SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-19.


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Coming to the track………………

RECAP: Ansh birthday celebrations and sanlak thank ansh and raglak leave whereas swasan stay back…

RagLak :
they both are in car….

Laksh is super happy but acts as if he is so angry
Rag’s: what is wrong with u lucky??
laksh is still silent……
just then rag’s phone rings………it’s sanskar…..
phone conversation:
rag’s: yes sanskar?
Sanskar: rag’s why should i apologize to swara , she ignored me completely when ansh was there she is the one who should apologize….not me
Rag’s: yes sanskar you are right but u know about girls they never accept their mistake so egoistic even boys are but girls are a bit more n being swara’s better half u should know about her very well….right?
Sanskar: yeah u r right but am confused she is upset with me but why??
Rag’s: calm down sanskar just listen to me go to swara n talk to her everything will be fine.
Sanskar: okay bye.
Rag’s: bye……
call disconnected…..
Rag’s: actually lucky i lied to sanskar that swara is upset with him
Laksh: what??
Rag’s:swara is guilt for what she have done i mean by avoiding sanskar but she was helpless ansh asked her to avoid sanskar for one day he begged her for avoiding sanskar so there was no other option for her ..
Laksh: so what swara avoided him n u both are playing another drama that she is upset with bhai…
Rag’s: no no swara doesn’t know about it
Laksh: tell me clearly
Rag’s: i was worried for swara she is like my sister she was crying for giving pain to sanskar . n as far as i know sanskar will go to swara n says that she avoided him n all the things happened before by this swara gets more pain . i also know sanskar loves her but as for now he is angry with swara so i said that she is upset so sanskar goes n console her n their conversation will be under control…if i would have not lied then u know both of them they both start to argue n mess up ……n spoil their evening…
Laksh: yes you are right
Rag’S: Thank god atlast u spoke with me
Laksh: not really?
rag’s: but why lucky what did i do??
Laksh: what did u do???(he stops the car he speaks in serious tone)…….from last ten min i am ignoring u n u are restless why am i doing this ….but from yesterday u were not talking to me u completely ignored me . u even know how was it like . it was like hell for me …..n moreover you were talking to ansh as it’s been ages u haven’t met him…u even don’t know wht was i going through….i just can’t see u with someone else…….(he stops n ) i mean being my friend u were avoiding me ….
Rag’s is staring at laksh and she is frightened………..and laksh continues i am talking to you are u listening to me or not…..(he is very angry)
Rag’s: am sorry ( a tear roll down her cheek )
Laksh repents: don’t cry rag’s am sorry
Rag’s: i am not crying
Laksh (smiles n wipes the tear with his finger n shows her n ask): then what is this??
Rag’s: till today no one scolded me like u did i was frightened ( she takes a deep breath ) i know i did mistake n i am sorry for that …i didn’t mean hurt you
Laksh: u know something , u are so innocent ….
Rag’s smiles n hits laksh n says ” stupid u made me cry”
Laksh: i am sorry for that but i am still upset with u
Rag’s: i sorry okay ask anything what ever u ask me i will do it
Laksh: promise?
Rag’s: yeah but first start the car
laksh nods ……
Laksh: okay then ragini from now u have to whatever i ask u to do
Rag’s: u stu…..
Laksh: u promised me
Rag’s: yes i remember ( she is irked)

receptionist informs sanskar that swara is in lobby .sanskar in confusion state goes to swara ………swara is eagerly waiting for sanskar n she is guilt for what she had done n is nervous…..sanskar comes to the lobby n calls swara…swara comes to sanskar n give him a bouquet of red roses n apologize to him. sanskar is surprised he remembers rag’s telling him swara is upset with him……swara shkes him n ask i am so sorry sanskar i know i avoided u all the day n i even know are so angry with me please talk to me……..sanskar understands that rag’s lied to him n he says even after knowing that i can’t stay with u , u avoided me , how could u do that to me …….am so sorry sanskar i thought u would understand me.
Sanskar: understand?? well now mistake is mine for not undestanding u for avoiding me for your friend right?
Swara: no sanskar . i know mistake is mine because of that brainless ansh all this happened . i am so sorry for what i have done n i will do whatever u say me to do..
Sanskar: are u sure?
Sanskar: then never ever avoid me i just can’t live without you i will di……
swara shuts his mouth n says no sanskar don’t talk like that i will never hurt it’s a promise n hugs him. he also hugs her back…….swara cries n says sorry to sanskar. he says calm down swara please i can’t see u crying please shona baby don’t cry .. she smiles…..
just then receptionist comes there and says ” sir , rag’s mam said to give u this flowers n keys”….sanskar takes them ,the receptionist leaves……
there is card in which it is written as ” heyy love birds sorry for disturbing u have funn……:-)”….both swasan proceed to the room …..swara blushes seeing it because it is honey moon suite…….swasan go inside…..the room is decorated with red roses n candles ,on the bed their was a heart shape with rose petals ……sanskar was standing behind swara . he comes there n hugs her from back n kisses on her cheek .swara blushes . he then says omg the rock star is blushing .she says stop teasing me sanskar n was about go away from him but he pulls her towards him they both share an eye lock (zehnaseeb plays in back ground…) sanskar slowly kisses her soft lips swara places her hands over his shoulders n he moves his hands over her bare skin ( she was wearing a sari ) his movement of hands gives goosebumps over her body they both share a very intense lip lock for a very long time…..after that they separate swara’s cheeks turns pink she tuns around .he pulls her back by catching her waist. swara’s back is touching sanskar’s front. he slowly removes her from her neck n kiss her on neck n ears n her back he takes her into his arms n place her on bed again they share a passionate lip lock he then caress her neck and so on……….continues…………….


laksh: so ragini from now u will not give any punishments to me or bhai for the car race n frabbe competition
Rag’s: but………okay (she says with glowering expression)
Laksh: say it with a smile (he orders)
Rag’s(annoyed): okay laksh ( with a fake smile)……..
Laksh: ragini praise me and call me lucky
Rag’s: what??
Laksh: can’t you hear me praise me
Rag’s: Ufff! (she controls herself) you are so handsome lucky…
Laksh: i know that …….why did u stopped go on( he smirks )
Rag’s: i will you are so hot , you are great , every girl dreams for a guy n that is you
Laksh: not bad ragini i didn’t know that u think like this for me please don’t take any advantage of me as i am alone please….
Rag’s: what the hell!! why the hell on this earth i will take your advantage???
Laksh: just now u said that i am great n all that so i was scared ….
Rag’s fumes n says go to hell!!! and sits quietly by folding her hands n she is so angry…..laksh stares her and thinks ” u look so cute in anger , i wish i could tell u about my feelings”…..he stares her continuously n does not see the vehicle coming from front . rag’s notices the vehicle n turns the steering suddenly .laksh jerks
Rag’s: r u sleeping or what ??
Laksh: am sorry n why u stopped praising me please continue miss rock star……
Rag’s: she fumes n says in anger tone : every other who see u will fall for u n ….
Laksh: will u??
Rag’s: why i would ?? remember once u said that i am not a girl ….
Laksh: laughs n says yeah ……
all their way laksh keeps on irritating rag’s n rag’s bears everything …..

It’s Morning:
laksh was driving all night rag’s accompanied him but fall asleep …….they reach their destination laksh opens windows n strechs his arms n yawns….he then eyes rag’s who was sleeping peacefully but her hair on her face were disturbing her sleep , laksh smiles n caress her hair n says love u …. he stares at her just then rag’s opens her eyes n finds laksh staring at her she is surprised n waves hand in front of his face but he does not respond . she shakes him he comes to his senses
Rag’s: what r u staring at ??
Laksh: don’t imagine more i was not staring at u there was a mosquito on your face i was trying to save its life
Rag’s is so irritated n hits him n gets down the car .laksh smiles n thinks your beauty increases even more when u get angry n i love it …… they both go to hotel n get ready…


they both are covered under blanket n they are in each others arms . swara wakes up n goes to take bath…………..sanskar follows her to bath room …….swara says sanskar what are u doing here go out.he replies no i wont .he turns on the shower . water falls on swara he goes near her she moves back n hits the wall he goes near her n removes hair from her face n kisses on her forehead he then opens his arms wide swara smiles n hugs him .they both take bathe for very long time . they both come out . swara is rubbing sanskar’s hair with towel then he pulls her they both fall on bed n share an eye lock……. after sometime swara hits him n says stop iy sanskar he gives naughty smile n hugs her …just then swara phone rings .he says who the hell invented this mobile . she smiles n goes to the desk n it’s rag’s. swara takes the call n speaks to rag’s . sanskar comes to swara n caress her face with his lips . swara aviods him but he does not stop it ….rag’s tell them to start soon as they have to attend meeting n disconnects the call. swara says to sanskar are u mad i was on phone . he is still kissing her n says so what i will do what ever i want n u will not stop me as u said that u will do what ever i say to u.swara pushes him back n say okay i will do but first we need to start so get ready ……..they leave …….on their way sanskar also irritates swara ……

PRECAP: sanlak continue to irritate swarag in all ways possible……..;-)

i am trying my best to update soon n hope u like it because i can’t write the romantic part that perfectly so sorry if it is not that romantic……………please comment guys……….neha thanks a bunch for your first comment on ff n sonu i was busy with shopping stuff but i promise to update another part as soon as possible n thank u soo much ………:-)

Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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