SWARAGINI A NEW START…………(swasan and raglak) fan fiction EPISODE-10.

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RECAP: swasan moments n brothers n sisters bonding

Laksh is staring at rag’s continuously with his open mouth. Swara notices this n takes a ladoo plate n heads towards him n puts a ladoo in his mouth n says
Swara: stop staring devar ji .( sanskar who is standing beside him laughs)
Laksh : stop it okay i was not staring at ragini .
Swara: when did i said u were staring at ragini ah?n laughs.
Laksh: stop pulling my legs n help out guys i can’t wait anymore just look her she so pretty .
SwaSan: Awwwwwwwwww!
Pandit completes the pooja everyone pray to god. pandit leaves.

Dining Table:
all gents sit for lunch.
AP: Ragini beta u also have lunch.
Rag’s: no aunty today i will serve food for u .
Swara: we are fasting today so we wont eat anything today
Rag’s: Fasting for what?
Sumi: for our husbands long life (pandit has suggested women to fast )
Rag’s: Oh my god ! i can’t understand how could u guys fast , without eating anything the whole day .u all r really great.
Latha: Rago when u will get married then u will also keep fast for your husband long life.
Rag’s: If i have to fast like this i will not get married in first place. but u people will not leave me . so dadi u better search for a sanskaari damaad .
Latha: pagli ( everyone laughs)
Rag’s: seriously dadi i cannot stay without food so when i will get married then my husband will fast for my long life .

Dadi(parvathi): is fasting enough or he should also cook?
Rag’s: u r awesome dadi . he should cook non-veg also yummy yummy!!! ( laksh coughs)
Dadi(parvathi): hey bhagwan u eat non veg. ladoo when did u learn this bad habit ah??
Rag’s: (confused) dadi(parvathi) bad habit ???
Dadi(p): i mean eating non veg is sin ladoo
Rag’s: but i love non-veg dadi . dadu said that maheshwari’s are pure vegetarians so i sacrificed my non-veg until i stay here.
Everyone is shocked to hear that ragini eats non-veg.(ohhh)
they all complete their lunch . Elder’s are in the hall discussing .
Parvathi: latha ji what have done aap ne humare dharam brasht kar diye u fed my ladoo with non-veg ewww.

Shekar: maa stop it .latha ji please don’t take my mothers words to heart.
Latha: nahi beta your mom is tensed but parvathi ji rago loves non-veg eats everyday. i was surprised when she said i will not eat non-veg in India as maheshwari’s will feel bad.
Dida: heyy! marwaran see my grand daughter ragini loves non-veg n laughs out.(dadi – dida’s small fight)

swasanlak are in laksh room:

Swara: i can’t believe this ragini eats non-veg omg.
Laksh: yeah .
Sanskar:lucky tu toh gaya yaar teri toh full to fatte gi .remember what she said if u marry ragini no i mea rag’s then u have to cook n u have to wash clothes n even u have to fast for her.n laughs
Swara: stop it sanskar instead of encourage u are discouraging him.stop laughing.
Rag’s: heyy! guys anything personal ah??
Laksh: nothing ragini come in.
Rag’s: Mr.Laksh Maheshwari i’l hit if u call me ragini once again.
Laksh: ohky Rag’s then u have to call me as lucky .
Rag’s: lucky! cool it suits u .
they all are seated in balcony
Swara: Rag’s what r your hobbies?

Rag’s : i spend most of mt time in office but i play squash very often n i give concerts , late night parties n sometimes gym work outs n i like doing adventures so i like sky diving , deep sea diving , trekking n some outdoor games n painting sometimes
Sanskar: Wow! how many friends do u have rag’s.
Rag’s: many people but i don’t hang out with all of them . i choose some of my friends with whom i could feel comfortable to share everything in that i have very very few friends n hangout with them usually . in India i got three more new friends to say real friends.
Laksh: can i know who they are?
Rag’s: why not? one is swara she is soo sweet n she is also my sister , the second is sanskar his nature lies in his name “SANSKAR” honest kind n he is handsome .n third is lucky he is also handsome but not more than sanskar.(rag’s n sanskar laugh n hi-five)
Laksh: ohh stop it okay if he is that handsome why don’t u try on him(he means why don’t u flirt)
Rag’s: if was not married then i would have definitely do that but what to do i can’t spoil my sister’s life so in this life he is my best friend . i’l try him in next life .
Laksh: u r such a flirt.
Rag’s: yeah i know that.
they all enjoy chit chatting …..

It’s night:

all completed their dinner except rag’s. latha asks sumi to go n call ragini for dinner .
rag’s is working on some files her is messed up .
Sumi: ragini beta come on now have your dinner.
Rag’s: no aunt……maa am not felling hungry now i will eat after sometime
Sumi: but it’s already late beta u go n have dinner i’l clean your room till then.
Rag’s: maa it is waste of your time u will clean it now i will mess it again . u go maa i will come after somtime.
dadi (latha) enter the room.
Latha: how many times i should tell u to have food in time.
sumi u don’t no whenever she is onto some work she will not have anything until she complete that work .then i feed her she is so ziddi.
Rag’s: yes that’s me
Sumi: okay then i will feed u his time.
sumi sits beside rag’s she feeds her . sumi gets teary eyed while feeding to ragini n is so happy .
swasanlak watch all this from outside n smile .

swasan room:

laksh comes to san room to talk about their plan …
just then someone knocks the door . swara goes n open it’s rags’s
Rag’s: swara do u know where is lucky? ( she is wearing a blue 3/4 jeggings with a black sleeve shirt)
swara: come in he is here inside.
Sanskar: is everything oky rag’s.
Rag’s: yeah i actually came for lucky .
Laksh: yes rag’s? ( he thinks looking very cute)
Rag’s: can u take me out ?
(Laksh sanskar n swara gets happy as ragini is asking laksh to take her out )
Laksh: (controls his happiness ) out? why not? Tomorrow after having breakfast we will go
Rag’s:u have very good sense of humor . i am not kid that i can’t go alone for sight seeing in the morning or else i will get lost in this huge city
Laksh: then??
Rag’s: arrey baba am asking u to take me out right now .
SwaSanLak : now!!
Rag’s: yeah ! actually i thought of going alone but it’s new place n it’s night so i can’t go n if dadi(latha) gonna catch me thats it
Laksh: r u sure?
Rag’s: yes dude . i can’t ask swara n sanskar as i don’t want to disturb the love birds. so i thought of asking you u
Laksh: swara n sanskar can’t come u so thats why u r asking me right?
Rag’s: Hmmmm…………..yes!
Laksh: so rude i will not come.
Rag’s: (laughs ) sorry lucky it’s not like that u r a flirt, a bit n i am a flirt lets go out n flirt with someone else.
Laksh: u r crazy.
Rag’s: i know that chalo…..
she catches his hand and walks outside and says to swasan ” enjoy love birds …byeeee”

outside the maheshwari house :

Laksh n rag’s near the gate it is locked
Laksh: oh shit it is locked
so they both go to garden side to go out from another gate but it is also locked
Laksh: now what?
Rag’s: we will jump off the wall.
Laksh: what?? how??( the wall is 6-7 feet)
Rag’s: yes (she brings some boxes n arrange them in order n she climbs up laksh is surprised by seeing her actions)
Rag’s: come lucky before anyone spots us especially dadi.
laksh also climbs he jumps first n then rag’s does but she slips n fall over laksh .they both fall on floor (MANCHAALA…….plays in background) they share deep eye lock but it lasts for few seconds as the security guard whistles they both come to their senses n compose themselves n they avoid eye contact
Rag’s: thanks lucky let’s leave(she feels very strange but it feels good )
Laksh: okay

PRECAP: raglak n swasan moments …………….;-)

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