SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-23.


heyy guys thanks a lot for your comments n suggestions …………………………..hesby- rag’s doesnot drink (due to the heavy hiccups n she was scared , wt if guard caught them , she thinks vodka to be water becoz the vodka was in a water bottle ) ……..guys don’t worry about laksh jealously it will lasts for very less time n dev helps laksh , so chill!
coming to rag’s memory naina bunny i will make something like u suggested , it’s cool n thanks a lot n sorry for copying your story line ………;-)…….rag’s will know her past after falling for laksh ……………..enjoy the episode……….

RECAP: SWARAG’s Jai-Veeru bond n dev entry.

Dev: rag’s informed me about all of you , she talks a lot especially about your food aunt (ap) , even i am so eager to taste it.
Ap: sure beta
DP: okay beta i have to leave now , it’s time for office n i will meet u in the evening .
Dev: okay uncle .
elders leave ……swasanlakragdev are at dining table.
Dev: swara she says a lot about u , swaragini the rockstars
Swara smiles ……
Dev: how is your wound rag’s .
Rag’s: it’s fine , howz everyone there are they missing me?
Dev: yes , i missed u like hell , i was all alone , there was no one to irritate me like u do n your pranks , everything …….(laksh is so jealous hearing all this)
Rag’s: ohho! u missed me , hahaha i know , remember what u said u will enjoy a lot n all.
Dev: yeah i did , but what to do , without u there is no fun at all n ansh was also in India .
rAG’S: don’t worry we gonna have a blast ……….just then dadi calls for rag’s n rag’s leaves
Dev: so, lucky rag’s said a lot about u n u both going out
laksh : (fake smile) oh! so she shares everything with u ?
Dev: yeah !
Swara: when did u both met
Dev: four years back , in college . our meeting was an accident rag’s spilled drink on me n after that we found out that we are neighbour’s too , so it started like that, n we are business associates too , so i spend maximum of my time with her .
laksh is damn angry n jealous …
rag’s come to them
Rag’s: come on dev , go n get changed …..
Dev: okay ….
AP: laksh beta take dev to your room as mr & mr.s mathurs are also coming , dev do u have any problem sharing the room with laksh (laksh is like what the hell)
Dev: not at all aunt
Laksh: (controls ) come dev i will show the room
they both proceed ………..
Sanskar: swara , lucky is in grave danger .
Swara: ueah , we need to help him.
sanlakrag stay back at home that day
the gadodia’s also come to MM to invite the maheswari’s to some pooja (they are happy that rag’s is back)
dev changes n come down , he was looking handsome even in casuals …….
Rag’s: dev , (she points at gadodias) i said u na maa n baba (sumi n shekar get teary eyed listening to rag’s)
Dev: yeah , (he takes blessings from all)
Dida: beta tum??
Dev: dida i am dp uncles classmate son n my name is dev
Dida: it suits u as u are handsome
Dadi: hey bengalan he is like ur grandson , don’t flirt with him
Dida: what is happening to u , i will do what ever i want to do..dev beta u don’t go near her
dadi – dida’s fight n dev solves it , everyone likes dev , he mingles with everyone , even swasan are enjoying .but laksh just want to get rid of him.
they all spend good time together n dp returns in the evening………..
dayal mathur (dayal thakur from ek haseena thi ) comes to MM n meets DP
dp is so happy it is like a reunion for him . dayal n rag’s also share a daughter n father bond .
they all spend best moments together n gadodia’s leave ……..all go to their respective rooms …
laksh is restless , he goes to swasan room , all three are damn worried n are not able to plan anything …….then laksh returns to his room n see dev reading novel n thinks ( this idiot have no work , i don’t know why he came into my life). just then rag’s comes to laksh room.
rag’s: lucky , so sorry yaar i forgot to thank u for that khanna’s matter . thank u so much .
Laksh: thats okay( he feels relieved a bit)
Rag’s: dev , how many times should i tell u to not read in dim light , it effects your eyes .
laksh is hurt by seeing rag;s concern for dev.
Dev: sorry rag’s .
Rag’s: hmm. okay guys bye good night .
DEV N LAKSH wish her good night n they doze off but laksh can’t sleep peacefully , he walks all night thinking about dev ……………(poor laksh)
it’s morning :
all get ready for pooja , boys wear a shewani types
swarag get ready together , sanlak are eagerly waiting for them
swara was wearing a long collar anarkali frock with full sleeves of yellow color with work done on it , she made braid n lite make up.
Rag’s was wearing a long anarkali frock of sleeveless with shades of green (lite n lite dark) with work on it , she a bun style but some strands are let out . she too did a lite make up
both swarag are fab………they come down . sanlak are mesmerized with their beauty n stare at them …….just then dev goes to swarag n compliment them for their beauty n take a selfie with swarag n they talk n laugh………………sanlak are jealous.
they all leave to gadodia house . dadi n dida take special care for rag’s . swara was accompanying dev as rag’s requested.
dev gets a call n excuse swara n goes out …..sanlak come to her
Sanskar: i hope u are having fun
Swara (understands n smiles): yeah , he is so sweet .
Sanlak: sweet??
Swara: come on sanskar , rag’s requested me to accompany him n really he is cool !! laksh u need to something.
Sanskar: but how could u talk to him n u were taking selfie’s with him
Swara: sanskar calm down ! he complimented me n rag’s .but u both were just staring at us with open mouths, what would have happened if u have complimented us , but u do always late , laksh leace about sanskar as i love him , but why don’t u impress rag’s u r wasting time . i am warning u he is damn good .
Laksh: u r supporting him ??
Swara: i am not supporting him , i am warning u , u need to flirt with girls to impress them , but dev is not like that , girls go crazy just seeing them , so be careful .
sanskar: even lucky is handsome okay , u don’t scare him now
Swara: it is upto u guys ………..swara leaves……………sanlak are in deep thinking …..
they all enjoy their day……..they to their home ……..

it’s night : swasanraglak are talking and dev excused them as he said to rag’s that he is tired , by hearing this laksh was damn happy!! all four are having funn!! just then dev comes up (they are on terrace ) n closes rag’s eyes
Rag’s: dev!!
Dev: yeah baba, this time u took correct name n please close your eyes don’t open them.
Rag’s: okay.
he brings something (it is closed)
Dev: okay my dear rag’s darling open your eyes now (laksh fumes)
Rag’s opens her eyes n then she opens the lid
Rag’s: WWOOWW!! (it’s her fav mexican dessert flan)
Dev: surprise!!
rAG’S: u are just amazing , it is unexpected , so sweet of u
Dev: anything for u . he then feeds her
Rag’s: it’s delicious ,
Dev: swara y don’t u try , u will love it i assure u …he takes a piece n also feeds her
Swara: hmm.. yummy , i just want other piece, u are an awesome cook
dev: thank u , sanskar n laksh try it guys………..they to try it even they like the dish n praise him
Rag’s: i missed this a lot yaar
Dev: that is why i prepared it specially for u n swara
Swarag: ohh! thank u
DEV: that’s okay beautiful ladies n laughs..
Swara: so u can cook too?
Dev: before i only used to cook maggi , but after i met rag’s i actually became a chef
Swara: after meeting rag’s
Dev: she just loves food , mostly mexican , to give her surprise or when she will be upset with me , i used to cook something special for her n she forgives me . so, in this way i learned many recipes . when she asks me cook something for her i just can;t refuse my cutie rock star .
Rag’s: because of me u became a great chef .
dev: yeah ! swaragdevsan laugh laksh gives a fake smile…….

PRECAP: i will try to end laksh jealously ………….swasan moments.

please comment ……………..:-)

Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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