Swaragini a new start episode 2


Hello guyz back with fan fiction. Plz do comment.

Precap. Swasan romantic moments. And laksh goes to pub.

Laksh is going toward pub.
He goes in and start dancing with girls. After that he went to bar and order a drink. After some drinks. He sees a girl dancing. She have weared white gown with gold color flower on dress. And have black high heels.
Laksh is thinking about ragini. And then sees the girl.
Laksh could not see the face because her face was covered by her hair. Finally he sees her and get stunned.

Laksh get stunned and say ragini.
Mahira come to bar and sit beside laksh who was staring at her.
Mahira feel weired sees him. ( why is he staring at me ).
Mahira. Hello mister.
Laksh. Ha.
Mahira. What are you staring at.
Laksh. Nothing.
Mahira. Yea whatever.
Laksh. Ragini.
Mahira. Plz stop calling me ragini. Tommorow å girl sees me and start calling me ragini. What the f**k.
Laksh is stunned that who is she so changed.
Mahira. What now.
Laksh. Nothing.

Mahira. Well my name is mahira modi.
Laksh. Laksh maheswari.
Mahira. Nice name.
Laksh. Thanks.
A song plays its lucky tu lucky me.
Mahira let go on dance floor.
Laksh. No.
Mahira plz its my favorite song.
Laksh. No
Mahira make a puppy face.
Laksh sees this and get melt and say let rock it.
Mahira. That like it.
Mahira hold from hand and walk toward dance floor.
Both dance on lucky tu lucky me.
Suddenly someone ring mahira she exuse laksh and attend the call.
Mahira. Hi.
Boy. Hello mahira.
Mahira. Karan.

Boy. Finally you totally forget me ha.
Mahira. Who can i.
Boy. Ok i am coming tommorow India, kolkata..
Mahira. Wow really.
Boy. Yea baby.
Mahira. Love you.
Laksh from behind and har mahira said i love you too someone. He feeled bad and goes from there.
Mahira. Ok bye.
Boy. Bye.
Mahira goes in to pub but doesnt find laksh and say OK Maybe he leaved.
She also leaved.

Precap. Some goons chase mahira. But someone saved her.

Guess who is that person.
Til then do comment.
Love you.

Credit to: Roshini

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