SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-15.

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RECAP: SwaRag & SanLak race , swarag win

They reach RESTAURANT :

laksh n sanskar order : tomato soup n fried rice
rag’s: are u guys serious what ever i am fed up eating vegetables i will have apollo fish.
Swara: even me rag’s it’s been a long time .
swara orders 2 apollo fish n fish biryani (yum yum)
sanskar: ewwwwwww! how could u kill animals n eat them
swara: we are not killing
Laksh: but you both are eating dead bodies
Rag’s: even u are eating so .as plants also have life anyways swara all veggie’s are the same
Swara: yes u guys have your dinner n let us enjoy our delicious food plzz
Sanskar: delicious!! that to non-veg .vegetarian is the most delicious food on earth n it is also healthy
Swara: bull shit! non -veg is more healthy as by eating non-veg we get vitamins like vitD form fish ,vitABC – from liver n meat
Sanskar: we can even get the vitamins from veg also like green leafy vegetables milk etc…,,
by this time rag lak have started their dinner n laughing at swasan .
SwaSan: u both are eating instead of helping us
rag’s: actually we are helping someone else so we are busy with that help.
Sanskar : really
Laksh: yes bhai we are helping our empty stomach’s as they are hungry…………
raglak laugh …..n say u guys carry on we will see who will win …swasan say if we both gonna fight like this u both will complete our food also so we will also join u
All four enjoy food.
Swara n rag’s goes to rest room
rag’s is thinking something
Swara: where r u lost rag’s
Rag’s:i think it’s time for some fun swara .
Swara: i do so .what are we waiting for come on………….they plan……………..n they proceed to table…

Swara:i want to have a choco frabbe
Rag’s: me too
laksh: u girls can’t drink the whole frabbe better make it one by two
Rag’s:even u guys can’t
Laksh: we can
Rga’s: then prve it
Sanskar : if we win in this u have to stop punishing us for the race okay?
Swara: done . but if we win in this it continues
Sanskar: okay fine . lucky we have to make it this time yaar
Laksh: yes bhai we prove it to them now

they order the waiter brings the frabbe n smiles at rag. sanskar notices this. they were about to take their glass.but
Sanskar: wait lucky .
sanskar takes the glasses of swarag n give them theirs( he exchanges them) he smirks at rag’s
rag’s is tensed……………..

competition starts …….all four start at a time
sanskar n laksh take a very very big sip as they want to win but they are not able to swallow it because it is so bitter . as they can’t spit it they both swallow it…………..
meanwhile swarag complete their frabbe n they both shout ” yippie ”
sanlak: take some water n washes their mouth
Sanskar: u cheaters
Swara: again u r blaming us sanskar it is your’s n laksh mistake
Rag’s: i said u na swara it just takes few mins to me to irritate lucky
Laksh: this is cheating yaar……..this is not fair
Rag’s: who changed the glasses??
Laksh: bhai don’t u have any work .this all is because of u
Sanskar: lucky when waiter came with frabbe he smiled at rag’s so i thought something IS fishy so i………..
Rag’s: it not that easy to analyze swararagini ‘s plans .
Swara: better luck next time ………… they both laugh ………..we won so time for fun ……….
both swarag torture sanlak like anything ………they also send two gays to sanlak n u guys can imagine what would have happened …………….finally it’s evening swarag are in play ground as they were swinging .sanskar n laksh are distraught then sanskar says………….

Sanskar: please it’s enough for today please we will leave wehave to reach the destination it’s already evening. so rockstars let the stars shine now please
Swarag: OKAY
Laksh: thank u bhai .u are the best………
SwaRag: what did u said
Laksh: i said bhai u r waste…….rock stars are best……..
swarag’s laugh n all leave

Sanskar is driving n swara is with sanskar. As laksh was feeling a bit tired rag’s drives the car.


Sanskar was staring at swara continuously
Swara: what happened sanskar why are u staring at me ??
Sanskar: actually i have a habit of staring at beautiful creation of god .
Swara (blushes): after seeing ragini in this unbelievable avatar watching her is like watching me before so i just want freak out for sometime . it’s not like i am not happy with the traditional i mean “bahu” after marriage every girl will change even rag’s will .As we going out for few days i thought to try this .
Sanskar: who asked u to give such a long explanation . anyways i also love your thoughts as i love u
Swara: thank u
Sanskar: ok then tell about your college miss.swara.
Swara shares all her college memories with sanskar………..(It’s not like they never share anything as they are already married but sanskar is a busy young business man whenever he gets time he starts romance so there are many memories left to share between SwaSan)
swara: sanskar i forgot to tell u about vedansh he was crazy for me he used give a rose n a letter everyday, he was awesome all girls die for him but he dies for me , he always make s me feel special . it’s been a very long time i don’t even know where he is now
Sanskar: (is soooo jealous but hides it) so u have many followers ah?
Swara:nothing like that
Sanskar: do u miss him?
Swara: of course i miss him he used to help me in projects , assignments n what not he is topper .he is my bestiee but he never forced me or made efforts to make me fall for him that is why he was my bestiee…….(swara in her mind i know sanskar u r jealous i can see it in your eyes smiles)


laksh is sleeping rag’s is damn bored she can’t play songs as laksh will get disturbed so put on headphones.
but after sometime she is completely lost in songs that she started to sing a bit louder.As rag’s is amithabh bachan fan so she was singing jumma chumma dede ………..song
laksh suddenly gets up n eyes ragini as she is singing he smiles at her n stares her.Rag’s fell something n turns to laksh n see he is awake
Rag’s: i am so sorry lucky . i didn’t want to disturb your sleep that is why i was on headphones but as usual i mess up everything.
Laksh: who said u disturbed me . anyways big b is fav hero ah?
Rag’s: yeah he is just awesome .then laksh also join her in singing .the car stops suddenly ( Tyre puncture)
raglaksh get down
Laksh: oh god what to do now there is no spare wheel . rag’s call swara
Rag’s: okay
on phone:
rag’s: where are u guys ??
Swara:we just passed 4th checkpost is everything alright??
Rag’s: actually flat tyre got punctured n we are near 2nd checkpost .u guys carryon we will manage
sanskar takes the mobile
Sanskar: guys go to the guest room it is just few km far from your place u can get help from there
Rag’s: okay thank u
Sanakar: be careful
Rag’s: don’t worry sanskar your brother is safe n he is my responsibility so chillll!
Sanskar: thank u so much u guys better go fast its already 7 .
Rag’s: bye

laksh locks the car and they START to walk
on the way a car suddenly passes with great speed as alksh controls his balance n he falls on rag’s . it’s a mountain road so they both roll down on the floor they both are lost in each others eyes in each others arms ( jalte diya …………playing in background).they stopped at a point but they are completely lost the eye lock continues as if their eyes are talking but a trucks horn disturbs them .they both come to senses n compose themselves . they reach guest room. rag’s avoids eye contact with laksh all the way .
laksh makes coffee
Laksh: rag’s coffee
Rag’s: thank u
Laksh: are u alright ? as u are so quiet it makes me feel like u are planning something big to tease me
Rag’s: hm……..i will just come back……………………rag’s leaves towashroom
Laksh (after rag’s exit from room) :i know what u are feeling now , this is what i wanted u to feel for me realize as soon as possible . i love u rag’s i wish i could tell this 3 magical words every min but i can’t …………takes sip of coffee

rag’s is standing infront of mirror n talking to her reflection

rag’s calm down darling .compose yourself that was just an accident n i know u felt something in your heart n you are happy with that feeling . but there’s nothing like that so just cool down . this just infatuation n nothing more than that . yess yess coool! ( she calms down herself) yes that’s like a rock star n lucky was saying that i was quiet from long time so it’s time to torture him……………………..continues

raglak reach hotel . rag’s n swara are in one room whereas swalak in one


sanskar comes out after taking bath n says swara today u made me to dance with lucky i will not leave u u have to……….(he remembers that he is with laksh) he removes towel from his head n smiles at laksh
Laksh: bhai please control yourself .for safe side i will sleep on couch today . it is better to manage on couch for me than on bed with
Sanskar: shut up lucky swara is my wife i forgot that she is with rag’s .so shut up n sleep on bed
Laksh: nahi bhai i don’t want to take any risk . i can’t betray my ragini
sanskar throws pillow at laksh n laksh teases him continuously………
Sanskar: enough okay . u can’t even tell a word infront of rag’s . and i am handsome than u stupid
Laksh: bhai u also started (laksh runs behind ) wait within very few days i will propose her ……………wait n watch………..

PRECAP: Meeting n Vedansh entry…………;-)

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