SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-26.


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RECAP: Rag’s in hospital, laksh blames dev n ragdev friendship , laksh upset.

Laksh leaves to his room in tears . in his room he lies on bed n thinks of rag’s n her happiness n decides something n falls asleep. after sometime dev too comes n dozes off , but no one sleeps peacefully that night….

next day morning: rag’s dev n dayal leave to office for a meeting n others gather in hall of MM.

swara: bade dada u take ragini n leave from here.
everyone shocked ………
Dadi(p): wt r u talking shona??
Laksh: swara is right dadi. i can’t see ragini in pain again , she is happy now .
Sumi: but , beta
Laksh: maa i know , it is hard but before few weeks , we don’t even know ragini was alive or not . but now atleast we know that she is happy n in safe hands .
Shekar: laksh u r right ,it is better to stay away from daughter instead of loosing her forever.
all get teary eyed …..
Dadi(L): but u love rago beta.
Laksh: yes , but her happiness is more imp for me n lived with her memories for four years n this time i have many more sweet memories , i will live with the memories .(tears roll down his eyes) . sanskar goes to laksh n hugs him .
just then laksh phone rings . it’s rag’s . he takes the call
Rag’s: hey ,lucky ,come to ccd
Laksh: no , i can’t , i have some work , sorry
he disconnects the call before she says something…..
rag’s call to sanskar
sanskar: lucky it’s rag’s , i think she wanna talk to u
Laksh: bhai please tell her that i am busy , i should ignore her from now itself…
all remain silent as everyone want to see rag’s happy …..dadi dida are crying by remembering recent happy memories with rag’s , swara consoles them but she too cries.
sanskar takes the call
sanskar: yes , rag’s
rag’s:is lucky at home ??
Sanskar: yeah , but he is bu….
she disconnects the call..
swara: wt happened sanskar?
sanskar: she asked is lucky at n i said yes n she disconnected the call ,weird!!
DP: kaka , i will make preparations for your travel…..
Vijay: laksh , u r taking wrong decision
Laksh: no , bade papa , i thought a lot about it , u have take rag’s away from India . after what happened yesterday , i just can’t risk ragini life..
Latha: i know , that u all want to see rago happy but by doing this u will hurt her more .
swara: bade dadi it’s better get hurt now itself , if delay then , we have to face even more hard consequences ..
latha: vijay ji , y are u silent , tell them
Vijay: wait for 5 more min’s . i will talk then.
all remain silent n teary eyed , all remember their moments with rag’s . they are happy as well as sad………..
just then rag’s enter the house shouting lucky……..
all wipe their tears n act to be normal . rag’s see evryone in the hall
Rag’s: oh!! having fun !! , lucky is this the imp work u are doing??
Laksh: no , papa called me down . so i came.
Rag’s: what ever come with me
Laksh: no . i have imp work
Rag’s : i will not leave without u n coming to the imp work of ur’s dev n i will help u .
Laksh: please , i am not the mood
Rag’s grabs his hand n takes him with her by saying “daramebaaz”. just then vijay calls out for rag’s
Rag’s: ha dadu??
vijay: once talk to the manager , about the project . talk right now
Rag’s: okay , lucky i will make a call n come back. (she goes out)
Vijay: have u guys seen , what rag’s did just now . she is very ziddi . if we leave suddenly leave like this , then she will get doubt
Laksh: tell her that u have some meetings abroad
vijay: laksh , u r forgetting that , rag’s is looking all the meetings , she is the one who decides the meetings and she takes care of everything . laksh i can see ….
rag’s: dadu , everything is fine . (smiles) . she grabs laksh hand n takes him with her . (she stops ). sorry guys i forgot swasan come with me please , i only have two hands.
swasan follow rag’s .
outside mm:
rag’s: sanskar u call dev he will inform u , lucky n i will join u later . swasan n raglak leave ……..

Dadu: ragini hum sabki beti hain , even we are worried for us . and i know is happy here with all of u .
all are with empty expression on their faces………

rag’s n dev plan a surprise for laksh ……they gather all his friends of school n clg (laksh friends u know rag’s before are out of station)……..
rag’s takes laksh to a shopping mall
Laksh: i am not interested
Rag’s: please keep quite n do as i say
she selects some dress n asks him to try ……..he goes n comes out , he was wearing blue jeans n white full hand shirt …..rag’s is stunned , her heart skipped a beat to see him like this as before he only used to wear formals….
rag’s: wow! even u are handsome dude
she goes to him n make him wear scarf . laksh is too cool now
Laksh: wt are u doing rag’s??
Rag’s: shhh , follow me
she takes him somewhere n blind folds him
laksh: rag’s ??
rag’s: wt is wrong with , i want the lucky who always fight with for silly reasons , he is too cool
Laksh: crazy!!
Rag’s: at last u r back
she releases her hands n laksh is surprised to see his friends. sanskar comes to laksh n hugs him n tell lucky is back n smiles.
laksh just forgets everything n enjoy from the core with his friends , even dev was present there but laksh doesn’t notice him
it’s evening :
swasanlak are talking n rag’s is sitting on the wall n thinking (she is away , bt they can see her).
laksh see her in deep thoughts n stare at her n smiles . but his smile vanishes by seeing dev who just came to her with an ice cream….laksh just can see them . it’s not audible for him.
laksh: bhai y do this only happen with me?
sanskar: lucky !
Laksh: when she said she loved me , i was blind n now when i realized my true love is ragini , she is going away from me, he gets teary eyed
swara: control ur self laksh…..
rag’s is lost in laksh thoughts
DEV: rag’s!! (he smiles n shakes her) .
Rag’s: ha!!
Dev: thinking about laksh right??(he gives her ice cream)
rag’s: yes(smiles) .
Dev: then why don’t u admit , that u love him?
rag’s: love??. hold on i just feel for him n i don’t even want this feeling to last forever .
dev: this is too much , i can see it clearly that u have fallen for laksh (he tell this in high tone)
rag’s closes his mouth with her hand n start to hit him.
rag’s: have u lost it or wt ??
dev grabs ice cream from her hand n starts to eat they both fight over ice cream n ice cream falls down . rag n dev give a look to each other n burst out laughing ………rag’s was sitting on the wall (wall is short) n dev was standing , he is leaning his back towards wall……(laksh is jealous)
dev: laksh is a good guy , why don’t u tell him abt ua feelings
rag’s: u again started it , just stop it .
dev thinks i should talk to laksh abt this as rag’s will not admit easily
dev: wtever , i am so happy for u as u are feeling for someone , omg!!
rag’s hits him n twists his ears (laksh gets teary eyed seeing all this ) laksh excuses swasan n leaves from there……n join his friends .
they all have fun n all leave

in car dev is driving n laksh is beside him n rag’s is backside as swasan go in other car.
rag’s: why aren’t u talking guys , is everything okay between u
dev: yeah rag’s .
laksh: thanks a lot for surprise .
dev: (hesitantly) :actually , laksh rag’s planned all this
Rag’s: oh! i don’t want to impress lucky .
Dev: rag’s?
Rag’s: then y are u making mahan in front of him, lucky i just said the plan of ur friends reunion , dev gathered all the info ..
Dev: not me
Rag’s: shut it yaar
Laksh: u both don’t start fighting now , thank u both of u for giving me the best moments of my life.
Rag’s: lucky u just be with me i will make everyday of your life the best day.
rag’s phone rings just then she talks on phone. where laksh is surprised for her words n dev is smiling n thinks i will make it come true n that’s my promise to u rag’s.

Maheshwari house :
all are waiting for devraglak……..all three enter home n all are surprised to see laksh so happy n new style.
rag’s: hey guys , confused ah??, he is lucky only.(she smiles)
sanskar: lucky is back .
Adarsh: the flirt , now i have to keep the spare keys of the gate , right laksh?
laksh: yes bhai.

it’s night all go to their respective rooms:
laksh is in swasan room n he is damn jealous but helpless…..knock at the door . sanskar opens the door n find dev.
sanskar: dev?
dev: hey, hi is laksh inside??
sanskar: yeah.
dev: thank god, i wanted to talk to u three ,privately .
sanskar gives way to get in , sanskar closes the door. dev goes to laksh.
dev: laksh?
laksh: dev please , i don’t wanna talk anything with u , u please leave.
dev: once listen to me.
laksh: if u won’t i will leave n i am not interested in any of your talks (in anger tone) . he walks towards the door.
dev: it is about rag’s.
laksh stops n turns
laksh: wt happened is she fine??
dev smiles : i know that u will stop as u hear rag’s name .
laksh: is she fine?
dev: yeah.
laksh : i am leaving (he turns to go , just then dev says)
dev: she loves u .
swasanlak are shocked ….n say what??
dev: slowly guys , yes she loves laksh.
laksh: but , how she loves u
dev: what??
swara: yes !
dev: give me a break !! rag’s loves me , please .
laksh: don’t lie we all can see that
dev: what u all see is wrong , she loves as a friend , thats it. i don’t why people think like this , a girl n a boy never can be friends.
but rag’s is my best friend .
swasanlak are still confused.
dev: come on guys , being of this generation u also think in this way , even i can’t blame u , my dad once asked me n rag’s to get married , that we both laughed like hell. (he remembers the scene n laughs)
laksh: it means u don’t love her
dev: yes
laksh: she don’t love u
dev: no
laksh jumps in excitement n hugs dev n kisses him on cheek n says i love u….
dev: please control laksh , i am not rag’s .
swasandev laugh..
dev: laksh i can see the love for rag’s in ua eyes . but , rag’s is my best friend n i am telling u even after ua marriage ,i will like this with rag’s , u shud not fell jealous as u r feeling from the day i came .
laksh: dev , i just wanted to kill u , but u saved me .
dev: but rag’s is not ready to accept this .
laksh: i am happy that u both are friends , but do she really feel for me.
dev: u r disgusting , she even said to swara that she feels something strange for u
laksh: yes , but she don’t want that feel to last forever na?
dev:we shud make the feeling stronger , we have to make her realize. tomorrow once i will try to convince her , if she denies , i have a plan we will follow it then .
laksh: i am so sorry dev , i mistaken ur friend ship , i am sorry.
dev: it’s okay , but i don’t when this world will know that a boy n a girl can be friends forever . okay guys i have go to rag’s or else she will miss her medicines …laksh u can join me…
all smile …………..devlak leave to rag’s room.

PRECAP: swasan moments n devraglak friendship ……….:-)

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Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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