SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-12.

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RECAP: SwaSan & RagLak moments.

RagSwaSan laugh at laksh n laksh is so angry.
Rag’s:look at your face this is the reason why i call u angry young man hahahah
Laksh: veryyy funny stop teasing me n get ready we should go to office
Rag’s: by the way u r looking handsome today……..(before she talk laksh says)
Laksh: thank u
Rag’s: what r y thanking for?? i was telling u r looking handsome today sanskar as usual n lucky don’t imagine more okay??
ragswasan laugh n laksh leaves in anger…..
Swara: okay my sweet sister get ready soon….
Rag’s: i want a good morning hug from my sister……(they both hug sanskar smiles n swaragini plays in background)

Rag’s get ready she was wearing a fairy style shirt neck cotton blend knee length dress of cream color n left her hair open n done a very light makeup..she was so pretty..
she comes down n hugs vijay n latha n they all proceed for dining table for breakfast they finish it leave to office before leaving to office rag’s goes to kitchen .
Rag’s: hey swara r u free in the evening??
Swara: yes
Rag’s: we will meet in ccd at shrp 4 okay byeeeeeeee everyone(she takes a chocolate from fridge n leaves) swara smiles
rag’s comes back running again n tell to swara that she should also bring parineeta..

Sanskar is driving car laksh is seated beside him n rag’s backside
sanskar laughs n says
Sanskar: leave it lucky
Laksh: how can i . she is not even saying sorry .
Rag’s: ohk baba am sorry (she gives chocolate to him)
Laksh: for me thanks!!(he opens it n find papers in it with a complete disgust expression) ahhh rag’s u never change (throws the chocolate cover at her)
both rag’s n sanskar laugh
Rag’s: this is why i call u stupid how can u think that i will give u my choco ah???
They reach office rag’s n sanskar goes to attend meeting whereas laksh goes to factory for routine check.

ragsan complete their meeting n they are in sanskar cabin they are working on files
Sanskar: ragini pass the file
Rag’s: rag’s lucky!!
Sanskar: i am sanskar rag’s
Rag’s: oh! sorry lucky always call me as ragini so i thought it was lucky (passes the file )
in between the work rag’s says lucky instead of sanskar.Sanskar is surprised n happy
Sanskar: what happen rag’s are u okay ??
Rag’s: i don’t know dude .! i don’t know why i am missing lucky n calls lucky
on phone::

Laksh: what do u want now??
Rag’s: u r still angry with me am sorry yaar leave it naa . if u don’t forgive me when we will go to ramesh bhaiyya (ice cream man) this time u ride the vehicle okay
laksh: u r mad n i don’t have any interest in riding the ice cream vehicle
Rag’s: ohky then u forgive me na plzz..
Laksh: okayyy n why did u called me is everything okay
Rag’s: yeah i forgot !! i don’t know yaar but i am missing u dude. Sanskar is with me but i am taking your name instead of his why don’t u come here lucky
Laksh: yeah i will be there in 5 min(he is confused)
Rag’s: bring a chocolate from canteen while u r coming byee n disconnects the call
laksh smiles n heads towards office complex
sanskar is confused he was about to talk but just then swara enters
Swara: hi guys busy with work ah??
Rag’s:heyy swara (hugs her) where is parineeta bhabhi
Swra: she went to her mothers place to bring reyansh (adarsh -parineeta’s son) so i came here as iwas alone at home
Rag’s:why don’t u join the office ??
Swara: actuallyi want to join but from next week my guitar classes will start as i give classes to children

Rag’s: WOW u are a guitarist but u never mentioned that to me.
Swara: this topic never came between us so i didn’t
Rags; isn’t this amazing swaragini are guitarist’s n in my next concert u will join me okay?
Swara: no i won’t i just like giving clases to children i enjoy that so sorry
Rag’s: ohky if u like children that much y don’t u plan for you own kids ??
swara blushes.
Rag’s: aww someone is blushing here
Swara: stop it now n hugs her
Just then laksh enters n finds swara n wishes her
Lucky: take your chocolate rag’s
Rag’s: thank u n shares it with swara
sanaksr: this is not fair u both are having it without sharing with us
Rag’s: don’t worry sanskar what is the difference if swara eats or u eat its the same
Laksh: then me??
Rag’s: your are so sweet in first place so more sweetness is not good for health ..
Laksh: why did u called me?
Rag’s: i was missing u dude!!
Laksh: u have started again ahh…..

Sanskar: no lucky she calling your name instead of mine(Laksh is super happy but doesn’t shows his feeling’s in face)
Laksh: oh really but why rag’s (i know u started falling for me thank u god in his mind)
Rag’s: that is the reason why i called u you the one who became my best friend very easily
Laksh: what??
Rag’s: i mean i feel comfortable with u to share anything just like i feel for D………… (manager enters the room n calls rag’s that DP is calling her)
Rag’s leaves
Laksh jumps in happiness n hugs sanskar
Laksh: bhai have u seen her omg she started loving me
Sanskar : but lucky she was telling something like i feel for d…n she stopped
Swara: come on sanskar it is dadu of course she shares everything with bade dadaji
Sanskar: but lucky when i asked her why r u taking laksh name she said yeah i am missing him but why n she just called u n she was telling she missed u. What i mean is normally girls blush or keep quiet in matters like this but she surprised me
Swara: yeah sanskar ragini has completely changed
Laksh: whatever guysss i am soo happy n i just hope she soon realize her love for me
Rag’s enters the cabin n says
Rag’s: Sorry guys i have to with DP n Ram uncle to attend meeting so i can’t come with u guyss
Laksh: but papa n bade papa will take care na??
Rag’s: grow up lucky it’s a project meeting of Singhania’s -Maheshwari’s-Mathur’s-Khanna’s so i should definitely attend n this is for u n sanskar (she hand overs chocolates ) byee guys have fun!!!!

SwaSanLak leave for restaurant n plan something like how to make rag’s realize her love for laksh.they discuss for sometime n they were about to leave but
Laksh: okay bhai i am leaving
Sanskar :we are coming too
Laksh: but why u both can spend sometime na u enjoy i will tell maa there is no chance for atleast u can soo byee tc

swasan also return n all are waiting for DP N Rag’s as ram came home evening itself.

DP n Rag’s come home n in few min they assemble at dining table
latha: how was your day rago
Rag’s: it was cool dadi. dadu i cancelled all the dealing’s between singhania’s n khanna’s
vIjay: okay beta
DP: (is surprised)but kaka don’t u ask ragini why she did it
Vijay: she always do right i trust my grand daughter
DP: but kaka ragini cancelled all the dealings it cause great loss she is wrong this time
Vijay: rago beta what happened why dp is disturbed
Rag’s: nothing dadu in the meeting mr.khanna crossed his limits he was insulting DP uncle so i cancelled the partnership with khannas from that moment uncle is not talking to me
DP:ragini u can’t cancel partnership like that it causes a great loss n reputation also
Rag’s: so for the sake of reputation i let him to say whatever he want to say ah?? uncle you are like my father i can’t see someone insulting u that to infront of me .
Everyone is shocked to listen what is rag’s saying
DP: but beta…

Rag’s: no uncle please n don’t worry the reputation or loss in market .khannas have to face the loss because there last project was also failed this blame also goes on them .
AP: what happened ragini
DP: BUT RAGINI BETA they will not leave u i will go n talk to them tomorrow
Rag’s: uncle please it was not your mistake n i will not leave the khanna’s i will ruin them rag’s leaves the table without having food
AP N swara calls for rag’s n swara was about to go but latha stops her and says leave her for sometime

Latha: dp calm down n tell us what happened
DP : kaki in the meeting khanna’s said that as i was karthik friend so i got into this project or else i don’t have that ability to do this big project n much more i stayed calm as this project is important for kaka but he crossed his limit n i was about leave then ragini stopped me n slapped khanna n cancelled all the projects of khanna’s
Vijay: what is wrong in that rago is correct as always whatever the problem is she will solce it
DP: Kaka u know about khanna’s they won’t leave us
Vijay: DP U don’t know about rago .
Latha: beta laksh rago is talking about u very much these days .
Vijay: yeah i think she started liking you
Latha: laksh go to rago she needs a friend now n she will be a bit disturbed now so be careful
Laksh: ok bade dadi

just then rag’s come down calling out dadu
Rag’s: dadu i have to go to delhi
DP: no beta u can’t go i am sorry for not taking your side
Rag’s: uncle what happened to you even u have to come to mumbai as the project is still on between singhania’s mathurs n maheshwaris so the meeting is in delhi
DP: project ? but how??
Viajy: i said u na dp she is my rago she will make everything fine
Adarsh: but papa we are going to delhi tomorrow
DP: yes then sanskar n laksh will go on behalf me.
RAG’S: swara will also come with us
DP: okay beta as u wish

PRECAP: Swasan & raglak momentssss………..

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Credit to: Akshitha Reddy


  1. manu

    Wow rags is so amazing….the change of her behaviour was one thing that we cant even think abt Ragini in real track….but u made it possible…its good……

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