SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-17.


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RECAP : SwaRag become ghosts n scare SanLak………….;-) & Ansh ( Vedansh ) entry………

Rag’s: she is my sister
swasanlak are shocked………..( for a second they thought ragini is back)
Ansh: oh god u never change . i know u the only daughter of karthik n kavya singhania is u .so please miss ragini singhania can u tell me how do u know teddy i mean swara…?
Just then someone comes n tell that the dealers have arrived ……so they all go attend meeting as usual rag’s rocked in the meeting …….but sanskar was unable to concentrate as ansh was satring at swara continuously n ansh by his funny behaviour makes swara smile with this sanskar fumes ……..but rag’s covers sanskar part too in the meeting . the meeting is done and the dealers leave . rag’s comes to sanskar
Rag’s: sanskar are u alright ?? u look disturbed better take some rest
Laksh: yes bhai….u should tak….
just then ansh comes there he excuses them n catches rag’s hand and take her with him laksh is irked
Laksh: bhai he is doing too much
Sanskar: because of him i was not able to concentrate on meeting
Swara , Rag’s n ansh are laughing
sanlak are in fumes seeing them
Laksh: bhai if we stand here nothing gonna happen it’s better if go there
Sanskar: yes lucky
Rag’s calls out for sanlak………sanlak join them…they all go to garden…
Ansh: teddy do u remember the park scene??
Swara: yeah that was a humorous scene n it’s unforgettable
Ansh: rag’s i said u once about it remember a guy used to follow teddy everyday n where ever she goes n she informed me once
Rag’s: n u planned to teach him a lesson n said swara to come to the park so he will come there too n u made him to eat salty ice cream n applied fevicol to his seat n u tortured him like hell right??
swaanshrag burst out laughing……………..sanlak are annoyed………..
Sanskar: ansh how do u know rag’s?
Ansh: after my completion of ms i cracked interview in the singhania group of companies n from the first day itself we became friends ..
Rag’s: yeah but he never hang out with us at night time as …
Ansh: rag’s don’t start it again ……….
Swara: but rag’s how do u know about the college incidents??
Rag’s: don’t ask me ……..whenever i used to go to his room he always says my teddy is like that , my teddy is like this n what not ….u will not believe but he also told the top secret of yours
Ansh: shut up rag’s!! i didn’t said anything teddy .
Swara: rag’s tell me truth do u really know it
Rag’s: it was winter ( ansh comes to rag’s n tries to close her mouth but rag’s run from there ) (by seeing this laksh is so jealous) n it was Friday that day n u were wearing black jeans with red kurthi n…….i hope u believe now………………ansh u are gone now hahahahhahahaaaaaaaa
Ansh: rag’s i will not leave u i will tell to d……(swara interrupts)
Swara: chaplin i will kill u today…………….she runs behind him ( in between rag’s gives swara a stick)
Ansh: rag’s please save me now u can only save me please ( he is still running) ask what ever u want n i promise to give u
Rag’s: pakka
Ansh: haa meri maa teddy ko rokhlo yaar…..please..
rag’s stops swara
Swara: rag’s leave me i will kill him . this idiot shared my secret . Chaplin i will not leave u .
Rag’s: come on swara u said that i am your sister na then don’t u share secrets with your sister or what
Swara: i do share but this fellow shared it before hand
Rag’s: don’t worry swara your secret is safe with me n ansh ….please trust me n i will not share this with others please
Swara( calms down): okay …(she throws the stick at ansh)
Ansh: ouch! thank u rag’s
Rag’s: u promised me
Ansh: yes i remember ask what do u want
Rag’s: please anshuuu u are my friend na please…accept it……… (there is a small flashback u will know it later)
Ansh( gets serious ): rag’s i don’t want to hurt u …………..he is about to leave but rag’s goes behind him n says
Rag’s: okay okay i am so sorry i will not please (she catches her ears) ple….
Ansh: (he removes her hands from the ears ) i don’t know why u guys always take this topic out ……u and that idiot never change
Rag’s: am sorry yaar ….smile please
Ansh: gives a fake smile
Rag’s: thats not my ansh smile ………..come on come on she tickles him
Ansh: rag’s no don’t do it
Swara: u still have tickles ah??
Rag’s: yes he does
both swarag tickle ansh all three enjoy a lot
On Other hand sanskar n laksh are so jealous n they are helpless too ………they can’t say anything to ansh (they both think god please help us make ansh disappear)

sanskar gets a call from dp he talks …….
in garden:
Sanskar: rag’s we need to leave tomorrow morning as we have to travel long way ……
laksh n sanskar gets happy that they will get rid of ansh…
Rag’s: hmm…yeah u are right we have to leave
Swara: Ansh u are coming with us right?
sanlak are shocked …………….(they think god why are doing like this… please )
Rag’s: yeah he is coming with us …..
sanlak are dejected….:-(
swara ansh n rag’s are happy 🙂

swara n ansh remember all their college moments rag’s too join them as ansh shares everything with her …….by seeing all this laksh looses his temper but sanskar controls him….
Ansh gets call n leaves from there
Rag’s: what happened lucky u are so quiet today……..
Lucky: nothing
Swara: yeah guys u both are silent since morning u guys take some rest
SanLak : (suddenly) NOO!!
rag’s: chill guys there is no need to shout .
Laksh: where does ansh stay?
Rag’s: USA N ansh is close to dadi n dadu n u know what he cooks too that is the reason i used to visit his room . where he cooks for me n i will listen to his n teddy college story…really swara he is still crazy for u
Swara: yeah he is i can’t believe it i seriously he still does. n sanskar u know he really cooks well ,he used to cook Chinese for me so tasty.
Rag’s: yes he cooks really well but not more than d….(ansh interrupts )
Ansh: rag’s dadi wanna talk to u.
Rag’s: dadi give it faster man.
rag’s leaves
Ansh: teddy i forgot to ask u . did u learned how to cook or not?
Swara: i know how to cook okay
Ansh: really ! i still remember when u came to my home n messed up everything . sanskar u will not believe but she used to eat my lunch too .
Swara: shut up !!( she beats him on shoulder)
Laksh: just know rag’s was telling about your cooking skills
Ansh: oh comparing to rag’s teddy is better as she can cook small recipes but rag’s if she enters kitchen for cooking she will make it a battle field as anything can burst at anytime.
Swara: yeah she said about her experience
Ansh: why u guys are so silent it looks like you are disturbed
Swara: actually as it’s new place they couldn’t sleep well last night .
Ansh: oh!!
Rag’s: come on guys i am very hungry please lets go n have dinner ………chalo

all go to have their dinner………..

PRECAP: Dinner and Ansh birthday celebrations at 12 ‘o’ clock…………

hope u guys like it ………………..:-)……comment please……..

Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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