SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-27.


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RECAP: laksh friends reunion , dev informs laksh about rag’s love.

dev: laksh u can join me ……..devlak leave , but again laksh asks does rag’s relly love me??
dev:oh god !! , lets do a thing , i will go to rag’s room n talk to her about u n u listen to our conversation okay (he calls on sanskar phone). after this if u gonna, again ask the same question , i will kill u ….
dev leaves to rag’s room , swasanlak are eager to know wt rag’s thinks

rag’s room:
rag’s is lost in laksh thoughts n smiling , dev enters her room (his phone is in his shirt pocket)
dev: hey . rock star!
rag’s is lost in her thoughts , dev smiles n sits beside her n shakes her
rag’s: dev , when did u came .?
dev: when u r lost in laksh thoughts n don’t lie
rag’s:y i would lie to u n yeah i am thinking about that stupid, (swasanlak who r listening to her , all smiled)
dev: y don;t u admit ua feelings for laksh
rag’s: these are just stupid feelings , i want to get rid of them .(laksh becomes sad)
dev: oh ! u are saying these from last week , but u are always lost in his thoughts.
rag’s: u r right , today when i saw him in jeans n white shirt , my heart just skipped a beat , he was too handsome yaar n hot too.
swasan teases laksh n laksh bluhses
dev: ohh , hot ah? but y do u like him, he not of ua type.
laksh other side says : have he gone mad?
swara: shh , laksh , dev is asking her correct question.
rag’s: hmm……even i don’t know , but when i saw him for the first time , i just felt something in my heart . i told u the 1st day when lucky n i collide n he said ragini , i know u will come back to n all, he started to flirt , but it was the best moment .
dev: so , u felt something on the first day itself?
rag’s: yeah, but i ignored it .
laksh thinks wt an idiot i am
dev: go on..
rag’s: i enjoy his company a lot , if anyone scolds me i just can’t spare them , even u , but when lucky scolded me , it was so good ,i could see care for me in his words n i just loved it …
dev: haha ,! but when u said me tht u feel something for laksh over phone , it was like 8th wonder…
rag’s: shut up okay
dev: really , i know how many were crazy for u n are still.
rag’s: as i am rock star, but this is something diff n lucky yaar he never compliments n talk properly with me , but he always fights with for silly reasons n i like it (laksh smiles)
dev: offo!!! bt from whn are expecting these compliments n all.
rag’s: even i am a girl yaar , wtever i do is diff ,but even i want to hear some compliments from the one who i feel for , but lucky always stares at me as if he is seeing some alien in me, god!!he never talks ………but , over all i just want to stay here forever with this family , mostly swara , she completes me .(swara gets teary eyed)
dev: oh , so u want lucky n swara , then wt about sanskar??
rag’s: even he , he is like u n ansh , so cute n honest.
dev: yeah , he is like a dream boy
rag’s: yeah bichaara type but he is damn handsome ! if he was not married , then definitely i would have flirted with him , for sure (swalak give a look to sanskar , he is proud of himself)
dev: then wt abt laksh??
rag’s: even he is handsome
dev: then me??
rag’s: (laughs) u n handsome please! , joke of the year
dev hits her :it will be like this only , when u will find ur true love n u will go with him , leaving me all alone.
rag’s: shut up! okay , u r my friend , n i will not leave u even after my marriage with lucky , u will my best friend forever…..( swasan lak open their mouth )
deV:(smiles) marriage ??(teasing tone)
rag’s remember wt she said…
rag’s:shit !!! wt the hell am i talking? (she closes her face with her hands)
dev: omg! just before few mins u said feelings n now marriage n then ??, u r too fast.
rags: i didn’t mean it , it is just an example , thats it. our friendship is forever dev , if anyone gonna come in between our friendship , i will just erase them from my life ,whoever it may be even my love ….i just don’t care
dev: okay! baba now don’t spoil ur mood . we are fnds frever . now talk about angry young man…marriage n all ah?
swara: we were wrong
sanskar: yes , we misunderstood their pure friendship
laksh: yes , i need to apologize to dev.
rag’s:u are the only one i could share all this, lucky is making me crazy , i just need to avoid him , but whenever he comes infront of me , i just can’t ignore him, n when he gets angry with me , he just look so cute.(lak blushes). he droves me crazy for him..
dev: i can see that n do he feel anything for u??
rag’s: i don’t know , i already said him once, that i felt something for him , remember tht day in office i was wid sanskar bt i was think of lucky whole day n i just called n informed abt my feel, but no reply from his side , n dev u are making me to think more abt him instead of helping me to forget him…
dev: if i know all this , they only i can do smthng , anyways take ua medicines.
rag’s: okay!
dev: but rag’s , i can say this for sure , i know u from last four years n now we are best friends n i care a lot about u n i can see the same care for u in laksh eyes n i think he is the man for u .
rag’s: don’t be so senty yaar , i know u care a lot abt me , but i am feeling sleepy , plz tell me story.
dev (smiles): okay , i will tell u a story of prince charm , no , no prince laksh. it will be perfect.
laksh blushes……
rag’s: shut up !! every dog has a day , today is yours
dev: i know , (he narrates a story)
swara: prince laksh….
sanskar: just look at him swara , till afternoon , he was like my love is going back n all that . but now he is blushing
laksh: rag’s is right , every dog has a day , now stop teasing me n go to sleep .(he smiles n leaves)

laksh goes to his room n is damn happy, he dances n dev comes after sometime
laksh: i am so so sorry dev, i am a fool to not understand ur friendship , i am so sorry
dev: it’s okay , but atleast now u realized , thats good n are u happy wt rag’s said abt u , prince laksh!
laksh: now u don’t start teasing me…
dev: why not !! i said na she loves u but she is not at all ready to admit it n it’s not ego problem . she said me that sometimes she feel very awkward as if she is hurting u n i am not able to understand her point
laksh remebers his past n thinks it is stopping her …..
dev: laksh where r u lost??
laksh: i need to tell u something as u r best friend of ragini , u must know abt it but promise me that u will never tell this to her
dev: okay
laksh narrates flashback n shows rag’s pics in past . dev is electric shocked
dev: no , rag’s cannot do like this , she not ur ragini , u r mistaken her to be ragini.
laksh: calm down , dev i don’t want to break ur frndship with rag’s , that day near temple due to her past she lost her balance n she is ur bestfriend this can happen to her at anytime , i am telling all to u as u can take care of her.
dev: okay, but laksh she not like that now .
laksh: i know
dev: but mistake was ur’s , as u said u will marry her as she was traditional girl , she just dreamt abt u for her lifetime , i know she did wrong , but u r the one who possessed to do that.
laksh: yes , i realized it after she left me, n u said tht she feels hurting me na , this is becoz of her past .
dev:rag’s shud never know abt this , i don’t know abt her past , as far as i know her now she just hate the people u betray n if she gonna now her past , it would be dreadful so plz be careful n laksh u didn’t said anything to me , just forget it. u also forget n think that she is ragini singhania thats it
laksh: i accepted it long back , i jus wanted to tell u. n i promise u that i will keep her always happy ..
dev smiles n hugs him .
dev: laksh, we have to plan now ?
laksh: sure , i am sorry n shall we be friends (he forwrds his hand)
dev: why not?? (thy shkehands)
dev: i will tell u abt the plan tomorrow morning.
laksh: okay , gud , dev: gud night

swasan :
sanskar: now are u happy ??
swara: a lot (she hugs him)
swara: she shud never know abt her past , she can’t bear it
sanskar: she will not , but think about poor hubby , from last two days u r thinking of ua sister n left ua husband.
swara takes face into her hands n kisses him on lips n says never ever say that i left u , i can’t live without u .
sanskar:am sorry , even i can’t (hugs her)
they both share sweet moments n doze off.

laksh is damn happy n gets up early n get ready n dev also wakes up n see laksh n smiles
dev: laksh plz , control ur self , u shud act normal infront of her.
laksh: am so happy dude n u are my best friend so call me lucky.
dev: ohky.
laksh gets ready as usual.
dev: oh god , wt to do with this man.
laksh: wt happened?
dev: just yesterday rag’s said that u were handsome in western thn in formals
laksh:yeah, i forgot
dev: actually , after rag’s said abt u over phone , i bought a gift for u bt couldn’t give it (he goes to his bag n hands over him some packet n it’s dress)
dev: she said u always wear formals , i shopped some western
laksh: thank u (he goes n changes)
laksh is wearing a blu faded jeans n a blue white checked shirt , with a wrist band n canvas , with spikes ……….he is damn cool!!!
dev: now rag’s will again skip her heartbeat, come lets go down
dev is wearing a black jeans n a white n black lined t- shirt…..he is handsome

they come down…..sanskar goes to laksh
sanskar: good morning dev , who is he??
dev: he is ua brother lucky
sanskar: oh really , so this change over is for rag’s ah??
laksh: u both stop it , yaar (he smiles)
swara: laksh!! is that u??
laksh: wt to do for ua sister
swara: oh , stop it tell it’s for ua love.
laksh: there is no one to support me .
rag’s: dev!! (just rag’s was getting down from steps)
rag’s was wearing a flower printed skater dress upto knee n made a side pony n some hair strands are left in front, wrist band n watch n did lite make up and with boots. she is damn coollll!!!!!
laksh is mesmerized by her beauty …..she was checking something in i pad n getting down…….her leg tumbles n laksh holds her ……..they both share a small eye lock with zehnaseeb in bg ……….rag’s composes herself soon
rag’s:(she notices laksh n she is flat for him): WOW! u r looking dashing (she just can’t take off her eyes)
laksh: thank u
rag’s controls her feel
rag’s: gud mrng guys, wt happen why r u standing here.?
swara: just like that .
rag’s excuse swasanlak n grabs dev to a side….
dev: rag’s ???
rag’s: dev , i just need get out of this feeling , please help me .
dev: but
latha calls out for rag’s
rag’s: no but , nothing …coming dadi…..she leaves
swasanlak comes to laksh n ask dev
dev: lucky yaar , just talk to her n compliment her , u are such a dumbo , even after listening to her feel for u , u are still staring her.
laksh: i just get mesmerized seeing her , i try a lot to talk but i fail to do so.
dev: we will meet in ccd today evening , rag’s shud not know abt this .
all agree n leave …………

PRECAP: swasanlakdev in ccd , rag’s comes to laksh n says lucky is my boy friend…………..:-)

please comment guys , let me know is this track is good or not………..plzzzz

Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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