SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-18.

sravya , sam , ahana , meera , hayathi , esha , Mary , mary , sri , pooja , priya , surbhi , abhi , naina bunny –thanks a lot for your comment’s n suggestions…………………sorry if missed anyone……
sam , Mary , hayathi n sri don’t worry ,, sanlak —- rockstars se kuch kam nahi hain ……….even they will tease swarag…
Sorry priya i can’t make rag’s proposed to ansh…sorry yaar, RAGLAK rock together…….i just love their pair ……..so sorry priya….

Guys ansh is straight forward n open minded he is still crazy for swara but he also know that swara treats him like a friend n he accepts that too. so he moved on n he had a GF her name is Sasha…ansh informs sasha that he is crazy for swara still, but swara treats him as friend ,, and sasha accepted it so ansh – sasha were in relation. Both sasha n ansh were so happy together…, but due to some misunderstanding sasha used to accuse ansh n fight with him but ansh was so patient n solved the issues. but, one fine day as usual sasha started to fight with ansh n she crossed all her limits n she also accused swara , ansh who can’t bear anymore of her nonsense , he broke his relation with sasha but he still loves her…………..Rag’s is common friend of sasha n ansh ………rag’s was away from the city due to some meetings when all this happened( sasha n ansh issues)…. she tried to convince ansh but he was broken as he loved sasha from the core of his heart but sasha accused him for betraying her ( means her so called friends brainwashed her by saying ansh still loves his first love (swara) he is just playing with you as he want to pass his time in this busy city n all some nonsense )…………….
Rag’s talks to sasha n explains her . sasha who realized her big mistake apologize to ansh but he does not accept her rag’s always asks ansh to accept sasha but he denies……ansh broke with sasha 6 months back ………..she is still waiting for ansh forgiveness but ansh believes that trust is important in any relation so he denies her…..but loves her still…….guyss here crazy means ansh likes swara to an extreme extent n can do anything for her happiness it is not love it is something above friendship and before love…….

Abhi & Naina bunny : rag’s is single she don’t have bf………………coming to D……..his entry will happen soon his name is DEV ( Imagine Karan Wahi from dil mil gayye season 2 he was Dr. Siddhant Modi.) …………His entry will make laksh jealous …………..Dev is rag’s bestieee she shares everything with him so she is so close to him …..they both are icon for the word friendship……
Rag’s started to feel for laksh but she will not admit it so soon as she is very stubborn (ziddi) ……..

Hope your doubts got cleared …………….let’s go to story……….

Dinner Time: ( its a round table the order is san-lak-rag’s-ansh-swara )

Waiter: order please??
sanlak: butter naan and butter paneer ..
Swara: i would like to have ……
Ansh: Chinese right teddy??
Swara: yes …
Ansh : one chicken sausage platter n prawns for Rag’s.
Rag’s: yes ..
SwaRag: wait now we will order for u .
Ansh: sure
Swarag: tangdi kabab n dum biryani..
ANSH: definitely
waiter leaves…..( all the while sanlak are so jealous)
Swara: so sweet of u ansh u still remember that i love Chinese.
Ansh: how can i forget yaar i used to cook it for u n dida ..
Swara: yeah
Ansh: i completely forgot howzz dida n aunty .i miss them a lot
Swara: they are fabulous
Rag’s: ansh u used tell me about swara , dida n aunty but u never said anything about others??
Ansh: others?? i said u na it was only the three teddy dida n aunt
Rag’s: then what about uncle dadi n dada??
Ansh: rag’s what is wrong with u
swasanlak get tensed ……………..
Laksh: ragini why u always irritate others…..
Rag’s: lucky it’s rag’s i will kick u next time …..n am not irritating anyone okay
Laksh: u are
Rag’s: no i am not n u are irritating me
Laksh: mee? it’s u
Rag’s: u
Laksh: u………an……
rAG’S: U U U U U …………
Ansh: oh oh stop it rag’s ….
Rag’s: u are supporting lucky …..ansh u r my friend
Ansh: yes rag’s i am your friend but laksh is right so i am supporting him ..
Rag’s: ahhh!!! u dog ( she hits ansh)
the waiter gets order they all enjoy except sanlak they just have a fake smile on their faces since morning………

all leave to their rooms sanlak in one room n swarag in other n ansh in another….

SanLak Room :
sanskar: lucky i just want to kill him
Laksh: bhai control yourself….
Sanskar: no lucky i am fed up can’t u see how he was behaving with swara . i can’t see swara with him
Laksh: what do u think that i am very happy to see ragini with him or wht
Sanskar: we have to do something yaar ……he is doing too much
Laksh: yes bhai he was like ( laksh imitates ansh) hey rag’s please help me …….heyy teddy
Sanskar laughs …….
knock at door…sanskar opens it
swarag on the door:
sanskar : what a pleasant surprise . where is your friend how could leave him alone go to him i think u missed your way …(in serous tone)
Rag’s: what’s wrong with u sanskar
Sanskar: what’s wrong with me u ar……..
Lucky: hii guys what r u doing here ?? ( the sighs sanskar to keep quiet)
Swara: actually tomorrow is ansh birthday so we planned to give him surprise
Laksh: oh !! we will come
Rag’s: lucky but we have to get cake the bakery is 3km from here the delivery boy met with an accident in the evening so we have to get cake (she is a bit worried)
Laksh: okay bhai n i will go n get it don’t worry rag’s( sanskar is surprised for laksh response)
Rag’s: thank u lucky it would be better u go fast as it’s already 11:30.
laksh takes the car keys n takes sanskar from there ( sanskar stares at swara with anger )
sanlak leave
Sanskar : lucky have u gone mad or what HOW CAN WE get cake for him
Laksh: sorry bhai rag’s was so worried i can’t see her like that so said that we will get it
Sanskar: vey good now we will get cake n they will enjoy n we will dance for them to then rag’s n swara will be more happy okay
Laksh: please bhai for me please
Sanskar: we don’t have other option now come let’s go
Laksh: thank u bhai

sanlak get cake laksanswarag decorate the lobby with balloons n ribbons …………
It’s 12 so all four go to ansh room
sanskar was about to knock the door
Swara: no sanskar don’t knock the door
Sanskar: then how we will wake him up?
Rag’s: we should give him surprise guys n we will open the door with duplicate key..
Swara: yes
they slowly open the door all four enter the room
Ansh was on bed with a pillow in his hands
Swara: he still have the habit of sleeping with a pillow in his hands ?
Rag’s: yeah
sanlak are thinking like what the hell is happening with us
swara says to sanlak
swara: guys in collage he used to get pillow in his bag as he always used to sleep in class . he just love his pillow
rag’s: shhhhh!
rag’s goes to bed n pulls the blanket slowly to disturb ansh ..ansh grabs his blanket upwards . rag’s again pulls it down ansh opens his eyes swarag shout loudly “happy birthday”
Ansh: (is surprised ) u remember..
SWARAG: how can we forget …
Ansh: thank u guys
swarag take him to the lobby sanlak follow them
ansh cuts the cake swarag put cake in his mouth n ansh puts cake on swara nose . swarag together put cake on his cheeks .sanlak wishes ansh…swarag give gift to ansh…n say many more happy returns of the day…..
Ansh: thank u guys thanks a lot he gets emotional a bit
swarag: awww!! such an innocent man …ansh smiles swaragansh hug …………..sanakar is damn angry he leaves lkash tries to stop him but fails to do so………ansh notices this but stays calm …. they enjoy for sometime n all go to their respective rooms n dozes off.
sanskar is not able sleep he gets night mares n he is so dejected……laksh also ……

It’a morning . sanlak come to lobby where already swaragansh are talking ….
rag’s: good morning guys ….
Laksh: good morning
Rag’s: we will leave in the afternoon as we arranged a small party for ansh
they all get ready for party
swara wears a red full length gown with a golden belt at waist with accessories n left her hair open she was hot
rag’s wears a black cocktail dress upto knees n braided her hair with make up she was superb….
sanskar was wearing a blue jeans , white shirt with blazer
Laksh was wearing formals
Ansh was wearing suit black one …..
sanlak get mesmerized seeing swarag they just stare them continuously .swarg come to sanlak but just then ansh comes there n says
Ansh: WOW! U BOTH ARE LOOKING SO Pretty ……..
swarag: thank u
sanlak are irked
they go to seminar where the party is held . there are already some people most of them were business associates……..there is also music been played
swaragansh enjoy the party where sanlak are standing at corner n watching everything………ansh asks for swara to dance with him she does then ansh takes rags also the three dance on the dance floor …then rag’s goes out to attend call then ansh n swara dance ( not romantically ) but with intense ……sanskar gets teary eyed he goes out of the seminar hall ..rag’s see sanskar going outside n calls for him but he does not reply n goes away……rag’s come inside n tell laksh that sanskar went outside n aks him is everything fine…
laksh says yeah n he also goes out in search for sanskar….
in garden:
laksh: bhai
sanskar: lucky please go away i want to spend sometime alone
Laksh: please bhai
Sanskar: why is this happening to me lucky i love swara a lot but it seems like she is going away from me
laksh tries to console sanskar but fails …sanskar cries like a small boy n says i love swara a lot i can’t see her with anyone ….n hugs lucky….
ansh overhears their conversation n smiles……….

It’s evening the party is done all the associates left . swaraglaksanansh are ready to leave

they all come down .everything is ready to leave …
sanlak come outside n wait near car………sanskar is so sad…..
just then ansh comes to them
Ansh: hi guys . we met yesterday but we didn’t spoke properly with each other
Laksh: ansh please leave us
Ansh: come on guys
Sanskar: lucky tell him to leave from here or else i don’t know wht i will do with him…..i just can’t take in anymore
Ansh: sanskar calm down . i don’t love swara n i don’t have any intention to take her away from u
Sanskar: what? (confused)
Ansh: yes ! i know that swara is your wife n i know everything about your marriage swara said to me i just can’t believe what she said to me. i know u hate me like hell . i am just crazy for teddy i don’t love her
Sanskar: what do u mean u are crazy for her??
Ansh: i used to live with my grand mom my parents are dead . even my grand mom left me when i was in +12.after that i was in depression i was like robot then swara my teddy came to life she was with me she introduced me to her family n i got a family. i used to stay in room n work for part time . she was there for me all while she cared for me like mother she is everything for me our relation have no name but all i can say is she is more than a friend to me but less than a lover …………swara too loves u . u thought that we were talking about our college things right but not she was talking about u all the while ……..sanskar was like that like this , he hates that , he loves this OMG!! sanskar u both are just two people with one soul…..it’s amazing….i am happy for my teddy a lot…….
sanskar gets teary eyed…….he thinks of swara
Laksh: when did u know before why didn’t u informed us
Ansh: come on laksh how can i tell u . i met swara after a very long time i need to know about her love , does he care for her or not??? right sanskar??
Sanskar: thank u
sanskar hugs ansh……..laksh smiles(but is tensed if he don’t love swara then what about rag’s)
laksh: ansh is rag’s also your friend??
sanskar smiles
ansh: hmm……….i should think over that
laksh gets worried….
ansh: cool laksh she is just my friend
Laksh: really?
ANsh: yes really if u doubt me u can ask rag’s about my gf.
Laksh: thanks yaar
Ansh: laksh rag’s is very tough to deal she is very stubborn . i can see the spark in her eyes n smile on face when she talks about you……..she started to feel for u but you have to make effort she is not a random girl , she is not ragini she is Rag’s the rockstar………
Laksh: yeah…
Ansh: but u can take help from d……….
sanskar: shhhhhh! (sanskar see rag’s coming down )
rag’s: heyy guys
Ansh: okay rag’s i will leave now
Rag’s: okay tc
Sanskar: aren’t you coming with us
Ansh: nope
Laksh: but yesterday u said u were coming with us
Ansh: to see your reaction
Rag’s: ansh …..i..think…i mean u should
Ansh: rag’s it’s my birthday please don’t spoil it
Rag’s: i was saying u should visit kolkata once
Ansh: really
Rag’s: yes
Ansh: any how i have to visist kolkata after the meeting in kashmir
Rag’s: okay see u soon bye ..
Ansh: bye have fun guys
Sanskar: where is swara ??
Ansh: i already informed her i will leave now byeee…..
ansh leaves……….
sanskar: now will u call your sister as we have to go.. it’s being late…….
Rag’s: actually lucky n i are leaving today.
Sanskar: what??
Rag’s: as far as i know u both should spend some time together . after what happened
Sanskar: what happened?
Rag’s: oh god i know everything n swara also knows everything n she is very disappointed with u as u thought she will leave u n go away..
Sanskar: no i can;t go infront of her she will kill me….
Rag’s: don’t worry sanskar my sister is not so cruel . we will leave now u both join us tomorrow morning …….okay
Laksh is so happy ……
Sanskar: okay……bye rag’s n sanskar hugs laksh n says all the best bhai .

rag’s n laksh leave ……………..sanskar goes inside …………

hope u guys like it………..please comment…………:-)

yes aditi my mother tongue is Telugu , but how do u know about it????

priya once again am so sorry n i hope u like this track……please comment…..

silent readers hope u are enjoying it……….vivi thanks a lot for you comment i hope u like the 17 n 18 episodes …..u were so excited for sanskar getting jealous i just hope i reached your expectations if i don’t am so sorry for disappointing you…..:-)

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