
dev : come let’s go , it’s late now…..they all leave to office n swasanlakdev meet in ccd n discuss

dev: lucky , she is admitting that she feels for , in the morning , when i went to rag’s , u know u she said…
swara: yeah , dev we were outside , we heard u n rag’s.
sanskar: we heard eveything .
dev: (smiles): ohh!! lucky !!
laksh: stop it , please i beg of u guys
swasandev laugh……
dev: okay , i have a plan , swara u will talk to rag’s n tell her abt u n sanskar , as she listens to u n after that we will create that swasan are fighting these days n lucky n rag’s will make plans together to unite swasan , in this way , lucky n rag’s will get some time , to spend together n i will make an excuse n be at office.
laksh: but why??
dev: if i gonna stay with u n rag’s , she will not even talk to you…..
laksh: okay..

just then rag’s passes from there n see swasanlakdev n they also see rag’s n all are shocked
dev: rag’s??????
rag’s: thank god !!!
she comes to lucky n hold hi hand (laksh is surprised)
dev see someone coming towards them
dev: raj???? wt r u doing here???
raj: dev??, even u are here.
dev: yeah , but wt are u doing here??
raj: look at rag’s man , i love a lot , but she never cared me n now , she is telling that she is in relation .
dev: what??
rag’s: yes!! raj , he is lucky my boyfriend .
swasandev are surprised n shocked

dev is rag’s college mate , he is kind hearted, he loves rag’s from the day he saw her , but rag’s doesn’t . so raj came to India to convince rag’s. (he just lasts only in this epi )

dev: yeah , raj , lucky is rag’s bf
raj: i will not believe , rag’s love n that to in this short period.
rag’s: there is no specified time for love , okay .
raj: i know , but i can’t believe . do u like him??
rag’s: wt do u mean , i love him okay .
dev: raj , u know me right , rag’s really love lucky.
raj is heart broken…….
raj: rag’s , i hope u are not lying n i will love u forever u are my first n u will remain forever
rag’s: raj please , u say u love me right ? then why are giving me pain. if u move on ua life then only i can stay happy .
raj: it’s not possible
rag’s: so u want me to stay in guilt that , i spoiled ua life right??
raj: no …please don’t tell , like that
rag’s: then promise me ….
dev: raj , u know her , just do it
raj’: okay rock star i promise , but it will take some time.
rag’s smile
raj: i hate u lucky , i hate u from the core. but take good care of rag’s , she is so innocent
rag’s: me??
raj: yeah u , i have fallen for ua innocence only
rag’s: okay , come lets go home , u have to dadu n dadi
raj: no , i will take a leave now , bye
rag’s: but.
dev: rag’s…..
rag’s: okay , please take care .
raj: love u rag’s , i will miss u good bye….
raj exits………rag’s just sits down n catches her head…..
swasanlak are still confused….they have no idea wt is happening there.
dev: are u alright ??
rag’s: no , i am not.

dev: calm down .
she aks swasalak to sit n he narrates about raj…..
rag’s: i am so sorry lucky , i didn’t mean to hurt u n ua feelings , but there was no other option..
dev: rag’s it’s okay ..
rag’s: no it’s not dev, i know he loves me a lot , but i don’t feel anything for him . he just called me when i was in office , i searched for u n lucky , but u both were not there ,so came to meet him, for the first time he was so desperate n he said he will commit suicide n i said that i love someone n was leaving n saw lucky here n just said whatever came in mt mouth. am so sorry lucky.
laksh: it’s okay …
rag’s: but , i broke his heart .how can do this to him , i betrayed him.
dev: rag’s come lets go home.. first
they all go home in rag’s room
dev: rag’s please take some rest.
rag’s: i can’t , will raj be fine??
dev: raj , always keeps his promise . he will be fine , i will talk to him . u just take rest.
rag’s: okay.
rag’s rests n all go out
dev: lucky , this why i don’t want her , know her past. she just can’t bear it n what r u doing here , u stay with rag’s , i have to talk to raj.
laksh: but,
dev: oh god , no but , just go n stay with her.
laksh goes inside n sits beside rag’s n caress her hair n dev goes to talk with raj , swasan accompany him………

friends , i promise to make the next update more interesting n soon , swasan fans i am so sorry in nxt update u can see swasan moments ………….i am so sorry if u don’t like this update plz comment ………….

Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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