SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-11.


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RECAP: Family time n raglak go outside.

Swasan Room:

after raglak leave swara goes to take bath.
meanwhile sanskar decorates the room by lighting scented candles n some flowers.
swara comes out n is surprised to see the room n she search for sanskar n finds him in balcony.so she goes to balcony n hugs sanskar from back n says i love u . he replies that’s my line okay ( as sanskar always says i love u ). swara smiles n say ohh i love u too. he smiles at her n turns around n says thank u swara thanks a lot for coming into my life as I’m just amazed when i look at you , not just because of your looks .but because of the fact that Everything I Ever Wanted Is Right In Front Of Me. love u swara love u a lot u r even in my dreams as I’m a Dreamer & U are the dream .I want to be in your arms ,where u hold me tight n never ever let me go. tears roll down from swara’s eyes .sanskar wipes them n says no swara say goodbye to your tears as they don’t have any space in your life because seeing u happy is the best part of my life n mostly u look so cute when u smile so smile my shona . she smiles n says i just want to lay on your chest & n listen to your heartbeat sanskar .he says sure darling n hugs her tightly n caress her forehead.
then sanskar lifts her in his hands n takes her inside n makes her sit on bed n he sofly start to kiss on forehead nose cheeks n then lips swara’s heart beat races n stops him but he pulls her by her waist very close to her n starts kissing her she is lost in him n moves her hands over his hair while sanskar moves his hands over her waist smoothly n they proceed ……………………………………;-))

Rag’s n Lucky :
they both roam on streets n enjoy
laksh: close your eyes rag’s
Rag’s: oky
Laksh: surprised for her reply n closes her eyes with his hands n takes her to a near by hill top where they can see the city. n asks her to open her eyes now
Rag’s: WOW! such an awesome place it’s lovely thank u lucky u r the best n she climbs on fence
Laksh: is tensed watch your step n holds her hand
Rag’s: chill lucky! she shouts out loudly very loudly I LOVE U KOLKATA ……..
Laksh: SHHHHHHHHH…….stop it it’s mid night don’t shout like that n catches her hand to get her down but ragini falls on him. they share an eye lock humhari aadhuri kahaani playss in back ground. soon they compose themselves.they come to street road
Rag’s: OMG!!!
laksh: r u alright ?
Rag’s: icecream (she points her hand towards a icecream vehicle it is a three wheel vehicle)
Laksh: u want eat icecream now wait here i will get it
Rag’s: no stupid i wanna ride that ice cream vehicle
Laksh: no way

Rag’s: where there is a will there i a way lucky n grabs his hand n goes to that vehicle tip toeing as the driver is asleep rag’s gets on the driving seat n asks laksh to climb on the box
laksh says no i will not
Rag’s: your wish! she starts pedaling n shouts out “someone is stealing your ice cream vehicle” as her scream wakes up the owner of vehicle he jumps out n shouts stop laksh is in shock he tries to runaway but the icecream man catches him n twists his ears .Rag’s slowly comes back n she says sorry to the man by catching her ears very innocently . he says okay n rag’s says
Rag’s: hi my name is rag’s n i am so sorry
ICE CREAM man: namasthe i was scared as this is the way i feed myself n my name is ramesh aapa naam acha hai didi.
Rag’s:hello ramesh from today we are friends (she shakes hand with him n laksh is surprised n angry)

rag’s buy a chocolate cone n lacky butterscotch n they leave rag’s says “bye ramesh bhaiyya tc”
Rag’s: wasn’t that awesome( while unwrapping the icecream)
Laksh: ……………he remains silent n eats his icecream
Rag’s: icecream won’t runaway so u can talk
Laksh:gives a angry look
Rag’s: Angry young man what happened? (she remembers ) Oh shit !!!! am so sorry lucky am so sorry
Laksh: shut up okay even in my school my teachers didn’t twist my ears but because of u today he twisted my ears n it’s all funny for u (he walks faster while talking)
Rag’s: really! so u were a good student in your school time ah?( she completes her icecream)
Laksh: u r disgusting!!!!!!(he is still walking faster rag’s is running behind him)
Rag’s: am so sorry lucky if u want i will do sit-up’s please yaar am sorry (she says looks soo innocent while asking sorrry)

but laksh walks even faster rag’s follows him but suddenly sits down
Rag’s: ouch!!
Laksh: comes to her running n asks her what happen
Rags: nothing
Laksh: ragini u r not a kid
Rag’s: Rag’s n i will not tell until u forgive me (she catches her leg n says ahhhh as she feels pain)
Laksh:stop being foolish ohky i forgive u
Rag’s: really Laksh: yeah really

then she nods her head so laksh was about to check fer leg but in fraction of seconds ragini grabs ice cream from his hand ((as he takes two ice creams n it is unwrapped)) And she runs from there and says this ice cream is mine now yippie
Laksh: i will not leave u n runs behind her but she hides behind a car laksh gets tensed as he can’t find ragini so he shouts ragini ……… rag’s comes from back n says BHOW to scare him he gets relieved by seeing her
Rag’s: aren’t u scared lucky?
Laksh: are u in your senses or not ……( but she is busy in eating ) u are completely mad rag’s
Rag’s: thank u (don’t tell to dadi about this if u will tell her she will beat u ….Rag’s tells this line to lucky few times on their way)
they both return n go their respective rooms n sleep.

It’s morning……………..:-)

Swara wakes up n sanskar also they share a hug n go to fresh up swara ties her hair up but sanskar comes n kisses her on cheeks n loosens her hair n say u look pretty in open hair n also hot n winks at her. swara says day by day u r becoming shameless sanskar .he replies why should i feel ashamed to romance with my wifey n hugs her tightly n kisses her she pushes him back n says i can’t change u n goes towards door .sanskar smiles n says good habits are not meant to be changed my jaan……i love u……give a flying kiss………..

swara comes down n she is in kitchen n sanskar also comes down after sometime .Sanskat asks about laksh AP says he is in his room so he goes upstairs….
laksh just wakes up n remembers last night incidents n takes a pillow n hugs it n says love u ragini n smiles .just thensanskar enters n see him n asks r u alrught laksh. he replies i am wonderful bhai n hugs n wishes him good morning. sanskar says ohhhhh looking so happy ah??
before he tells something swara interrupts them
Swara: where did u guys went yesterday??
Laksh: he narrates not completely but he covers most of the part n says she was crazy..
swasan cannot believe what laksh is saying

Swasan leaves n swara takes bed coffee to rag’s sanskar follows her n holds her hand n says love u .swara says sanskar leave me maa can come up sanskar replies no problem n walks towards her she hits the wall n sanskar is heading towards swara mean while laksh gets ready n comes out of his room n finds sanskar n swara romancing n coughs . they both get embarrased n she goes but laksh asks her where is she going.swara replies to ragini’s room . sanlak follow her. all three reach rag’s room n laksh eyes her lovingly but sanskar says shut your mouth bhai swara giggles .swara sits beside rag’s bed sanskar is standing behind her n laksh goes n open curtain n allow rays fall on rag’s face . he is amazed to see her glowing face but rag’s covers her face with bedsheet n says Rag’s: dadi please dadi 10 more minutes i slept late last night u know what i again went out yesterday but i informed dadu n don’t worry i was not alone lucky accompanied me he is so sweet dadi i tortured him a lot but he cared for me

((Laksh smiles when she was talking n swasan r happy for laksh). my new best friend lucky -The angry young ,man same as …….(she talks in a sleepy voice but pauses n increases her tone) dadi by now u would have started scolding y r u so silent .
Rag’s gets her head out from bed sheet and opens one eye by rubbing the other n is surprised to find swasanlak in her room
Rag’s: u?? anyways good morning wt u all are doing in my room ????she yawns !!
we all came to wake u up dear..
Laksh: u said that i am an Angry young man??
Rag’s: lucky be happy i said young man even i said u r sweet but i am wrong because u r stupid n laughs
ragswasan laugh laksh face becomes red because of anger…………

PRECAP: Swasan N Raglak go out for a trip……….:-)

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Credit to: Akshitha Reddy

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