SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-24.


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RECAP: dev’s friendly nature with rag’s make laksh jealous.

after having the flan (dessert) prepared by dev all have some fun time n return to their rooms……….
swasan room :
swara changes to her night dress n sanskar is sitting down his back is towards bed n he is working on his lappy ..swara calls sanskar . but he doesn’t reply . she understands is anger n smiles at him n she goes near him n she sits on bed .
Swara: what happened to my hubby , why is he so moody?
Sanskar: swara , please don’t disturb me , i am working
swara thinks he is doing over action but what to i just can’t leave him …..she says ziddi n she rests on bed n she is on her stomach n made her face close to sanskar as his back is leaned to bed ……she says oh my hubby is upset with me , i don’t know what to do ?? sanskar smiles a little . swara continues , she pinches one of his cheek n hits her head with his n say sorry . sanskar says okay ( with a low n moody tone )
Swara: say it louder my dear ………he remains silent n nods his head in rejection . she says u will not listen like this n she starts to shout in his ears continuously sorry……..sorry…….. sorry………..sanskar says …..ahhh stop shouting . she asks him forgive her . he says to forgive u i need a kiss . swara says sure n she bites his ear , he shouts n she says is this enough or u need more. sanskar keeps his lappy a side n say u have to pay for this n gets up .. swara says oh no n she gets out of bed n runs . sanskar follows her she runs here n there n they both end up on bed . she start throwing pillows . he gets grip of her n brings her close , he is about to kiss her but swara makes his shirt up which blocks his face n she gets out of bed n laughs. sanskar gets free n his hair is messed up , he is just irritated n goes to swara n pins her to wall . she is in shock as it was a sudden reaction from him . he says why did u stopped laughing ah ??. she says sanskar leave me . sanskar says i will not from morning u are irritating me n moreove….just then swara is fed up with his talks n kisses him . they share a lip lock for few seconds . after the ll . swara ask him what by making her eye brows up . sanskar smiles n says u always surprise me . she places her hands on sanskar shoulder n says yes i do as i am swara sanskar maheswari . he smiles n hug her . they both share some sweet moments n then doze off.

laksh room:
laksh go to take bath by seeing this dev calls someone n talks , laksh come out he is half naked n tied a towel under his waist n rubbing his head n he see dev talking on phone. he can hear his conversation ( as dev is in balcony, he does not see laksh)
dev : no baby , i promise u , but don’t come India , if rag’s gonna caught us then we are gone , our plan will be spoiled so please, listen to me…..he turns n notices laksh infront of him n disconnects the call n says , hey laksh , i’l go n change now ……..he leaves to washroom ……..laksh see dev suspiciously ,he goes inside, and thinks he is hiding something ……n lost in thoughts . dev comes out n shakes him
Dev: where r u lost laksh, who r u thinking about ?? (dev is in casuals )
Laksh: nothing , i was jus…..
suddenly rag’s opens the door without knocking ( like a storm )
Rag’s: devvv! u are……..(she see laksh in towel) ahhh! (she turns around)
then laksh realizes he is half naked n hits his head
Laksh: can’t u knock the door before entering , don’t u have manners?
rag’s: i am so sorry ! i thought it’s dev room, am so sorry (she goes out of room)
dev (laughs ):she never knock the door of my room n that is why i always lock the door when i go to bath as there is no safety for a man in this world
laksh feels a bit awkward n goes to change n comes ………rag’s knocks the door this time ….
dev : come in rag’s
rag’s enter the room n burst out laughing
Laksh: stop it rag’s (he is embarrassed )
Rag’s: okay okay , am so sorry , i just mistaken it to dev room
Dev: why did u came here?
Rag’s: where is ua mobile?
Dev: why??
Rag’s: what is wrong with u , why are asking me these many questions??
rag’s search for dev mobile n takes it from desk n dev asks her to give it back , meanwhile laksh is thinking why? dev is so worried may be there is something in his phone , it would be better if rag’s knows about his secret ……just then rag’s gets behind laksh n catches his arms n says dev u can’t catch me …….dev phone rings , rag’s takes the call. dev is shocked………………

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PRECAP: rag’s gets to know about dev’s plan……..

Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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