SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-25.

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RECAP:swasan n rag takes dev phone call……………?

Dev phone rings and rag’s receives the call . dev is shocked………..laksh is curious , thinking what would happen next. as rag’s takes the call but remain silent the person other side talks n rag’s give a suspicious expression ! dev grabs the phone n disconnects the call n is very angry
Rag’s: (laughs ) am so sorry dev! (she is still laughing ) dev gives an angry look..rag’s stops laughing
Rag’s: dev!
Dev: shut up ! just keep quiet . u spoiled everything , idiot.
Rag’s: u are scolding me ? it was ua mistake , better u would have taken more care of the surprise . n n u said idiot ………ah!(disgust expression) ……go to hell!!!!
rag’s leaves , but she stops at door n turns n say “sorry dev , but how can u shout at me?” n leaves in anger.
dev smiles n say rag’s n he makes a call ….
Dev: sasha can’t u keep ur mouth shut until i speak to u in mobile , u just start with saying hello! disgusting, because of u i shouted at rag’s n here i am trying to make u n ansh one(unite) n give surprise to rag’s , u spoiled , rag’s is upset now n don’t u dare to start ur crying drama . i’l call u later. n my sasha baby come soon to India .
he disconnects the call n laksh is confused………..seeing laksh confused
Dev: laksh , u know ansh , i mean vedansh right , he broke with his gf n i was trying to unite them n give surprise to rag’s , but it spoiled .
Laksh: oh! am sorry !
Dev: for what??
Laksh: i could have stopped rag’s from taking the call , but as i don’t know abt ua surprise i didn’t stop her .
Dev: it’a not ua fault , they will be together , but rag’s is upset with me , wt to do know…….think dev (he talks to him self)
laksh is happy that rag’s is upset with dev bt is jealous too ………by seeing dev care for rag’s …..dev gets an idea n he also takes laksh with him…..laksh follows him in confused state ……

Rag’s room:
rag’s is eating chocolates n she is on headphones………devlak enter n surprised n smile by seeing each other ….
dev goes to rag’s
Dev: am sorry my cutie rock star ….please
Rag’s: but u have to make one of my fav dish tomorrow??
Dev: sure , not one but three, i was very rude na??
Rag’s: not at all (she hits his head with her hand)
Dev: this time i was quite rude so i thought u nt forgive so easily , n asked laksh to come with me .
Lakrag: why??
DEv: remember rag’s u said that once laksh scolded u n u didn’t utter a word . so thought he could convince u to forgive me (rag’s is sitting on bed n dev was sitting down)
laksh smiles , devraglak talk a lot n share many things n spend quality time……rag’s falls asleep while talks n dev puts blanket on her n rubs her forehead n say good night my innocent angel n rule ur dream world ……………laksh was happy before but the smile on his face disappears n he feels jealous………..
devlak return to room n doze off.

It’s morning:
dev wakes up early in the morning n gives rest to all ladies n prepare break fast n rag’s fav dishes too…..
everyone comes down to dining table….
DP: ap why aren’t u serving breakfast??
Dev: good morning everyone ………….pray to god as i prepared break fast today .
all laugh n eat . they all praise dev . dayal mathur is proud of his son . dev n dayal take care of rag’s as a child during breakfast (all notice this )
DP: dayal , i don’t know that u r caring too
Dayal: u never leave a chance to tease me dp , rag’s is very special for me , she is more than a daughter for me , if u ask me choose btween my son n rag’s i will choose her.
DP: when we were in clg i used to wonder how a flirt like u ,will face all responsibilities , but i am surprised to see this angle of ur’s .specially the caring one?
Dev: uncle, not only dad , but who ever meet rag’s will just love her , as she is a rock star…(laksh is in fumes)
Rag’s: not only rag’s , it’s swarag’s the rock stars …..
Dev: oh yeah , jai-veeru….right swara??
Swara: (is surprised hw cum dev know ) ye…yes
Dayal: jai- veeru ??
Rag’s: leave it pops ….she hits dev leg
Dev: ouch!!!
Rag’s: are u alright dev??
AP: wt happened beta??
DEv: nothing aunt ………rag’s winks at swara
rag’s: dp uncle , in ua clg days u n da were jai-veeru right??
Dayal: yeah , rag’s , their friendship is fevicol friendship
all laugh ……..rag’s,DP,Dayal n dev talk about dp’ college days n cherish their good memories……

it’s afternoon . dp stays back at home .all are having funn!!!
rag’s comes to sandev
Rag’s: sanskar where is lucky??
Sanskar: i don’t know , he went out after breakfast, maybe on work
Rag’s: can’t he inform n go
Dev: try on his mobile
Rag’s: switched off………
Swara joins them n they talk for while……
rag’s: shit!!!
Dev: wt happened rag’s are u fine??
Rag’s: u idiot , today is saturday , u have to go to temple
Dev: hw could u forget that…
Swasan: temple??
Rag’s: dev goes to temple every sat’s , n i shud remind him….okay we will leave now….
ragdev leave
Swara: hw much they care abt eachother
Sanskar: yeah , but wt about lucky ?? i don’t know where he went
Swara: after the break fast he was disturbed , maybe he want sometime to be alone
Sanskar: hmm…..let’s hope for good ……..(he remembers something) i know where laucky is , i will go n get him
Swara: i will come with u
they both leave…….

devrag go to the temple where ragini pushed swara into the river …….
dev: wow!! wt a beautiful place
Rag’s: feels strange (but ignores) yeah it’s
Dev: u were right rag’s , kolkata is awesome….
they go to temple n offers prays to god n dev see the bridge n grabs rag’s hand n take her near bridge…….
dev is first n rag’s is following him n she is bit disturbed….dev walks n he finds laksh , who is sitting on the bridge n is very disturbed
DEv: laksh???
Laksh(surprised to see dev): dev???
rag’s is back of dev she notices laksh but she is tries remembering something , she sees something in blur vision , all are sad …she is loosing her balance
laksh gets up in surprise to see dev n see rag’s behind him n he see rag’s who was about to fall into river n shouts ….ragini……..by heraing this dev gets alert n both dev -laksh catch rag’s n stop her being fall into river…….just then swara shouts ragini……..she runs to her ……all are teary eyed all asking rag’s to getup …
Sanskar: lets’ take her to hospital n they rush towards car , laksh takes rag’s into his arms ……..they all reach hospital
rag’s is inside doc is checking swasanlakdev are in tears , swara informs to everyone , all come to hospital…….
laksh recalls dadaji words about rag’s memory lose n if we stress , she can die . laksh is damn angry with dev n can’t control anymore ….his face was distorted with rage n he goes to dev n catches his collar n says , why did u bought her to temple , this all is happening becoz of u ,sanskar comes n controls laksh n signs swara to explain dev..sanskar takes laksh to a side….
laksh: y did u stop me bhai , all this is becoz of him
Sanskar: stop it lucky , rag’s bought him to temple , he doesn’t know anything about her past ,control ur self
Laksh: bhai , i can’t leave without rag’s , i love her
sanskar hugs laksh n cosoles him
swara tries to explain dev
swara: don’t mind dev….
Dev: i don’t want any explanation swara , i just want rag’s to be fine..he gets teary eyed
elders reach hospital even gadodia’s , all are tensed……
doc comes out
Doc: she is fine now , nothing to worry her mind was under stress . be careful ,don’t stress her to remember her past ..
Dev: past??
all thank doc…….doc informs u can see her after sometime….
dev is confused but happy to hear rag’s is fine. he goes to sanlak n inform about rag’s . laksh is relieved .

rag’s is still unconscious . all enter room ….
dadi(latha),dida n dadi are sitting beside rag’s bed.
rag’s get conscious n she puts her hands on her eyes n hear all calling ragini.she opens one eye with other closed n surprised to see all staring at her
Rag’s: why are u all staring me??
Dadi(L): u r fine na?
Rag’s: wt happen to me (she gets up) ahh!(she feels some pain in head)
all say ragini………..
Rag’s: i am fine n rag’s guys…..(she remembers wt happen) …yeah i was feeling dizzy when i reached temple n i just don’t remember after tht…
Dadi(p): it’s okay lado
they all leaven doc prescribes some medicines ……

at MM:
it’s evening …..rag’s is normal now n all spend time together , but laksh is in his room……
all take dinner n leave to their rooms ..

rag’s room:
she playing guitar n singing iktara from wake up sid ……just then dev comes to her n sits beside her
Dev: tell me
Rag’s: can u please call swara n lucky , sanskar also , i want to share something with all of u
Dev: okay
he leaves n goes to swasan room n inform them that rag’s want to talk something all of us , she also said laksh but he is angry with me so sanskar u go n get him to rag’s room.
sanskar goes n get laksh .all reach rag’s room . all four are standing at door n see rag’s singing …..all enter..
Rag’s: thank u for coming , sit down ….
dev is sitting beside rag’s on bed , while swasanlak on small stools ….
rag’s: i don’t know why ,what , but when i was at bridge i could see something , it was flashing in my vision , i saw swara in deep pain , even laksh n sanskar , everyone was crying .tears roll down her eyes
Dev wipes them n says : rag’s no u promised me that u will not cry
Rag;s (smiles): yeah , but u dev , i felt like , the reason of their pain is me, it is hurting me a lot .
Swara is teary eyed n hugs rag’s
Swara: rag’s u never did anything wrong
Rag’s: but i still can see ua faces with pain in eyes….i wonder as i didn’t see dadi ,dadu , dev n others . i just saw maheshwari’s n gadodia’s ……..
laksh: rag’s it’s nothing , u just take rest , everything will be alright.
Rag’s: even i hope that , but i just wanted to say u all this , i am still confused ..
Dev: okay rock star , take this medicines first
Rag’s: u never forget , i don’t want to , but i can’t refuse u
Dev: i know that
he gives her medicines n she takes it
Rag’s: u n lucky can only make me eat medicines ……..
Laksh smiles
Rag’s: sorry guys , i disturbed u guys , it’s late u guys go to sleep now n lucky are u alright , u r looking a bit disturbed
Laksh: it’s nothing ….
swasanlak are going out of room
Dev: okay , rag’s u sleep now
Rag’s: dev !!
dev: don’t worry darling i am with u n goes to her …n keeps his hand on her head
laksh gets teary eyed n leaves ,,,swasan also leave
Dev: come on rag’s
Rag’s: i don’t know when , but i started to feel for lucky , i tried to get rid of this feeling but i am not able to do it..(rag’s goes to balcony n dev follows her) .today’s scene it is still flashing in front of my eyes i just can’t forget it , i can’t see them in pain , it is like i have some bond with everyone in this house n swara’s family n coming to lucky , i feel there is an eternal bond between us …..
Dev: so at last rag’s the rock star , started to feel ah?? (TEASING TONE)
rag’s: shut up ! i seems good to be with him , but i also feel to be away from him …….mixed emotions , i am confused n moreover i am telling u this becoz u have to help me get rid of this tupe of feelings for lucky
Dev: i will always there for u
rag’s rests her head on dev shoulder , he pats her head gently …..laksh was seeing all this from outside (he can’t hear) tears roll down from his eyes …….tu jo na kaha plays in bg…

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KIRAN am so sorry for my late reply .u want to know about rag’s memory lose it’s here:
rag’s leaves MM n goes to other place she gets hit by some car n she loses her memory n the accident is done by the vijay singhania who came to india with his wife for doing rituals of his son , dil n grand daughter (ragini) who died before 15 years back ……..by knowing ragini name vijat singhanis remembers his grand daughter n he takes ragini gadodia with him to USA n this is how ragini turned to rag’s n vijay singhania’s son n dp are college mates so they meet again ………………please comment after reading this n tell me if u got the track or not . or else i will give u brief explanation n am so sorry for late reply……………….:-)

Credit to: Akshitha Reddy


  1. ahana

    super ya..
    i like all todays scenes..
    devlak part lucky anger look everything i loved it
    dev is truly bestie of rags. .
    rags fallen for lucky gud.. lucky jealous aswell as sad..

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