SwaRagini.. A New Start (Sisters Love) Episode 5

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And here is 5th episode

Scene 1:
Auditorium of college
Cherry and Khush were having the names of groups written. In Swaragini turn Swara told teacher that they have two members in the group, she and Ragini. Mam Cherry interrupted and said no Swara at least four members are required in the group otherwise group will be cancelled. Swara bent down her head gloomly, just then Sanlak entered followed by Karan and Sanlak said we are in also in the group. Swara jumped in joy as the group was approved by the Mam and then Cherry said to Swara “ show us a dance performance together , any two member of your group, a girl and a boy just to finalise it and yes keep it short, it not a final selection just screening”. Swara signaled Sanskar and they both danced passionately and beautifully as the song were played, in the stanza
Aisi kya, chali hawa, ki le gayi
Meri saanson ko mujhse door, Tere paas.
Aur mujhe huaa ehsaas
Tu Tu Tu, Tu Meri ri ri
Main tera ra, hone laga
Main main main, main tera ra ra
Tu Meri ri, hone lagi..

In the very first line Sanskar pushed Swara close to her by pulling her from her waist. Swara looking straight into his eyes and put her leg on his waist then he make her fall freely with Swara’s one hand touching the ground falling freely by her back. Lastly he made her lift and spinned her. As their performance ended there was a huge round of applause and all can see the spark of their dance that will surely make their college win and thus cherry finalized their name saying ‘ you both danced too well and I am sure you other two partners dance well too. So now groups now be ready for screening tomorrow and finalist group will represent our college at Delhi’. Saying this she left with Khush. Khush said to her hey baby don’t u think they will be next cherry and Khush of this college and then Cherry remembered how they were once student and best dancer of college and ultimately they married after falling in love <3. Cherry immediately pecked a kiss on his lips as they reached their private room and said yes I noticed the spark and if they don’t realize their love then we will be their love guru as teacher Maheshwari was for us.

Then they both laughed and hugged.
In the auditorium Swara thanked Lakshya and Sanskar for joining the group. Lakshya said, ‘what sorry u forced us to join by saying to karan’. Swara looked in shocking to ragini. Ragini smiles and took swara to side.
Flashback starts
Ragini going to sanlak and asking them to join the group . laksh refusing her as she pleaded. Karan hearig them and then comig to ragini. Ragini telling him all about the mattered karan assuring her that he will do something. Karan going to sanlak and asking them to join the group. Salak agreeing.

Flashback ends
Swara said we should thanks to Karan . Ragini nodded. They both went to karan and swara said , ‘ karan sir, I mean karan thanku for your huge favour over the grouping matter  ‘. Karan odded in no and said thanku is not said like that. I will not accept your thanku like this. Swara said smiling ‘then what I have to do?’. Karan said accompany me to club tonight. Swara said sure. Ragini said , ‘swara hurry up to audiotorium we have to practice for final selection ‘. Swara nodded and hurried up waving by to karan and he said meet you in the evening. Swara nodded happily. Ragini on the way to audiotorium said to swara ‘ u shouldn’t have agreed to go to club ‘. Swara looked at her astonished forwarded her both hands and opening her mouth a little , with the upward movement of shoulders saying ‘ and why so ‘. Ragini explained her saying ‘ we should not go out with boys at night and we cannot trust on strangers ‘. Swara said ‘what the heck are u talking about, late night outing is common. ‘ Ragini insisted her to think once again and not to go’ . Swara said enough ragini . don’t act like my mother and she left from there leaving Ragini behind in tears.

Ragini failing to dance in modern song In audition and signaling to swara from stage that she cannot dance in this song. Swara in tears.

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