SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-16.


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RECAP: SwaSan & RagLak sweet cute moments.


Rag’s is standing in balcony the lite breeze is touching her cheeks n Rag’s is lost in her thoughts , she is thinking of her accident n eye lock unknowingly she gets smile on her face…….Swara notices this n goes to rag’s
Swara: what happened rag’s are u in love????
Rag’s(jerked): love???
Swara: yes love …when we have our loved ones in our thoughts automatically we will get smile on our face n it’s fact
Rag’s: FACT!!!
Swara: yes darling it’s a fact when ever i think of sanskar i will smile unknowingly .sooo who is in your thoughts ha??
Rag’s: there is nothing to hide between us so i was thinking about lucky
Swara: Ohhhhhhh!! what’s the matter what do u think about him??
Rag’s: actually i am confused ( she goes inside n sits on bed) swara . (she narrates swara about the car incident ) i don’t know why i was feeling so strong for lucky at that time . i felt like i know him from ages . i couldn’t eye him directly after that i composed myself n now again i was enjoying the breeze outside but suddenly started thinking about lucky …………all this mixed feeling’s
Swara: so u started to feel for laksh ah??
Rag’s: PLEASE!!! ( with a disgust expression) i feel for lucky no way n swara darling we are girls n young too . so it’s obvious that after incidents like what happened between me n lucky what i feel is just infatuation or a stupid feeling ….. so chilll!!!!
Swara: Whatever it’s upto u rag’s
Rag’s: leave it for now
Swara: i am feeling damn bore………..
Rag’s: lets add some spice to it . shall we??
Swara: we shall but how???
Rag’s: Hmm……….as far as i know they are enjoying their sleep with sweet dreams and we have to turn those dreams to horror
Swara: okay …let’s go then
Rag’s: but we don’t have their room key
Swara: we will get the duplicate key from the reception
Rag’s: swara you are so notorious ….
in the reception
Rag’s : excuse me

( he stares at rag’s as he is mesmerized by seeing her beauty).
RAG’S: Waves her hand in front of him n says excuse me
Receptionist: yes madam how can i help u???
Rag’s: actually i lost my ring so can u please help me in finding that ring pleaseeeeeeeee……
Receptionist: ahh….sure mam
he search for the ring meanwhile swara enters in the reception n finds the key …she comes out
Swara: i found it
Rag’s: great …….thanks for your help mister ………byeeee good night…..n winks at him.
Receptionist: byeee maaaam.

swarag leaves from their laughing
they wear white blankets on them n wears ghost masks they laugh n high five
they open the door…………it’s dark inside …..swarag moves inside tip toeing ……..both laksh n sanskar are sleeping on bed

swarag laugh because sanskar’s mouth is opened wide n laksh’s hand n leg was over sanskar’s …………..swara shuts rag’s mouth as she can’t stop laughing but swara too laughs but at last they control n closes the curtains as there should be any light. .they both slowly pull the blanket down …..sanlak are disturbed n grab their blanket up but it again goes down ………laksh wakes up n watches here n there but he can’t see anything n switch on’s the light but the light doesnot turns on he is not able to find his mobile too as rag’s offed the power supply of their room n swara hid sanlak mobiles………there is a very very pale light present in room laksh notices smoke in the room (swarag arranged it using agarbathi’s)
he sees a figure in the smoke laksh gasped in horror in the sight of the figure he wakes up sanskar..

Laksh: bhai get up ( he pats on sankar shoulder)
Sanskar: hmm…….
Laksh: get up bhai ……bhai ( HE WAKES him harder sanskar is in deep sleep n laksh stares at the figure continuously without blinking)
Sanskar: go to sleep lucky i am so slee…….
Laksh notices that the figure coming towards the bed mean while swara is increasing the smoke effect who is sitting near the bed
Laksh beats on sanskar stomach harder actually pretty harder…in a moment sanskar gets up n sit facing towards laksh
Sanskar: lucky what the hell are u doing ???? from morning the both sisters were dancing on our heads n now u y don’t u …….
Laksh not even says a word n stares continuously
Sanskar: are u listening to me wht r u staring at???
laksh turns sanskar’s face towards the figure ………..sanskar eyes are widened long enough
Sanskar: (he gulp’s ) mummy!!!!!! wh……..who issss the……..there…
suddenly rag’s looks up as till now she was just looking down n her ghost mask is so dreadful so the boys screamed loudlyy…….very loudly
SanLak: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mummmy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please save us !!!!!!!!!
they both just put on their blanket on them

sanlak inside the blanket:
sanskar: ple…ase leave ..us we are ….innocent
Laksh: y…..ye.yes plz (in terrified voices)

rag’s removes her mask she laughs (without sound ) n sighs swara . swara keeps the mobile in respective places n they both leave but they forgot to on the power supply before leaving……….

sanskar: lucky please see outside
Laksh: no i will not get out from this blanket i think it is still there

swara makes a sound like owwwwwwww!!!!! n swarag exit

laksh: it is still there
Sanskar: yes . ghost what do u want from us???
Laksh: shut up bhai

swarag outside:
rag’s: hve u seen their faces omggg !!
Swara: yes it was just……….
they both laugh whole heartedly n go to their room n dozes off ……..

sanskar and laksh spend all their night sitting inside blanket n begging the ghost to leave ,without sleeping………..

IT’s Morning ::

SWARAG are sleeping peacefully in their room the sun rays fall on their face due to the sun rays swarag’s face glow even more……..swara opens her eyes n smiles..
Swara: GET UP rAgini………( she shakes her )good morning rag’s …..
Rag’s: good night n keeps her hand on swara ( like hug)
Swara: no darling it’s morning get up get up get up …………( she shouts on rag’s ears)
rag’s: u won
swara smiles n says we won n hugs rag’s (swaragini ………………..plays in background…..)

they get ready
swara was wearing a blue empire corchet lace patchwork upto knee …..some accessories , lite make up n left her hair open she was adorable
Rag’s was wearing a white jeans with a pink n white collar shirt of full sleeves with lite make up n left her open she was awesome

SanLak room:

sanlak are still sitting under bedsheet they are facing eachother so they sleeping by toching their heads………….

swarag knock the door……no response…….rags knock’s the door harder

sanskar wakes up with jerk n shouts leave us please by hearing this laksh also shouts don’t harm us without opening his eyes
rag’s: lucky open the door yaar it’s morning………guys get up we need to attend meeting ……..(she shouts)
sanlak come to their senses n look around everything is normal and laksh finds his mobile too……..they both are surprised. laksh says was it a dream??
Sanskar: shut up lucky how can we both get a same dream …………
knock’s on the door……………

lucky goes n open the door………

rag’s: lucky what happened your eyes are too red didn’t u slept last night or what??(she controls her laugh)
swarag ask them to get ready faster as they have to attend the meeting at 11 o clock ………..
sanlak are so sleepy but they get ready

all four at hotel restaurant to have breakfast :

sanlak keep yawning ……….all the time
Rag’s: stop it guys who said u to awake all night.
Sanskar: rag’s actually last night….(laksh interrupts)
Laksh: we were working on today’s assignment
Rag’s: do u think we are also fools like both of you….the papers regarding the assignment are in my bag
Swara: so don’t lie to us
laksh: it’s nothing swara as it is new place we couldn’t sleep properly
sanskar is quiet and all four complete their breakfast n head towards the seminar hall where the meeting is going to be held.

Sanskar: rag’s where is your manager ??
Laksh: is he also new to this place or what
Rag’s: bad joke
Laksh: thank u but where is he??
Rag’s: even i am searching for him (calls him on mobile) he is not picking my call ….
Laksh: great all your employees are same like u n makes faces at rag’s
Rag’s: ansh where are u man why u r not taking my call
Ansh comes from and says
Ansh: i am so sorry mam . please forgive me
Rag’s: finally! n mam so much respect these days ah??
Ansh : as i am late so i should talk carefully with my boss
Rag’s: shut up okay
just then swara enters the hall as went out to take a call
Swara: Vedansh !!!!!

Ansh is none other than vedansh u all know about rag’s she shortened his name

Ansh: Swara!!! OMG i can’t believe is that really u
Swara: yes it’s me swara . how are u ??? it’s been a long time??
Ansh: fantastic ! it’s been a very long time
Rag’s: okay guys so u both are college friends right??
Swa n ansh : yes
Rag’s: ansh swara is teddy???
Ansh: yes rag’s…..She is my teddy…..
Swara: so u remember my name chaplin ??
Ansh: yes dear i do

laksh is confused & sanskar is confused and jealous too

Rag’s: oh yeah i forgot ansh meet the maheshwari’s . it’s laksh n sanskar & GUYS he is ansh i mean vedansh…….
they shake hands
Laksh: u n swara were college mates ah??
Ansh: best friends ……….actually the whole college was crazy for me n i was crazy for swara .
Swara: u was crazy for me but not now okay
Ansh: even today teddy………
Swara: really? then where is the letter n rose ??
ansh: u still remember
Swara: yes off course
Ansh: today i bought a flower for my boss as i was late today….
Rag’s: like everyday, tell me when did u attended meetings on time u r lazy than me
Ansh: come on rag’s take this flower ( he gives her a white daisy )
Rag’s: thank u
Ansh: am confused a little how do u know swara ????

PRECAP: sanskar jealous of ansh(vedansh)

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Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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