SWARAGINI A NEW START……….(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-2


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previous episode : swara’s confession , ragini leaves her home…..

Screen freeze’s on ragini’s face . swara calls out ragini’s name and cries. DP suggest sanskar to take out swara for a drive because she is the one who is hurted more. sanskar takes swara out. after few minutes laksh realizes that the swara and sanskar are heading towards the car in which the bomb is planted and it blasts as you unlock the door. laksh runs out he shouts sanskar n run towards garden . he see swasan are heading towards the car he runs as fast as he can sanskar opens the door and laksh shout’s bhaiii…… (CHILL GUYS NOTHING HAPPENS). sanskar turns around and looks at laksh asks what happen? laksh who is in a complete confusion means a big shock but happy does not reply . sanskar shake’s him n ask r u fine laksh. laksh with teary eyed hug’s him and say’s luky bhai and i am sorry. laksh leave’s.
Laksh reach his room he is in a complete dilemma sit’s on bed and recollect the recent incident’s and cries. Annapurna comes to laksh sit beside him n puts her hand on laksh shoulder and asks are u alright laksh? laksh hugs her cry like a baby . AP consoles him and tells that maybe every one deserve a second chance who are genuine and tells lets talk about this tomorrow u take rest now and leaves. laksh opens his cupboard and takes out a t-shirt a paper falls down . he picks it up n start’s reading the letter says “Laksh please forgive me yesterday night when u said me about the plan and went to sleep but, i couldn’t sleep i started to realize my mistake . please laksh don’t harm sanskar my sister cannot leave without him i can’t she her more in pain . laksh just think once what u are doing , is it right or not? u are doing same to get swara what i did to get u. your hurting your own brother . is swara’s more than ur brother’s life whom u knw since ua childhood? The car blast thing i removed the bomb from the car with help of few men n promise me that u will not tell to anyone about this car blast nt even to sanskar and u will forget this it. before doing anything just think once plz n i am going laksh i am so sorry i hurt u a lot am so sorry please forgive me…..miss u……… I LOVE YOU LAKSH. ———With Love:RAGINI.
Laksh who is shattered after reading the letter goes to balcony and sits on floor and stares at moon with teary eyed and thinks of ragini words..

Sanskar does not speak a word as he know swara is shattered. he stops the car near a hill top where the entire city can be sited. he gets down and opens swara’s door and ask her to get down she does not respond. sanskar holds her hand n takes her out of the car . they sit on a bench near . sanskar gives her water bottle . she drinks water and gets up and looks at the city lights tears roll down . sanskar remains silent. swara says how ragini could leave like this , she thinks that if she leaves everything will be fine here she so stupid and cries . sanskar consoles her. they pass some time there n they leave and they reach home swara goes directly to her room n dozes off. DP, AP , SUJATA, RAM ,ADARSH , PARINEETA AND SANSKAR meet in dining hall. DP says ragini is our responsibilty what will we tell to gadodia’s but this time she is correct she was brave enough. ap says yes even laksh realized that he was rude towards swara . sujata says” ha jiji this girl made me realize tht i was mean to swara now i accept her heartly as my sons happiness is swara”. adarsh says” ha papa swara confessed her love for sanskar “. parineeta says” but where she can go . without informing anyone”. AP says ” before leaving in the morning she took my blessings but i didn’t blessed her . i hope she is safe”. DP to adarsh beta adarsh did u inform police to keep this matter as confidential. adarsh ” ha papa i spoke with dgp and requested him” fine thn go to ua rooms n take rest we will talk tomorrow on this.
sanskar reach his room he sees swara sleeping n remember her confession and feels extremely happy and goes guest room and sleeps . where laksh is still on the floor and thinks how much ragini loved him and thinks she placed me over her family the way she choose was wrong but her love is true . she got blind and did mistakes even i was about to do biggest mistake but she made me realized what was i about to do . he then decides “I Will find u ragini and i will wait for u for my lifetime as u are the who loved me to an extreme extent “.

PRECAP:swasan moments and laksh’s trails to find out ragini.

Credit to: akshitha

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