SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-13.


hope u guys are enjoying …………thanks a bunch for the comments……………..:-)

RECAP: SWARAGLAKSAN moments , rag’s misses lucky n DP N Rag’s meeting.

Rags: thank u uncle n u don’y worry about the khanna’s .he will come to u n pleads infront of for forgiveness and i will make it happen i promise .
Just then rag’s phone rings Rag’s smiles by seeing her phone she make excuse n leaves from there
DP:kaka i am proud of ragini
Vijay: ha dp n i assure u that she will fulfill her promise
shekar: i can’t believe that she is my daughter n thank u vijay ji n latha ji
Latha: don’t thank us beta from the day she into our life she was like like whatever she tells she will definitely do that
swara: but bade papa did she really slapped??
DP: yes swara she slapped i was stunned when she was supporting i felt like karthik was with me because he was always with me through my hard times n supproted me . i must say this to you laksh if she agrees to marry you than you will be the luckiest.
Sumi: we all are proud of her dp ji now we will leave namsthe
DP: swasan n laksh pack your things u will be leaving tomorrow afternoon n u have have to go by road as u have to attend 3 meetings at different places on your way to mumbai.
all three nod n leave but they go rag’s room

Rag’s Room:
rag’s was standing on her bed with head phones n was dancing she was wearing shorts above knees n a tank top.
swasanlak enter the room n they are shocked to see ragini .sanskar switch on’s the light rag’s opens her eyes.
Rag’s: heyy come join me i will play songs
Swara: no rag’s its night all are sleeping so
Rag’s: aghh!
Laksh : rag’s did u really slapped mr.khanna?
Rag’s: yeah n the slap was perfect u know my he got my four fingers print on his cheek .
Sanskar: but how?? aren’t scared??
Rag’s: scared my foot! he is elder n is in respected position so just slapped him or else i would have killed him . that bastard how he could talk like that . i wish i could slap him once again.
Laksh: thank you so much rag’s
Rag’s: it’s okay lucky
Laksh: do u even know why am i thanking u ??
Rag’s: that’s obvious dude i took uncle’s side n he is your father so definitely u will thank me n i am ragini singhania n not a stupid like u okay.
Laksh: very funny !! (makes faces) first pack your bags n we are going by road .
Rag’s: as we have to attend some meetings on our way right?
Laksh: yeah but how do u know.
swara sanskar n rag’s in chorus : because i am rag’s the rock star n laughs
Laksh: agh! hell with u guys i am leaving bye
Rag’s: hey wait where u going we have go out
laksh: but tomorrow we are going to mumbai na?
Rag’s: tomorrow na so chill!

rag’s n laksh leave .swara n sanskar also go to their room.

Morning everyone is ready n waiting for ragini
swara was wearing a pink chudidhar n sanskar was wearing blue jeans with a red shirt with blazer
Laksh was wearing a black jeans ,white t-shirt with black blazer as rag’s comes down n goes to dining table where all were present n all are surprised because she was wearing black jeans n white shirt with a black jacket on it which is same as laksh.
she eyes laksh n
rag’s: hwyy lucky are dress code is same .Same pinch (sg=he goes to him n pinches him hard)
Laksh: Ouch!!
Rag’s: oops! is it hurting??
Laksh: yeah
Rag’s: am so sorry (she again pinches him )
laksh: i will not leave u this time
rag’s runs from there laksh runs behind her rag’s go n stand behind AP n says
Rag’s: see aunty your son is beating a girl Aww! no manners at all
Laksh: who said that u r a girl ?
Rag’s: lucky i am a tom girl not a girl who laughs at your stupid jokes
Laksh: stupid jokes ? what do u mean .girls go crazy on me
Rag’s: they would have as sanskar was not with u
Laksh: u have started again maa please move aside
AP: laksh no beta ragini bachhi hain
Laksh: bachhi?? i will see u afterwards..

PRECAP: SwaSan & RagLak leave for mumbai………….

please comment guys……………………( i know Kolkata to Mumbai is a long way but this is the way to bring some tadka in story )

Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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  2. rocking epi..rag was unbelievable..raglak cute fight ws funny..I like ur ff..one request yar ragini become bold after she loose her memory but swara ws like that from very beginning..so plz write somthing on both the sisters boldness..sorry if u feel bad..it is just my thought that u should also show the original rocking swara..plz upload next part soon..egrly waiting 4 that..

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