SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-14.


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DP n adarsh n ram leave for delhi
SwaRagLakSan are also ready to leave they all take blessings from everyone but rag’s them in her style (hug)
all four head towards their vehicles outside before leaving rag’s hugs her dadu n dadi several times .
SwaSan are in one car n RagLak in another they bid n leave.

Swara says to go to the farm house once .sanskar : why swara is there any problem???
Swara: please sanskar n also inform to rag’s
sanskar; okay darling…

Laksh: bhai why did u said to stop here is everything fine?
Sanskar: don’t ask me lucky ask swara?
Swara: it’s nothing laksh just for 10 mins n where is rag’s
rag’s: come on guys what r u waiting for( she already at doorstep)
Laksh: she is unbelievable.

all go inside and swara takes her bag n goes to room s
n sanskar follows her
Swara: stop sanskar i need to change
Sanskar: i will help u darling
Swara: shut up okay (n shut’s the door)
Otherside rag’s n laksh are fighting over a magazine
Sanskar: for god sake stop your fighting guys
Rag’s: we are not fighting he is after me
Laksh: not me it’s u
Rag’s: no u
Laksh: u
it continues………………..;-)
Just then swara comes out rag’s eyes her
Rag’s: wow! swara u are looking adorable ( because swara was in her past look with curls n modern outfit )
sanskar and laksh turn towards swara n are shocked (mostly sanskar as swara was not wearing sindoor n mangalsutra)
Sanskar: swara what happened are u alright??
Swara: heyy guys .sorry as i didn’t introduced my self . i am Swara ………(rag’s runs to her n says)
Rag’s: swara singhania she is my sister she returned form australia today . swara he is sanskar n he is laksh
Swara: hii sanskar n laksh glad to meet you guys .Rag’s talks a lot about u guys. hope we will have nice time together.
Laksh: definitely swara
Sanskar: what the hell is happening here guyss!!!!???????????
Swara: u are such a dumbo sanskar . now we are not married okay n this our first meeting n we will continue like this from now.OKAY??
Laksh: bhai answer to bhab…….sorry swara .
Sanskar : okay miss .swara i am sanskar maheshwari it’s pleasure meeting u. but rag’s u never mentioned that u have such a beautiful sister?
Rag’s: it was a surprise . by the way she is not your type okay she is a rockstar too. SWARAGINI the Rock Stars .
Sanskar: okay rock star sisters shall we leave now as we have to go a very long way
swarag nod’s n they all leave.
Swara: rag’s lets go on a car race ??
Rag’s: sure darling
Sanskar: can we also join in the race .( swara thinks ) what r u thinking swara are u scared that u will loose if u compete with me ??
Swara: not at all ! i am thinking about the end point . who will reach the check post first they are the winners of this race . is that okay with u sanskar.
Sanskar: yes .but the winners of course thats me n lucky . losers u n rag’s have to do whatever we ask u to do .
Laksh: if u guys win its the same u can ask us anything to do . but it is impossible as bhai is champion in racing n don’t worry rag’s i will tell bhai to drive slowly n rag’s i won’t give u hard punishments okay don’t worry ..
Rag’s: “Good Swimmers Are Often Drowned” lucky.
Swara N Rag’s laugh n hi-five.
Sanskar: lucky just get in .lets show them we are not the swimmers who r often drown
Swara n Sanskar are on the driving seats n rag’s n laksh supporting them . race starts sometimes swara was first n sometimes sanskar was but as the end point sanskar was first .
Swara: rag’s they will win do something yaar . we have to win this at any cost
Rag’s: cool swara ! she smiles naughtily n says something to swara
Swara: are u sure ??
Rag’s: Yup
swara winks at rag’s they both laugh n swara speeds up both the cars on same speed ( parallel ) sanskar turns to swara . swara was also seeing him she suddenly gives a flying kiss n winks at sanskar . sanskar suddenly applies the brake
Laksh: what happened bhai why the hell did u stopped the car
mean while swarag reach the end point
Laksh: ufff ! i believed u n i did overacting in front of rag’s now she will tease me like hell .( he shouts bhai)
Sanskar ( with a jerk): ha lucky .
Laksh: what is wrong with u they won the race .
Sanskar: i will not leave this swara ( he starts the car n reaches the point where swarag are waiting for them .
sanlak see swarag are sitting on the roof of the car n having coke n laughing……
Swara: here come the maheshwari brothers the so called winners.
Sanskar: we are the winners u cheated in this race u cheater
Swara: don’t blame me for your mistake sanskar.
Sanskar: my mistake??
Swara: yes ur’s u would have concentrated on your steering instead of others. we are the winners
Rag’s: swara do u remember what lucky said
Swara: yeah i do he said he will not give hard punishments to u
Rag’s: how sweet of u lucky but don’t think that we will do the same for u guys . so u better pray
Swara:wait wait rag’s we are not the swimmers who often drown this was your line right sanskar??
Sanskar: okay girls u win we loose shall we leave now
SanLak: why?
Swara: dance sanskar
SAnskar: what?
Swara: can’t u hear me dance sanskar ( she plays suraj hua maadam……)
Sanskar: but…
Rag’s: come on sanskar lucky will also do with u as it is a duet. come on guys dance

SanLak dance very funnily both swarag enjoy a lot(ROFL Performance)

PRECAP: love story of swasan & raglak.

hope u guys like it……………………please comment………..:-)

SAM especially u have to comment on this episode did u like it or not please………n you are right swara was bold enough before .
As ragini is my favorite so i concentrated more on her but i promise that i will make more swasan moments even i like them a lot but not more than ragini.

Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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