SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-20

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RECAP: swasan moments and laksh irritating rag’s….

swasan reach their destination…..they go to meet raglak ……………they both are in the garden it’s night laksh was on swing n rag’s was pushing the swing ……swasan are surprised to see them like that……..
Swara: hey rag’s what is happening??
Rag’s: (she is relived by seeing swara) ah! thank u swara (rag’s goes n hug her)
sWara: what happened?
Rag’s: nothing yaar yesterday lucky was upset with me so said what ever u ask me to do i will do it from that moment he is irretating me.
Sanskar: wow ! lucky its awesome even swara promised me the same …
laksh: great bhai now this rock stars will regret for their doings
SWARAG FUME n they leave from their

rag’s: why did u promised ??
Swara: why he was damn angry with me what for the ansh done
Rag’s: yeah i know that is why i said him that u were upset with him so after he comes to you he apologize to u n after that u …
Swara: oh shit !! as soon as sanskar came infront of me i just started apologizing to him
Rag’s: oh god u spoiled everything now they will not leave us after what we have done with them
Swara: okay i didn’t know about your lie so slipped tongue but what happened to u??
Rag’s: he was not speaking to me he scolded me as mistake was mine so i didn’t argue with him n promised him . we both have to drive a very long way i can’t sit silently all the way so i just , but that stupid tortured me …
Swara: now what they will show us hell
Rag’s: don’t worry darling let them do what they want to ……..but night is ours i will not leave lucky today …..as lucky was driving he is so tired n will fall asleep soon i will take my revenge …….
Swara: okay done

they leave to restaurant:
sanskar : heyy rock stars come please sit down
swara: thank u
Waiter comes ………
swara: i would like to have some chi…..
Sanskar: capsicum salad with leafy vegetables
Swara: what ??
Sanskar: yes
Laksh: ragini u will have bitter ground
Rag’s: no way
Laksh: where there is a will there is a way -rock star ( rag’s fumes)
swarag: this is not so fair
Sanskar: really!! comparing to what ever u both did with us this is very less
Laksh: yeah
the waiter leaves n gets the order
swarag look at each other with disgust expression…
laksh: come on ragini eat this bitter ground…….it tastes good
Sanskar: u can also share it with your sister….go on
Rag’s: yuck !! this is not even fried i can’t eat it
laksh: u have to eat it
swarag eat the food actually they both eat leaves n vegetables

sanlak enjoy a lot n taunt the rock stars …….

they all complete their dinner n go to their rooms

Laksh: bhai what happened that night will not repeat here na ?? i am scared
Sanskar: haan lucky even i am thinking about it….don’t worry yaar we not in that place anymore leave it n go to sleep am so tired
SANLAK doze off………

swarag are ready to scare sanlak
swarag enter the room n n grab the blanket once but sanlak does not respond……..rag throws water on their faces . they both get up n sit with a jerk n eye the figures this time there are to figures . the are damn scared they both grab the blanket n put it on themselves …then swarag remove their mask n smirks at them n rag’s start to throw things at them , swara stops her but she also throws things here n there in the room making big sounds .sanlak are just begging them n praying to god ……..after sometime swarag leave this time they wantedly switch off the power n leave …………sanlak suffer a lot

it’s morning swarag get ready they both were wearing same pattern with different colors they are so pretty
they go to sanlak n wake them up . by seeing their condition swarag smile at each other but they get ready n attend the meeting n they succeed ……

all four go to the park side ….there are two girls in the park already…….sanlak think to flirt with them n make swarag jealous they smirk at each other…….laksh: bhai if rag’s feel for me then she will definitely fumes …..
sanskar: good luck lucky …

swarag are standing at the juice counter ……it is in open place so they can see sanlak talking to girls
swara sees sanskar talking to a girl n flirting with her ……..swara fumes
Rag’s: swara what would u like to have there are many flavors
Swara is staring at sanskar……she is jealous
Rag’s: swara (n shakes her )
swara: look at them they are flirting with girls.
rag’s gives a surprised look to swara n turns around n finds sanlak talking to girls n laughing
Rag’s: oh they are having fun leave it
Swara: leave it how can i .. i can’t see sanskar talking to other girls
rag’s: oh jealous ! (she smiles)
Swara : yeah aren’t u jealous?
Rag’s: me??
Swara: yeah even laksh is flirting
Rag’s: so what let him …..
the girl was catching sanskar hand n talking swara fumes n can’t control anymore she goes to sanskar…rag’s tries to stop but she leaves ….she go to sanakar n shout st him
Swara: what the hell u are doing here till morning u taunted me for avoiding you n now u are doing the same n i am better than u i was talking to my friend n look at u where ever u find a girl u start to flirt with her …….
Sanskar: swara listen to me
Swara: go to hell! (she leaves n sanskar smiles n follows her)
laksh is still waiting for rag’s arrival to scold him or the girl but rag’s on other side is having juice ……..she smiles at laksh n says lucky u spoiled my day n having fun . i will not let this happen …..she smirks …she informs the waiter to go to laksh n say that his wife is waiting for him in the garden …..the waiter goes n informs him the girl who laksh was flirting , she scolds laksh like hell she goes of from there by crying…………laksh is confused……rag’s laughs by seeing all this ……..

sanskar follows swara n say i am so sorry swara i was just talking to her to make u jealous …..thats it
Swara:( hits him ) make me jealous i will kill u if talk to any other girl . i swear on that …….she continues to beat him…sanskar kisses on her lips n runs from there swara runs behind him n sanskar stops at point and says i stopped what u will do n he comes near swara ….swara is speechless sanskar comes n hugs her ……they both return to the juice point n see the girl scolding laksh………
sanskar: what happened bhai why was she scolding you??
Laksh: ( he narrates the story) my wife ?? who can do this ??
SSanskar: of course rag’s
THEY ALL see at rag’s n rag’s is enjoying her juice ……..they too are confused
They all go to rag’s
Rag’s: oh! angry young man , what happened it didn’t worked out right?
Laksh: it means u
Rag’s : yes me (she burst out laughing)
Swara: but why rag’s??
Rag’s: he spoiled my day by irritating me ,n he is having fun , how could i leave him
Laksh: you are jealous as i was talking to that girl
Rag’s: jealous my foot!! anyway she is not of your type n don’t worry when u will find a girl of your type i will definitely help u ……..but be thankful this girl didn’t slapped u
Laksh: so mean i will not leave u
Rag’s takes a glass of water n throws at him
Rag’s: cool down lucky ( she runs from there )
laksh runs behind her ………swara smiles seeing this n sanskar smiles seeing swara………………

it’s afternoon :
sanlak come swarag n tell
Sanskar: rock stars we are going to give u surprise
Swara: okay
Laksh : to see that surprise we need to travel few kms from here , we have start now
RAG’s: sure
they all leave in one car rag’s was driving n laksh is in front seat , love birds are enjoying in back seats……….
Laksh: rag’s when we reach the check post i will drive as u don’t know the way
Rag’s: okay
Swara: rag’s what is your opinion on love
laksh is curious to hear her ans
Rag’s: love! it should just happen n it can happen to anyone n sometimes we may fall for enemies also it is just unexpected
Swara: ohh! do u love anyone
Rag’s: no , love that to me it’s impossible
Swara: even i used think like but see now i love sanskar …..
Rag’s: maybe i don’t yaar …..u are trying to me something why don’t u ask directly?
Swara: nothing rag’s just asking u i just wanna know ……..sometimes i imagine when u love someone how it would be ….will u change or not
Rag’s: y to imagine if i gonna love anyone i will go him propose him i will not wait as only boys should propose n all ……

Sanskar: so u go on your knees n propose to luc……life partner
Rag’s: yeah !!!
Laksh n rag’s change their seats………laksh drives all four enjoy n they reach their destination …….
sanskar blind folds swara eyes n laksh blind folds rag’s eyes ……sanlak take them to a wood house it is in the middle of water it’s like an island ………..
sanlak remove the cloth from swarag eyes they both are so surprised they all spend their day in wood house ………..they start in evening……….on their way they visit temple ……they all pray to god they come out ………..some goons are near their car ……sanskar goes to them n ask who they are ??……the goons without speaking a word start to beat sanskar. laksh comes their by running n fight with them……action episode goes on for few minutes, meanwhile rag’s informs police , just swara see a goon with a wood stick in his hand n try to beat sanskar from back ..swara goes n hits him with a stone the goon heads towards swara , rag’s comes n beat him both sisters beat some goons ……a goon takes out knife n heads towards laksh n laksh is busy fighting , rag’s goes to him n hits him he pushes away rag’s n heads towards laksh he was about to stab laksh just then rag’s catches the knife n hurt her self it was a very deep wound it starts to bleed , n rag’s hits his main part he falls down struggling n rag’s looks around n she covers her palms with her scarf as swasanlak are busy in beating goons ,

swara beat the goons with stones , sanskar see this n smiles , just then other goon hits laksh forehead with a rod n laksh forehead starts to bleed by seeing this sanskar shouts laksh , sanskar is very furious n heads towards the goon who hit laksh head but before he hit the goon rag’s breaks his head using a coconut ………swasanlak are stunned n the goon falls on floor , rag’s goes to him n hits him in his stomach saying ” how dare u hit lucky , i will kill u” she search for something to hit him laksh comes to his senses n hold rag’s by her shoulders n asks her to calm down
Rag’s: no i will kill him today , how could he hit u n you are bleeding , leave me lucky
Laksh: calm down it’s just a minor wound please calm down ………..just then police arrive they arrest all the goons n leave…
sanskar: lucky u r bleeding (he gets first aid box from car) , ; sanskar makes laksh sit on the car bonnet n aid his wound swara is standing beside sanskar by giving cotton etc.,n rags was behind swasan …..
rag’s: guys i think we need to go to hospital (with a smile)
Laksh: i got hurt n you are smiling at me .
Rag’s: i am not smiling at u
Swara: u both don’t start it again
Laksh: rag’s its just a minor one so there is no need to go to hospital
Rag’s: that one is minor but this is major ( she unwraps the scarf from her palm)
laksh see rag’s palms bleeding n laksh shouts ragini , swasan suddenly turn to rag’s n see her palms they are bleeding
Swara: ragini what happened?
Rag’s: rag’s …first take me to hospital its paining n i lost more blood before i faint plese take me to hospital…..they all rush to hospital n on the way swara aids her n gets teary eye
rag’s: don’t cry swara , nothing will happen to me , it is just a wound but a deep one , so chill! (rag’s smiles)
swara hugs rag’s (swaragini plays in bg)
they reach hospital doc cleans her wound …..
Doc: it is very deep one so please be careful
Rag’s: i will try doc n smiles.
doc smiles at her n inform swasanlak to take care of rag’s he leaves swara hugs rag’s n asks what happened?
Rag’s: a goon tried to stab lucky i tried to stop him but that bastard pushed me he was about to stab , so i just caught the knife to stop him n i got hurt he still tried to take knife from my hands that is the reason i got a deep one , ( she laughs ) guess what i his main part ……..
ALL smile

swara: then why didn’t u informed us at that time
Rag’s: if i would do that , u all would got distracted n the goons get a chance to hit all of us so i just covered it with my scarf…..i don’t know how to get rid of this blood stains from my scarf………( she makes a sad face)
Laksh: ah really !u are so stupid u are feeling bad for your scarf instead of your hands ….
Rag’s: u r a stupid !! what the hell u were doing when that goon hit u ,you were staring at him as he is your old friend instead of hitting him back
Laksh: i got hurt so that is why i stopped
Swara: but rag’s u broke his head
Rag’s: i would have killed him but lucky stopped me
Laksh: but why would u kill him
Rag’s: are u mad! he was hitting u n i have say him haan bhaisaab aur maaro isko shayaad isme thodi akal ajaaye right?
Laksh: no like that but i was stunned after seeing your actions ,.
Sanskar: seriously we three were standing with our mouths open it was unexpected rag’s
Rag’s: what do u guys think about me i am rag’s the rock star always beyond expectations ……( she laughs )
swasanlak smile seeing the way she describes her self

sanskar:but rag’s who were they ??
Rag’s: mr. khanna sent them for me n am so sorry lucky this all is because of me n i will not leave khanna …..

PRECAP: swasan raglak reach kolkata………..dev entry

hope u like it thanks for your comments n the ones who are commenting for first time thanks a lot………silent readers if u don’t like the track or something in ff please let me know i will try to change n the ones who comment frequently u guys also comment n let me know ………please my dear readers …………..enjoy ……..:-)

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